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PMG Chapter 2187: Hou Qing Lin’s Elimination

PMG Chapter 2187: Hou Qing Lin’s Elimination

Many people were extremely talented in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Some people had king-type bodies. Of course, apart from them, there were also people who had special kinds of bodies. Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady was extremely strong and she had a special kind of body: a star body!

On the path of cultivation, special bodies were related to the cultivator’s spirit. After breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, cultivators’ spirits fused together with their blood. Using the power of their spirits was more natural. It also became easier for them to use certain spells. Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady could release such a strength thanks to her spirit and special body type, she could summon stars.

On the small and narrow path, Lin Feng was stuck in a rain of stars!

At that moment, Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady didn’t use an extremely strong attack. She was surprised and stared at Lin Feng. She knew that his physical strength was incredible, much better than hers.

“Open the star world. We can take different paths. You can eliminate me.” said Lin Feng calmly. Xue Yi grunted coldly. Her stars became even more dazzling as she summoned more of them. Meteorites kept streaking across the sky. It was incredible in the darkness.

It was raining stars at night…

Lin Feng also grunted coldly. Since Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady wanted to fight, he had no choice. He slowly walked forwards and terrifying demon Kalpa thunder lights appeared around him. He rose up in the air, the ten thousand things of creation started intertwining. His demon and lightning cosmic energies filled the air, the meteorites kept exploding and vanishing.

Xue Yi frowned. This man’s cosmic energies were really powerful. Not only did Lin Feng have an incredible physical strength, his cosmic energies were also more powerful than hers. Therefore, he could destroy her meteorites!

However, Xue Yi was just surprised. She quickly calmed down and waved her hands. Lights flared, and star lights surrounded Lin Feng.

“Explode!” shouted Xue Yi coldly. Instantly, the endless number of star lights turned into destructive strength and shot towards Lin Feng quickly.

What a powerful spell! She can easily kill people who are a bit weaker than her with such spells. This is a deadly spell, thought Lin Feng. There was no lack of strange things in this boundless world. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was so vast, and there were so many geniuses.

Lin Feng’s Deva-Mara Kalpa lights became even more brilliant and fused together with his lightning energies, slamming into the stars. Energies surged all around them. Lin Feng was bathing in strength and slowly walked forwards as before. His face was cold, and his eyes were filled with murder.

When Xue Yi saw that Lin Feng still looked relaxed, the star lights around her became even more dazzling. She grunted coldly, and moved towards Lin Feng, looking like a celestial being. She pressed forward with an indomitable will, as if nothing could stop her.

Lin Feng released his Sword intent. Holy Spirit swords rotated around him as well as demon Kalpa lights. His demon Kalpa strength turned into a black demon Kalpa sword. Fissures appeared all around them in the darkness.

The stars glittered. Xue Yi landed in front of Lin Feng, waved her hands, and the stars moved forwards explosively.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted. His demon king’s Death Dao became even more explosive. It surged out and carried everything away. However, Lin Feng had the sensation that even though the woman’s attacks were weak, her defense was terrifying. It had nothing to do with her cultivation, it was due to her special body!

Lin Feng and Xue Yi walked closer to each other slowly and condensed more strength. Lin Feng started chanting his incantation, invisible and intangible soundwaves piercing through Xue Yi’s eardrums. The two cultivators’ energies kept colliding and exploding. Lin Feng sensed that her attack were getting more powerful. Behind her, there were millions of stars, it was her main strength.

They stepped back away from each other, as if by mutual agreement.

Lin Feng looked at Xue Yi. Stars kept glittering behind her. Star strength was her strength. Otherwise, she couldn’t have collided against Lin Feng.

“Since you really want to fight, I’ll play with you,” said Lin Feng coldly, “Mourn!”

Brilliant lights appeared. Lin Feng remained as motionless as a mountain, as if the ten thousand things of creation couldn’t affect him.

Xue Yi frowned and then waved her hands. Her stars disappeared, her silhouette flickered, and she headed towards a path. She didn’t want to fight anymore. She didn’t need to fight against people who were too strong, and she hadn’t expected Lin Feng to be so strong.

When Lin Feng saw her leave, he didn’t chase her. Just like her, he thought he didn’t need to fight against people who were too strong. During that round, the most important thing was to eliminate people.

Therefore, Lin Feng chose another road, but not the same as Xue Yi.

He was alone on the path. Lin Feng didn’t know that the Diviner had actually planned everything they would bump into during that round. If people from outside had been able to see what was going on inside, they would have realized that that misty palace was actually a sealed and circular labyrinth, and the Diviner kept modifying it all the time. That way, only two people could be together on a path at the same time.

If the crowd could see, they would also notice that people only bumped into people at the other end in the rankings. For example, the one who ranked first bumped into people who were in the last ten of the list, and the top ten encountered people who were at the bottom of the rankings, as well. People of the top of the rankings didn’t meet at this stage. Lin Feng had encountered Xue Yi because he was at the bottom of the rankings and Xue Yi was at the top.

Of course, some people got eliminated because of the blade lights.

Lin Feng had passed the test of the blade lights and fought a first battle, but he didn’t get eliminated. Therefore, his second opponent wasn’t that strong, it was someone who ranked 50-something. That person had just fought against someone who ranked 30-something; he hadn’t killed his opponent, they had chosen to take different paths.


When Fu Lun saw that his opponent was ranked 96, he thought he was lucky and smiled indifferently. He seemed to be encountering people from the bottom of the rankings only. Even if they were strong, they couldn’t compete with him. When he saw Lin Feng, he was convinced Lin Feng couldn’t be stronger than him.

(Translator’s note: the name Fu Lun appears here for the first time)

Fu Lun smiled happily and threw himself at Lin Feng. At that moment, he was still thinking about the statues’ blades. He was convinced that the statues had probably intercepted a dozen people and that during the first battles, twenty to thirty people were going to be eliminated as well. He based his analysis on those two hypotheses. He tried to count; if thirty people or forty people were eliminated, after the second round of battles, fifty people would be eliminated, and then he’d manage to get qualified and be able to access Fortune City. He was already enthusiastic about becoming a member of Fortune City.

But actually, Fu Lun’s analysis was wrong, not that many people got eliminated. Many people decided not to fight and to take different paths. Very abruptly, Fu Lun also realized that he wasn’t lucky.

Fu Lun reappeared outside on the pillars suddenly, his forehead covered with cold sweat. His face was deathly pale, and he was shaking. He glanced around. Less than thirty people had been eliminated. The number above his head had also changed, he was now 72!

This round wasn’t absolutely fair, but Fortune Shrine didn’t need fair battles. They needed to have people eliminated for the last battles. Those would be fair, so it was enough. They couldn’t think of a simple solution to make every single round completely fair, otherwise, it would have been too complex.

“That Fu Lun. He’s from the Northern Town of Godly Clouds City, from the Fu Clan. He’s really strong. He had the potential to end up in the top fifty, and now he’s been eliminated. I wonder who defeated him.” chattered many people when they saw Fu Lun. They couldn’t believe it. More and more people were appearing on the pillars.


A person known to Lin Feng’s friends appeared: Hou Qing Lin! He had been eliminated too….

Hou Qing Lin pulled a long face. He tried to keep calm as he sighed, “It seems that I’m way too weak in comparison with those strong cultivators. After going back, I’ll practice cultivation as hard as I can. I’ll give my everything…”

A moment before, he had fought a first battle, he had won and then continued. Then he had encountered an extraordinarily beautiful woman who could use the power of the stars. She wasn’t physically strong, but her spells were incredible and her strength. In the end, he had to use the scepter.

He wouldn’t be able to join Fortune Shrine, but he didn’t feel too sad about it. He was determined. What didn’t kill him made him stronger! He would continue practicing cultivation with an indomitable will!

The one who had defeated Hou Qing Lin was Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady!

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