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PMG Chapter 2185: A Hundred Strong Cultivators

PMG Chapter 2185: A Hundred Strong Cultivators

Hua Qing Feng won.

It was the second cultivator’s turn, the reincarnated Great Deployment Master. He was extremely strong. He could cast deployment spells in the twinkling of an eye. His opponent couldn’t resist against his deployment spells. He was talented, but he was overwhelmed and instantly lost, or more precisely, he died instantly.

That guy’s deployment spells are terrifying. He looks emotionless, cold, and detached. During the previous round, on the battlefield, he didn’t join hands with anyone, he stayed alone and killed so many people. He’ll probably remain in the top ten. He can probably defeat some of the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He might even end up in the top three, thought the crowd when they saw the spiritual body’s strength.

The third and fourth cultivators had similar methods. They were both First Masters: Supreme Clouds’ First Master, Wu Ya Zi, who had both a supreme emotions-destroying technique, and whose energies were explosive, killed his opponent without giving him time to do anything.

The fourth one was Prince Wu Qing, who also practiced emotionlessness cultivation. He had some Emotionless Techniques; he was emotionless, so he was merciless as well. He also killed the 197th strong cultivator.

The fifth one was Chu Chun Qiu. His strength was explosive. He used Sky Absorbing techniques and absorbed his enemy’s intent, slaughtering him.

The cultivators of the top five all won their battles extremely easily. Among their five opponents, four died. People’s hearts were pounding. How cruel! Those people were real geniuses too!

The atmosphere in Godly Clouds City wasn’t lively, many people looked sad. Many geniuses had done so much in life to succeed, and now they were dying one after another. At the beginning, more than a hundred thousand people wanted to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, then they had been gone through the selection process and had been rejected. Then, a few more than a thousand people had been selected to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, which was a success.

And then they had died or been eliminated. The number of contestants had been reduced to two hundred. It was a massive reduction. Those people were all geniuses amongst geniuses. Now, many of them were dying. Among them were some people who were considered incredible geniuses in Godly Clouds City. The crowd felt strange when they saw them die so easily…

Everybody understood that even if some people made it and ended up in the top hundred, in the end, the most important ones would be the ones at the very top of the rankings. Only those people would be glorious and dazzling.

“Wu Ya Zi, Prince Wu Qing, Chu Chun Qiu, those people are extremely strong but between them, who’s the strongest one?” wondered the watchers. Even though they felt sad for those who were dying, they were also excited and wanted to see the most dazzling geniuses’ battles. Those battles would be extraordinary!

The sixth and seventh battles weren’t surprising, either. The sixth and seventh cultivators won. Lin Feng was particularly interested in the eighth battle because he knew the eighth cultivator. He had met him in the small world back then: Kong Ming!

Kong Ming was an extremely strong fighter, a Buddhist cultivator. He was surrounded by Buddha’s halo. He could release dazzling hands which were as hard as mountains.

After Kong Ming’s battle, there was no surprise either until the 23rd battle. At that moment, the crowd was astonished, the 23rd cultivator lost against the 178th cultivator! The 178th cultivator then replaced him.

After that, things came back to normal and there were no surprises. After thirty-some battles, people were less strong, battles were less impressive, and people couldn’t be sure they were going to stay where they were in the rankings. Lang Ye was much lower than Lin Feng in the ranking list, but he wasn’t relaxed at all. In the end, he still won and replaced his opponent.

Of course, before Lang Ye, Jing had also replaced her opponent!

After that, Ruo Xie fought, he ranked in the 150’s. He fought against someone who was ranked 40-something. It was a disaster; Ruo Xie used his full strength, but still didn’t manage to win. In the end, his opponent wanted to kill him, but Ruo Xie released deceleration strength to slow his opponent down and managed to put his hand on the light curtain and left. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t end up in the top 100 of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds…

After Ruo Xie, Jian Mang also fought. Even though Jian Mang was oppressed the whole time and almost died, he used his full strength, released a terrifying sword strike and managed to win, beheading his opponent using a light sword. That move amazed and astonished many people, especially since he was blind. How dazzling, he had dared and won!

Jian Mang revealed his true strength with that last sword attack. He won’t be able to use it again, people will anticipate it, thought Lin Feng. After Jian Mang, Jun Mo Xi also battled and won. He had an Imperial immortal body, he could recover really quickly. Following him, Wu lost, his opponent was too strong.

Then, it was Qing Feng’s turn, Lin Feng looked over at her and said, “Qing Feng, give up.”

Qing Feng frowned. Give up?

“Feng, give up,” suggested Jing as well. Qing Feng’s condition was critical, she was severely injured and couldn’t fight.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng. She really wanted to end up in the top 100 and be able to travel freely to and from the inner part of Godly Clouds City. In the end, she sighed and took a step forward. She wanted to go onto the battle stage!

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Qing Feng’s foot shook in the air. She looked over at Lin Feng.

“Try and dare go onto the battle stage!” said Lin Feng coldly, releasing icy strength which filled the air. Qing Feng stared at him, suddenly looking extremely sad.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” Jing asked Lin Feng. She looked furious when she saw Qing Feng’s expression. That bastard was scolding Qing Feng!

“You shut up!” said Lin Feng, barely glancing at Jing. Jing released her own Qi which rolled out and carried everything away, but Lin Feng ignored her. He looked at Qing Feng and said, “Go back!”

Qing Feng’s head trembled.

“Oh!” she finally said. She sounded crushed. She went back onto her pillar. Lin Feng’s ice-cold energies dispersed and disappeared. People around remained silent and calmly watched. She had given up, such things happened.

Qing Feng went back onto her pillar and lowered her head, looking extremely sad. She rarely looked like that. But from the look in her eyes, one could almost see she looked happy. She grabbed the sides of her clothes and clenched her fists like a little girl. Nobody noticed that, though.

Jing sighed. Poor girl, that bastard didn’t know how lucky he was, Qing Feng was in love with him. If Jing had the opportunity, she’d definitely teach him a good lesson!

The battles continued. Hou Qing Lin was also lower than Lin Feng in the rankings. Therefore, he fought before Lin Feng. They ranked just above a hundredth position so their opponents’ ranks were also to the hundredth. Besides, there wasn’t a big level difference between them, so the battles were more spectacular. Hou Qing Lin ended up injured, but won and replaced his opponent.

People who were at the top of the rankings closed their eyes, they weren’t interested in these battles. They couldn’t wait for the next round to start.

Then, it was Lin Feng’s turn. He put his hand on the light curtain and ended up on the battle stage. His opponent looked at him calmly. He ranked 96th. He said to Lin Feng, “You made that girl give up. Why don’t you give up yourself?”

People in the outside world had clearly seen how strong Lin Feng was on the battlefield during the previous round, but not all the contestants had seen Lin Feng fight on the battlefield. They didn’t even know one another. This cultivator didn’t know how strong Lin Feng was.

“Let’s fight.” Lin Feng didn’t take this battle to heart. He didn’t think he could lose against the 96th cultivator. His Sword intent filled the air.

“If you die, that girl will become mine!” said that guy, smiling casually. Lin Feng looked at him coldly, and suddenly his sword Qi shot up into the sky. It was ominous. At the same time, he released an awesome empty space strength and condensed it even as he cast a celestial stage deployment spell.

His opponent was dumbfounded, releasing his own icy strength on instinct. At that moment, Lin Feng waved his hand, his sword shrieking in the air, and disappeared.

His opponent was stunned. He released an incredible amount of strength to protect himself from the sword attack he knew was coming, punching out unceasingly and furiously. A vortex of strength appeared around him, and he sensed oppressive energies.

Lin Feng appeared above him, demon lights surrounding him. His Sword intent cut through space.

“Piss off!” shouted that person explosively. He used his full strength to attack Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s physical strength was incredible.

Lin Feng released death strength, and the air churned and rumbled.

That guy couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, his head exploded, and his soul dispersed. He was dead!

Lin Feng looked at the corpse coldly as the crowd sighed. Another genius had died. Lin Feng could end up in the top fifty! If his opponent hadn’t said what he had said, Lin Feng wouldn’t have killed him!

When Qing Feng saw that, she smiled thinly. She looked particularly beautiful at that moment.

After Lin Feng, the battles continued. Those who were going to end up in the top hundred were finally known!

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