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PMG Chapter 2175: An Instant

PMG Chapter 2175: An Instant

Lin Feng didn’t know that people were watching him. He also looked over some strong cultivators. Of course, he didn’t look at people who were far away. Even if he had seen Zhe Tian, he wouldn’t have recognized him. He didn’t even know when Zhe Tian was born.

He knew many people who were participating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Two terrifying cultivators; the one with the spiritual deployment body and Saint Tianhun! He wasn’t surprised to see them there. Lin Feng was really surprised when he saw a bald Buddhist monk deep in mediation. His Qi hadn’t changed so much, but he wasn’t the same Buddhist monk as back in the days. He looked deeper and more enigmatic. Besides, there was no Buddha light around him. He looked quite ordinary, but the star above his head indicated that he was eighth in the ranking so far.

He was the eighth person who had come out of that fake world!

An ordinary person couldn’t achieve such a thing. Besides, Lin Feng also noticed that Xian Ren seemed to know him. He kept talking to the Buddhist monk, but the Buddhist monk remained silent and ignored Xian Ren. Maybe that the Buddhist monk now practiced cultivation at Holy Mountain?

“Holy Mountain has Confucianist monks, sword monks, and Buddhist monks,” sighed Lin Feng. He couldn’t help but think about Fortune City back in the small world. Some of his former enemies had progressed so much…

The Diviner looked at the gathered fighters and smiled. “The next battles will be extremely dangerous. However, I gave you a chance before, now you’re all going to be in the same world, all of you. You all face one another.

“I know that you all have friends here or that there are people you know. Therefore, I’m sure you’ll make alliances. You’re allowed to. However, an alliance can only have five people. If you disobey and form an alliance of six people or more and encircle an enemy, no matter his situation, I’ll kill you directly. I won’t be merciful. And remember one thing: in the end, only two hundred people will be left. So your alliances could turn against you in the end. Some people you consider friends could kill you,” smiled the Diviner.

Everyone suddenly had chills. They knew the Diviner wasn’t lying; even people who were close, such as fellow disciples, might kill one another to rank higher. Therefore, alliances could be advantageous, but they could also be disadvantageous. People had to be careful at all times!

“That’s a teleportation scepter. When you are badly injured or want to give up, you can teleport yourself out. When you break it, you’ll stop moving for three seconds. During that time lapse, people can easily kill you. Therefore, it’s preferable to use it when someone doesn’t want to kill you, or when you’re hiding. That way, you won’t die. However, I don’t see how you could use it in the middle of a potentially fatal battle,” the Diviner continued calmly.

He waved his hands and many scepters moved towards the five hundred contestants. They all took a deep breath. That item could be used only out of absolute necessity. None of them was willing to give up. They all hoped they wouldn’t need the scepter…

Lights filled the air and illuminated the platforms. Gradually, another world appeared. Nobody knew what technique the Diviner used to cast such spells, able to create worlds in the blink of an eye. Maybe he used a terrifying Saint Weapon?

“Alright, go in. It’s a free-for-all, everybody will face everybody else. But only two hundred people will remain, remember! Great Imperial Weapons and so on are forbidden. If you violate the rules, I’ll kill you instantly!” declared the Diviner. Everybody took a deep breath and jumped into the seemingly new world.

However, when they jumped, everybody was astonished. They just ended up all together.

Except during the first second, thought the crowd, remembering what the Diviner had said. He had said they couldn’t form groups of more than six people. Seemingly, that didn’t apply to the first second, which was also a way to prevent them from killing one another during the first few seconds they were all together.

“Go!” A strong wind started blowing. Some people escaped instantly. There were many powerful cultivators in the group, nobody dared stay there, it was too dangerous. Even the First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had to be careful, especially since everybody probably wanted to destroy the strongest cultivators first. That would be quite tragic for them!

Therefore, at that moment, and without any exceptions, everybody moved away. Nobody could be sure that if they stayed in the group they wouldn’t be killed quickly!

A few people formed alliances immediately, since they weren’t sure they could trust other people, including their fellow disciples. Of course, some people were really close to each other and trusted one another, such as the thirteen Young Beast Masters, of whom four were present: the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Beasts were there. They stuck together as they retreated.

“Little boy, give me back my cauldron!” said the spiritual body to Lin Feng at that moment. He was really confident. Not only didn’t he move back, but on the contrary, he threw himself at Lin Feng!

Lin Feng looked at him, his face stiffening. There were some people he really didn’t want to fight against during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and the spiritual body was one of the three cultivators he didn’t want to fight against. The spiritual body could cast terrifying deployment spells in the blink of an eye.

“Lin Feng, die!” Lei Dong Tian jumped forwards as lighting rose to the skies, hurtling towards Lin Feng as fearsome Kalpa lights appeared.

Blood Qi dashed to the skies. The Young Beast Masters looked at Lin Feng with lipless smiles on their faces. A terrifying blood Qi filled the air as their blood Qi turned into wings. After having had their cultivator restrained during the previous round, they were finally enjoying their cultivation again.

“Bastards!” swore Lin Feng, his face stiff. He suddenly moved back A legendary Great Deployment Master; four Young Beast Masters; the first young man of the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan, Lei Dong Tian… Lin Feng was furious. All these people wanted to attack him. The Diviner was cruel, sending everyone to the same place…

Lin Feng ran away. Deployment lights surrounded him, deployment wings appeared on his back, he released as many cosmic energies as he could and he flew away at top speed. In the twinkling of an eye, everybody outside stared at Lin Feng winging past them.

“Who’s that guy? His speed is terrifying!”

“He’s 135th and he’s that fast? It’s the one who made Lei Dong Tian kneel down in the first test! Now Lei Dong Tian wants to get his revenge.”

“Number Two is also chasing him. He’s terrifyingly fast. This is what the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds looks like,” thought the astonished fighters.

Lin Feng was incredibly fast, little more than a beam of light. Demon wings appeared on Lei Dong Tian’s back, he was fast and aggressive. However, neither Lei Dong Tian nor the Young Beast Masters were the fastest ones, the faster one was the one who used deployment spell agility techniques. That was what made people’s hearts pound.

No wonder this is the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Those people are the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. How strong!, thought the watchers. Their hearts were pounding furiously.

When Qing Feng saw all this, her beautiful eyes twinkled with ice-cold lights. Suddenly, dazzling and beautiful wings appeared in her back. People were startled, she looked like an angel. She flew after Lin Feng

“Feng!” When Qing saw Qing Feng, she was astonished. Wings appeared on her back as well, her wings were red like fire. She looked breathtaking beautiful. She chased after Qing Feng.

“Phoenix?” When the crowd saw that, they frowned: two phoenixes?!

People took deep breaths. This round was incredible. So many people had incredible wings!

Besides, it wasn’t over, a supernatural bird blazed like the sun and also flew in Lin Feng’s direction.

“Gulp!” Many people gulped down. All those wings: deployment wings, Deva-Mara wings, sanguinary blood Qi wings, phoenix wings, fire phoenix wings, golden crow’s wings, all those wings at the same time, what a spectacular scene!

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