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PMG Chapter 2188: First Master Eliminated

PMG Chapter 2188: First Master Eliminated

A short time after Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang also reappeared on his pillar. Thanks to his godly awareness, he sensed Hou Qing Lin’s presence and said, “You’ve been eliminated too?”

“Yes, I’m not strong enough. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there in the previous round, Chu Chun Qiu and the others would have eliminated us already,” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. He tried to keep calm. He wasn’t strong enough, it was a fact and he accepted it. In the future, he would practice cultivation really hard. This was an experience, and it made him stronger.

“Eh, actually, Chu Chun Qiu eliminated me,” whispered Jian Mang. Hou Qing Lin was startled, and then laughed. Jian Mang was really unlucky, but he was still safe and sound, that was the main thing. They had done quite well for this Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“I hope that Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi will stay in there longer,” muttered Hou Qing Lin, looking at the dark palace. He hoped they’d be able to end up in the top fifty. He also wondered how far Lin Feng would go…


More and more people came out. The fifty-first cultivator came out: Jun Mo Xi! Hou Qing Lin sighed, what a pity! One position shy… But Lang Ye was definitely in the top fifty!

Lang Ye controlled world strength. Therefore, he could protect himself better than the others. He was still inside!

“Fiftieth, the top fifty are still in there!” the excited watchers exclaimed. Lights twinkled, and someone appeared. Hou Qing Lin frowned: it was precisely Lang Ye! He was fiftieth!

At that moment, Lang Ye had a strange expression on his face. His eyes kept twinkling, he looked at the castle and said, “Who was that guy…? How strange…”

Lang Ye had encountered a strange yet extremely strong cultivator. He had used his scepter to come out.


At that moment, that strange cultivator ended up on the same path as Xian Ren. He looked at the number above his head: 68. He was quite low in the rankings. And this person also looked ordinary.

However, that ordinary person hadn’t been eliminated yet, was he just lucky? Or was he really strong?

Xian Ren opened his mouth to talk, but at that moment, the other man stretched out his hand but didn’t attack. He raised his hand and scratched his head. He smiled in a simple and honest way and said, “Let’s not fight. Leave.”


Xian Ren was too stunned to talk. The other one had talked faster than him, but Xian Ren wanted to say the same.

Besides, that ordinary-looking guy scratched his head and looked simple and down to earth. He had no Qi at all. He didn’t look like a cultivator. He was even a little bit fat!

Indeed. He looked ordinary because he wasn’t tall and sturdy, he was fat. He looked nice though; he smiled, and he was clean. But he looked boorish, too…

“My name is Zhou Rong Man. I’m the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan. The reason why I’m telling you my name is that I want you to know who will defeat you, my name is Zhou Rong Man!” Zhou Rong Man smiled.

Xian Ren looked amused. He thought he had humor, but Zhou Rong Man was even funnier!

Xian Ren was surprised to see someone like that in there, he hadn’t noticed him before.

“You don’t want to leave, so I’ll kick you out. Be careful,” smiled Zhou Rong Man smiling. Each time he smiled, two white teeth appeared, like a rabbit. He moved, seemingly fat and slow. However, Xian Ren was astonished because Zhou Rong Man arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Xian Ren was astonished. His robe fluttered, he instantly released Qi which filled the air. He looked like a well-educated scholar.

“Weapon!” said Xian Ren. Sharp Qi filled the air and streaked across the sky. At the same time, lights shot towards his foe. Each light beam was as sharp as a sword and emitted humming sounds with intent.

The Confucianist monk was furious, he strictly enforced the principles he learned in the Holy scriptures. Slashing sounds kept spreading through the air. His light beams lacerated Zhou Rong Man’s clothes, but they didn’t pierce through his skin, to the extent that they even broke apart after reaching him.

Xian Ren was astonished. His enemy kept smiling gently. Xian Ren invoked his scepter and slowly disappeared. He was still astonished…

“Pfew…” When Xian Ren reappeared on the stone pillar, his expression had completely changed, and was even worse than Lang Ye’s. His opponent’s voice kept resonating in his brain, My name is Zhou Rong Man. The reason why I’m telling you my name is that I want you to know who will defeat you, my name is Zhou Rong Man.

“Xian Ren has been eliminated too.” People from Godly Clouds City were stunned. Xian Ren was from Holy Mountain. He hadn’t even ended up in the top thirty, he was in the top fifty! Who had eliminated Xian Ren?

Soon, the top thirty were going to appear…


In the labyrinth, Lin Feng bumped into more people, and eliminated two people. He also bumped into an extremely strong cultivator: Yin Jiu, Blue Pale Clouds’ First Master!

When Lin Feng bumped into Yin Jiu, they both remained silent. Yin Jiu looked calm and composed in his black robe. However, Lin Feng knew his Drowsiness Dao was extremely dangerous. He could kill people silently without anybody noticing it. He had almost killed Qing Feng!

Lin Feng released his intent without the slightest scruple. However, at the same time, he remained vigilant. This enemy was dangerous. He couldn’t give them a chance. He also didn’t intend to let the enemy off. One of them had to be eliminated!

An incredible amount of Sword intent filled the air. Lin Feng walked towards Yin Jiu slowly. He suddenly had the impression his consciousness was trying to leave his body. He could only walk forwards because there were walls on both sides of the path. He also had the impression something was pushing him to walk forwards.

“It’s just an illusion.” Lin Feng closed his eyes. He was determined. His consciousness was drawn back into his body. Yin Jiu was still standing in the same place, staring at Lin Feng. He wanted to drag Lin Feng into an illusion and kill him in his world!

Lin Feng released a terrifying Death intent which surged out and carried everything away. A Death pattern appeared and grew to gigantic size. Since his enemy wanted to kill him, Lin Feng would also do his best to kill him.

An ancient and desolate Qi filled the air. Sky Absorbing strength appeared. The atmosphere was filled with death.

“Stop!” said Yin Jiu coldly. His Dao was his goal, his goal was to kill. He had never used explosive attacks to fight. He had always made his enemies fall asleep and killed them silently.

“An ancient Saint’s technique coupled with death cosmic energies and death Dao, we’ll see how you intend to kill death.”

Lin Feng continued slowly walking forwards. The atmosphere around him was filled with death.

“Oppress!” said Lin Feng, turning into a death pattern. The atmosphere became dark, filled with oppressive death Qi.

Yin Jiu’s life was being corroded, and his face turned deathly pale. He released Drowsiness intent.

The two kinds of intent were dangerous as they intertwined.

At that moment, someone was walking on a path which led to their duel, and his vitality started being corroded. He promptly turned around and left.

Both the death and drowsiness strengths contained immortal strength.

Yin Jiu’s life Qi slowly dispersed. His Drowsiness intent started dispersing. His face stiffened. He was a First Master, how could he lose?

A river appeared, made of death energies. It flowed towards Yin Jiu like a flood. He released Dao intent, but he still couldn’t prevent the death strength from corroding his life strength. He had the sensation his eyelids were becoming heavier, as if he were about to fall asleep forever.

“I’m a First Master, and I’m going to be eliminated.” Yin Jiu grimaced. He closed his eyes, ground his teeth, his gums bleeding. Why? How come? He was extremely strong. How could he lose?…


Yin Jiu reappeared on a pillar outside. The whole crowd was astonished. Finally, a powerful cultivator had been eliminated. Who had eliminated him? Yin Jiu wouldn’t be able to end up in the top thirty!

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