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PMG Chapter 218: Earth Fusion

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“How strange.” whispered the middle-aged man. At that moment, Lin Feng was giving him an extraordinary impression.

When looking at Lin Feng’s back, he had the feeling he was looking at a celestial being, Lin Feng made his heartbeat race. Was Lin Feng really the person Zi Yi was talking about?

“Has he come to the Zi Wei Mountain Village to become a servant or is it because he doesn’t care about what we think of him and seeks to advance his cultivation?” thought the middle-aged man. On the continent, it wasn’t uncommon for disciples belonging to powerful clans to practice cultivation on a journey. Some of them went to war and gained experience on the battlefield while others degraded themselves to become slaves to test their determination, to change their state of mind. The middle-aged man thought that Lin Feng probably belonged to the second category.

Otherwise, that young man would unlikely be standing there while controlling the Qi of heaven and earth. How could he become a servant and clean the garden in a small mountain village?

The middle-aged man took a step and then started walking slowly towards Lin Feng. However, he was walking very carefully trying not to make any sound, he was afraid that he would interrupt Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s state of mind was as limpid as water. He was absolutely lost in his thoughts not paying attention to his surroundings.

“On that day, when I reached my current state, around my body was battle energy, ice energy and sword energy… before I made all the energy fuse together. Why did it become sword energy, why didn’t it become ice energy or battle energy?” Lin Feng kept asking himself thousands of questions.

“A sword can have sword force, a blade can have blade force, a sword can be used to carry out an energy attack just like a blade. When a cultivator masters the sword, they can fuse with their sword, when they master the blade, they can fuse together with their blade: well, what about the other types of energy?”

“For example, a moment ago, the leaf was floating on the wind, however a leaf has leaf force; when the wind controlling the leaf has wind force. Force is present in all things and can be used for energy attacks and fused. Swords and blades are not the only things which produce force, it should be possible to fuse with all of the ten thousand things of creation.” Lin Feng felt like he had realized something. He suddenly gained enlightenment.

Lin Feng raised his hand in the air and slashed it though the air, like a shadow, his movement was invisible. Suddenly, a leaf was cut into hundreds of pieces which floated through the air.

Even though Lin Feng was closing his eyes, he had a feeling of absolute control, as if he could control everything around him. He had the same feeling as when he was using his spirit, but it was different to some extent.

When he used his spirit, his entire world became darkness but at that moment, it seemed like he had fused together with the earth. He could clearly perceive everything that was happening around him.

In the manuals of cultivation, it was said that cultivation depended on your awareness level and your advancement. As far as awareness is concerned, if you wanted to open the door which lead to the truth of the universe, first, you had to become one with the earth.

“Become one with the earth!” thought Lin Feng. He opened his eyes and a faint smile appeared on his face. He wasn’t overjoyed and didn’t look arrogant either. At that moment, Lin Feng looked ordinary yet magnificent.

He had reached another dimension of cultivation, which was in perfect harmony with his path of cultivation.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the middle-aged man who wasn’t standing very far from him, Lin Feng smiled at him. That smile made the middle-aged man feel unworthy.

“Young cultivator!” said the middle-aged man. His voice was filled with respect.

Lin Feng looked at the middle-aged man and nodded as a sign of politeness.

“Young cultivator, my daughters are extremely rash and immature. I, Zi Nan, have come here to apologize. I hope that you can forgive my daughters.” said the middle-aged man while slightly bowing. How could his daughters call this young man a nobody? Even though his adopted daughter had talent, her behaviour was unacceptable in front of such a talented young man.

“My name is Lin Feng. I do not blame them, but the world we live in. Coming to this village was my own decision.” replied Lin Feng indifferently. For having been able to penetrate into the dimension earth fusion, Lin Feng should be thankful to Zi Ling and Zi Yi for having brought him to the Zi Wei Mountain Village. He was a servant there for a few days, while sweeping the garden, his heart felt peaceful and serene. He could calmly occupy himself with his current cultivation problems which enabled him to break through the final barrier.

If Zi Ling hadn’t picked him up on the roadside, Lin Feng didn’t know what might have happened.

Penetrating into the earth fusion dimension was an extremely rare thing. If Lin Feng had really penetrated into it, it was by relying on luck.

When Zi Nan heard Lin Feng, he was sure that he had guessed correctly. Lin Feng was certainly the disciple of a powerful clan who had left home to practice cultivation. There was absolutely no doubt about it.

“Is there a cultivation room in the village? If you have one, please let me use it.” Said Lin Feng.

“Of course.” immediately replied Zi Nan and then added: “Young cultivator, please follow me.”

While talking, the middle-aged man started walking and leading the way. He and Lin Feng was walking towards the bamboo forest. It was a very mysterious place. The pure Qi of heaven and earth was in a dense fog floating above the ground. The Qi was very thick and powerful here.

Zi Nan said: “Young cultivator, this is the best cultivation location of the Zi Wei Mountain which is why we built the village here. Young cultivator, you can immediately go inside. Besides, there are many purity stones inside, you can use however many you need.”

Zi Nan was very generous. Having the opportunity to get acquainted with a such a rare young genius was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Lin Feng slightly nodded and went into the room. The pure Qi of heaven and earth condensed into a white fog. Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that a place like Zi Wei would have such a great place for cultivation.

When Lin Feng arrived inside, he saw a myriad of purity stones on the ground. He sat crossed-legged and entered into a tranquil state of mind. Suddenly, Lin Feng fused with the earth and a colossal amount of pure Qi started penetrating into his body at a shocking speed.

With eagerness, Lin Feng absorbed as much of the pure Qi that was rushing into him as possible.

Lin Feng didn’t spend too much time in the cultivation room, one hour later, he left the room. When he came out, Zi Nan was sitting on the ground waiting for Lin Feng.

“Young cultivator.” said Zi Nan while standing up. He had a smile on his face. At that moment, there was nothing strange about Lin Feng as if he was the exact same person that entered the room. However, Lin Feng was shrouded in mystery.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. The two of them left and went back towards the garden.

Zi Yi and Zi Ling were looking for their father everywhere. At that moment, by coincidence, they turned around and saw their father. When they saw that he was with Lin Feng, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Zi Yi shouted: “Father! Zi Ling and I have been looking for you everywhere!”

“Dad, we are getting ready to leave.” said Zi Ling while smiling. She then looking at Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng, you can tidy this place and then make preparations for our departure.”

“How dare you!” shouted Zi Nan. Zi Ling was slightly surprised. She then saw that Zi Nan was staring at her and was about to add something, but Lin Feng spoke first: “Miss, where are you going?”

“Our clan also controls the government of the Zi Wei. In a few days, the young master Zi Qiong will get married and because we are related, we obviously have to go and congratulate him. This is why I asked Zi Ling and Zi Yi to prepare to leave for the Zi Government.” replied Zi Nan before either of the girls could respond. Lin Feng nodded to indicate that he understood. Lin Feng understood that the young master of their clan was going to get married and they had to go pay respects.

“Daddy, we’ve heard that Zi Qiong’s wife is very beautiful, much more beautiful than all the women in the clan. Besides, she’s from Xue Yue. I also heard that she did not want to marry him, is this really true?” said Zi Ling while shaking her head. Her eyes were filled with curiosity while looking towards Zi Nan.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” said Zi Nan while frowning. Immediately after, he said in a low voice: “There are some rumors which say that the beautiful woman is the princess of Xue Yue, but it is not confirmed, we cannot talk about this on the outside.”

“Oh, I see.” said Zi Ling while blinking.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, he was shaking.

The princess of Xue Yue?

Lin Feng knew that there was only one princess in Xue Yue and that was Duan Xin Ye!

“Could it be her?” Lin Feng frowned. On that day, Lin Feng had stormed away from Duan Xin Ye and didn’t know what had happened to her. Besides, from what Zi Nan was saying, that woman was the princess of Xue Yue. She was beautiful and besides, it seemed like she was being forced into the marriage. The chances of her being Duan Xin Ye were high.

“Master, I will come with you.” said Lin Feng to Zi Nan. Zi Nan was surprised. He looked at Lin Feng with a serious look, he was obviously not going to refuse.

“Could it be that you want to go because you heard that the woman was very beautiful? Is it why you are so impatient to leave?” said Zi Yi with a smile on her face while looking at Lin Feng before adding: “But the future husband is Zi Qiong, you are only a servant. Your social status is way too low. Don’t even have such thoughts or you might die, the best thing you can do is continue your life as a lowly servant.”

“Shut up!” shouted Zi Nan and immediately looked at Lin Feng: “Lin Feng, young cultivator, if you want to go then you can take my place. I hope that you will look after my two girls until they arrive.”

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      I guess another explanation for it could be that reaching the level of fusion with the earth means that when he uses force/energy, there won’t be any leakage or waste of excess force and he’ll now be able to utilize those forces/energy at their full potential at all times with minimal costs. Sort of like reaching 100% affinity with something.

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    Muito obrigado pelo capitulo enquanto lia a parte do furação se formando ao redor de Lin Feng eu me lembrei do Ryu de Street Figther caregando energia para usar o Haduken ou do Zorro de One Piece descobrindo como cortar o aço.
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