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PMG Chapter 2186: Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady

PMG Chapter 2186: Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady

The inner part of Godly Clouds City was vast. Many people were watching the battles from there. When they saw those who were definitely going to end up in the top hundred, they were excited. Those cultivators had passed all the first rounds.

He’s in the top hundred. He’ll be able to travel back and forth freely, thought Xue Shen Feng, staring at Lin Feng unhappily. He had lost against Lin Feng back in the day. Now Lin Feng could come to the world where he lived freely!

Duan Feng had the opposite reaction, he smiled indifferently. Brother Lin Feng was going to be in the top hundred, no matter what. And besides, maybe he was going to continue rising in the rankings. He was extremely strong, he might be joining Fortune Shrine, as well. However, becoming one of Fortune Shrine’s core disciples would be complicated.

(Translator’s note: Duan Feng just appeared out of nowhere, I checked the previous chapters several times, and the last time Duan Feng was mentioned was in chapter 1341-1350. But we understand it was the young man who kept calling him Brother Lin Feng in the previous chapter and who kept smiling).

The crowd looked at the cultivators on the pillars solemnly and respectfully. The next battles were going to be even more cruel. Since they were in the top hundred, they were allowed to travel freely to and from the inner part of Godly Clouds City, but the next battles were going to be cruel. The next step was to try and end up in the top fifty, to be able to join the Fortune Shrine…

Up in the air, the Diviner looked at the crowd and smiled. He waved, and lights moved towards the contestants. This time, they received scepters again, but they looked like keys. They floated in front of the contestants.

“You may use your godly awareness to fuse together with those scepters. In the future, you can use them to enter the inner part of the city. In the next round, you’re also going to need to use them,” said the Diviner patiently. “We already know the cultivators who will end up in the top fifty. Now, you’re going to a small and narrow misty palace. Inside, there are many dangers, and you could bump into anyone else. I gave you those scepters because I hope none of you will die. After all, you made it here, people like you are rare. Therefore, if you face danger, use the scepter to come out. But if you use the scepter to come out, your position will be at the bottom of the rankings. It’ll be that way until the top thirty appear.”

When the crowd heard the Diviner, they frowned. Thirty people? This time, fifty people weren’t going to be eliminated, but seventy? How cruel! The first thirty cultivators would be terrifyingly strong. Who was going to end up in the top thirty?

Even the geniuses on the pillars couldn’t imagine. During this round, seventy people were going to be eliminated, that was the greater majority. Of course, the top fifty would have the possibility to join Fortune Shrine. Nobody could know what was going to happen inside, but according to the Diviner, the best thing was to get eliminated as late as possible.

Lights illuminated the platform again. This time, a dark and gloomy ancient castle appeared. Besides, the crowd realized that they couldn’t see anything. Would they be able to watch this time?

There were a hundred dark doors in the darkness. Those were the entrances. The Diviner said to the fighters, “Go in. I hope you’ll stay inside the whole time. Same rules. Since most of you are going to be eliminated, we’ll see how strong and tenacious you are.”

After the fighters heard the Diviner, they entered the ancient castle, Lin Feng and his friends with them. The doors closed themselves behind them. People outside couldn’t see what was happening inside. They would only be able to see the eliminated people come out.

“Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see this extraordinary round!” the crowd sighed. They were annoyed. What was going to happen inside the dark palace?


Lin Feng entered the ancient castle. A dark path appeared indistinctly in front of him. On both sides of the path were statues. All the statues were holding extremely sharp demon blades. It was dangerous. Lin Feng felt cold inside. The scepter in his third eye twinkled indistinctly. If he faced danger, he could use it to leave. Therefore, unless he was assassinated by surprise, he wouldn’t die inside. Even if someone attempted to assassinate someone else, since people could activate the scepters with their godly awareness, it would be difficult.

Wings appeared on his back, empty space strength started intertwining. Powerful cosmic energies filled the air. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, and he merged into the wind.

However, when he started moving, the statues also started moving. Sharp demon energies cut everything around them

“No!” Lin Feng was startled. The energies were chaotic, there was absolutely no pattern. He couldn’t cross them relying on speed. He withdrew quickly and went back to the beginning of the path. The statues also stopped moving.

“What if I stayed here and didn’t move?” he wondered. However, he quickly forgot about that tactic as the statues started towards him at the same time, brandishing their gloomy blades.

“Can I only rely on strength to attack?” he asked himself. He stared at the statues and released a terrifying demon Qi before moving forwards again.

Sharp blade lights filled the air. Demon lights cut for him.

Those blade lights are powerful!, thought Lin Feng. He punched out, and two blade lights broke apart. At the same time, he struck a statue with a sword, but the statue stood its ground steadfastly.

Lin Feng was astonished. He understood he couldn’t destroy the statues. Lin Feng looked thoughtful and moved backwards. The statues calmed down.

“I need to press on without letup to get out!” he swore. He still had wings, his eyes became pitch-black. He looked at all the statues, none of them could escape from Lin Feng’s vision.

Lin Feng attacked again, blade lights reappeared. Space was being cut. Lin Feng’s silhouette was distorted. He streaked across the air, destroying two blade lights. He used his right hand to punch out constantly. At the same time, he beat his wings frantically, turning into a beam of light. He traveled over a third of the path.

However, all the blade lights moved with him, Lin Feng could see them all. He didn’t stop. Moving on was the only way. He looked agile and graceful, but his silhouette was bending. At the same time, he released Sword intent which scattered in all directions around him and destroyed the blade lights.

However, many blade lights still posed a threat to him. Those blades were brutal and could cut space, so of course they could also kill people. Even with his physical strength, Lin Feng wasn’t sure he could resist them.

When Lin Feng reached two-thirds of the path, a blade light glittered and shot towards him.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He spat out Sword intent, and the blade light weakened. Lin Feng crossed it, and with his physical strength, the light broke apart when he crossed it. He was surrounded by pitch-black Demon intent.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng punched out. His energies destroyed everything on his way. He barreled down the path like a cannonball, destroying everything in his path. After the last blade light broke apart, Lin Feng reached a junction. All the paths were extremely vast. However, they weren’t big enough for battles. In front of him, Lin Feng noticed an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Her Qi was incredible. When she saw Lin Feng, she frowned. She glanced at the number above his head: 96! She remembered that initially Lin Feng ranked 105th. He had defeated his enemy to get down to the 96th position.

And she ranked eleventh!

“11.” Lin Feng was stunned. She was in the top twenty, definitely extraordinary. She was also the only woman in the top twenty!

Dazzling lights appeared, stars glittered in the air. The beautiful woman was surrounded by eye-catching lights. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by darkness and stars.

“Leave now,” Xue Yi said to Lin Feng calmly.

“The only place in the Continent of the Nine Clouds where the First Lady is stronger than the First Master is Green Jade Clouds. She controls star strength and can summon the strength of the stars,” said Lin Feng, looking at that woman calmly. This woman was Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady!

Xue Yi stretched out her hands and made star strength rotate. Gigantic stars descended from the sky to attack Lin Feng!

She can control stars. How strong!, thought Lin Feng when he saw all those stars. He condensed strength in his fist and punched out.

The gigantic stars broke apart. Lin Feng sensed a heavy strength behind them. He understood that this woman was really extremely strong!

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  1. Venoltar February 20, 2019 at 6:47 am - Reply

    In regards to Duan Feng appearing out of nowhere, I suggest going back to chapter 2166 and read the bit about the young man with the middle aged man in the clouds a little more carefully.

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    Isn’t Duan Feng the kid with the seal door in the small world with him?

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      Yes, Duan Feng is a former member of the Duan Clan (the imperial clan back in Xue Yue) and he got exiled. After reaching Xuan layer (I think), it was revealed that he was extremely talented, I think that’s why he ended up in the shrines.

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