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PMG Chapter 2178: Furious Sword

PMG Chapter 2178: Furious Sword

Just like Lin Feng had said to the girls, killing Lei Dong Tian wouldn’t take him long, so he would join them soon.

He didn’t think about what people outside thought, he didn’t think about the fact that the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan hated him, either. Lei Dong Tian had sold him out, so Lin Feng’s reaction was normal.

He glanced around with his pitch-black eyes. The reincarnated Great Deployment Master was extremely strong. Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang, was also extremely strong. The reincarnated Great Deployment Master’s deployment spells were too fearsome. He could release formidable deployment spells almost every second, and they were becoming more and more powerful.

Jiu Ling Huang’s nine flames were also getting more and more powerful. At least, he wasn’t going to lose quickly, even if he lost.

“Reincarnated Great Deployment Master.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled with ice-cold lights. On the other side, Qing Feng and the two others were being oppressed. The Young Beast Masters were terrifyingly strong. The weakest one was the Sixth, and he was fighting against Wu, pressuring him back. The Young Beast Masters’ strength originated from the sacrifices of countless beasts, hence their polluted blood.

Qing Feng was, against all expectations, really strong. She was the strongest of the group of three. Jing, the ice-cold looking woman, was also really strong. She kept beating her fire phoenix wings, a magnificent sight. They were oppressed, but they weren’t going to lose easily, either. They were too fast.

Lin Feng flapped his wings and streaked across the sky. He flew like a celestial being.

The Young Beast Masters looked at Lin Feng coldly.

“First, crush that Qing Feng, brother, oppress her!” said the Third Beast to the Fifth Beast. Fissures appeared as the air began to whistle furiously. Jing’s sharp fire sword moved. A Fire intent burned the atmosphere around her. However, she realized that the Third Beast and the Fourth Beast weren’t next to her anymore, they were flying towards Qing Feng!

Dragons were the strongest beasts in the animal world. In terms of speed, great rocs were considered the fastest animals. Wu was a great oriental greenfinch roc, his blood was pure. The Young Beast Masters had the abilities of many beasts, since many beasts had been sacrificed for them. They were a bit stronger than other beasts. As for their wings, they had all chosen to have the wings of great oriental greenfinch rocs, because they knew great oriental greenfinch rocs were the fastest animals. Great rocs’ wings were better than phoenixes’ wings. Of course, phoenixes were better in terms of fire and they were nicknamed “The immortal supernatural birds”.

At the same time, the Fifth Young Beast Master took out a great roc sword, which shot towards Qing Feng. He wanted to defeat Qing Feng no matter what!

“Oh no.” Lin Feng looked worried. The three beasts were ganging up on Qing Feng. They wanted to destroy her and then take care of the others!

“Feng, back!” Jing called out, extremely nervous. She was still holding her sword as she flew towards her friend, a trail of flames appeared behind her. She was surrounded by fire, bathing in the flames.

“Celestial Phoenix Rotating Wings!” shouted Jing furiously. The scene was incredible and breathtakingly beautiful. On Jing’s back, a dazzling fire phoenix appeared and turned into a sword, then a beam of light. It shout out towards Qing Feng, the air burning around the phoenix. It was an astonishing and beautiful sight.

Lin Feng was also fast. He flew towards Qing Feng at top speed, beating his deployment wings while condensing Sword intent in his hand. Other people couldn’t catch up with him. Even the Young Beast Masters were shocked at his speed. A golden great roc sword moved towards Lin Feng’s sharp sword, sharp Qi moving in all directions around him.

“Qing Feng, be careful!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. The Third Young Beast Master and the Fourth Young Beast Master arrived at the same time from two different directions. Their blood wings were spread as they blotted out the sky. They were also extremely fast… however, their enemies weren’t slow either!

Qing Feng was startled, and knew that she couldn’t escape, surrounded by the enemies. She released an incredible amount of explosive cosmic energies. A cyan phoenix appeared all around her body and enveloped her in its wings.

“Dong!” The third Young Beast Master attacked, crackling sounds spread in the air, it sounded like the wings had been broken.

“Feng!” shouted Jing furiously. The atmosphere was burning around her. The Third Young Beast Master was surprised and moved back. The Fourth Beast flapped his wings. Fresh blood splashed. Qing Feng was smashed away.

Lin Feng finally arrived and caught Qing Feng. He released sharp sword energies and moved back while releasing life Qi into Qing Feng’s body.

Qing Feng’s wings were wounded, and she kept bleeding, her face extremely pale. She was breathing  quickly and shallowly, but her Qi still pulsed around her, and she looked awake and determined. She looked at Lin Feng and shook her head, “I have phoenix blood, I’m alright.”

Jing also arrived next to Qing Feng. She then turned around and looked at the Young Beast Masters.

“Let’s stop fighting for now. She needs to recover. Let’s protect her,” said Lin Feng to Jing. Jing was surprised, but nodded. She looked at their enemies. If they stopped fighting, would the Young Beast Masters stop fighting too?

The Young Beast Masters kept flapping their blood wings. Lin Feng looked at them with murder in his eyes. He was still releasing life cosmic energies, which flowed throughout Qing Feng’s body. Lin Feng also looked at Jiu Ling Huang in the distance and said, “Jiu Ling Huang, let’s pause for now. We don’t need to fight until exhaustion. Thank you!”

After that, Lin Feng said to Wu, “Wu, let’s withdraw.”

Lin Feng was still carrying Qing Feng in his arms as he descended from the sky. Jing and Wu followed Lin Feng closely. At the same time, they retreated from the fight. If Qing Feng hadn’t been injured, it would have been better, but now that she was injured, she needed to be protected, which meant that they couldn’t fight at the same time. They had to move away and wait for Qing Feng to recover.

The Young Beast Masters followed them closely, watching coldly. But they were also wary of Jing.

“Two female phoenixes, we should capture them and keep them as sex slaves!” the fifth Young Beast Master said coldly.

“Take care of Qing Feng for a short time,” Lin Feng said to Jing, stopping for a few seconds. Jing looked at Lin Feng and nodded. She took Qing Feng, and Lin Feng stepped forwards. Nine words appeared, resonating at the same pace as the earth and sky. They floated around Lin Feng, while his Qi rolled in waves around him.

He stretched his hand out and cast a celestial stage deployment spell. The Young Beast Masters were startled. What was Lin Feng doing?

Did he want to fight against them alone?

Terrifying cosmic energies emerged from Lin Feng’s arms, containing the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. A dozen Holy Spirits swords condensed. Nine Words appeared on the swords. The swords were getting more and more powerful, before turning into a brilliant sword. The Young Beast Masters stopped moving.

The strength of the ten thousand things of creation was intertwining. They turned into a system of cosmic energies, a world of cosmic energies.

“Go!” ordered Lin Feng. The sword streaked across the sky. The celestial battle stage deployment spell moved towards the Fifth Young Beast Master.

“Be careful!” said the other Young Beast Masters to him. They were stunned, turning and trying to leave.

The Fifth Young Beast Master released his bestial Qi and condensed a great roc sword. However, it broke in the twinkling of an eye.

The Young Beast Masters’ faces had changed drastically. A shield made of blood lights appeared, horrible shrieks rose up. Lin Feng’s sword had pierced through it. The Fifth Young Beast Master reappeared, his face pale and severely wounded and bleeding now. Lin Feng’s energies had pierced through his body and left a hole in him.

The Young Beast Masters’ facial expressions changed drastically and they started gathering on the Fifth Young Beast Master.

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng calmly, and turned around.

Jing looked at Lin Feng, thinking, How strong! One sword attack and he had nearly cut the Fifth Young Beast Master apart. Even though Lin Feng’s sword attack hadn’t killed him, it was extremely fast!

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