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PMG Chapter 2189: Zhou Rong Man’s Confidence

PMG Chapter 2189: Zhou Rong Man’s Confidence

“What a pity we can’t see what’s happening inside!” sighed the people from Godly Clouds City. Nobody knew what was going on inside, who had eliminated Yin Jiu? Only he knew.

“Could it be that Yin Jiu bumped into another First Master?” they wondered. Maybe that the cultivator who could cast terrifying deployment spells? Or Chu Chun Qiu?

“Sixty people have been eliminated. Soon, seventy people will have been eliminated, and thus we will soon see the cultivators of the top thirty,” they figured out expectantly. They finally were going to see the top thirty! Who would be strong enough to finish in the top thirty? One of the First Masters had been eliminated, the remaining people were probably terrifyingly strong!


In the ancient castle, Lin Feng bumped into someone. When he saw the fellow, he was startled; this person smiled, he looked fat, friendly, and even cute. He seemed completely ordinary. In the middle of a crowd, nobody would have noticed him.

However, Lin Feng didn’t underestimate him. From the number of people he had encountered, Lin Feng estimated that the top thirty were soon going to appear, and if this guy had managed to make it this far, it meant he was extremely strong. He wasn’t ordinary at all!

The guy looked simple and honest as he scratched his head, he looked embarrassed and said, “My name is Zhou Rong Man. I’m the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan. The reason why I’m telling you my name is that I want you to know who’s about to eliminate you, my name is Zhou Rong Man. Leave if you don’t want to lose face.”

When Lin Feng saw his smile, he looked at the other strangely. He had the impression that that guy was a weirdo, but an extremely strong weirdo.

“I won’t go out. What should we do?” said Lin Feng. He looked amused.

“Don’t leave then. The one who will defeat you is called Zhou Rong Man!” said his opponent. Rong Man took big steps towards Lin Feng. He was fat and made the ground shake as he walked.

Lin Feng looked at him, even more surprised. He condensed sword strength in his hands and attacked Zhou Rong Man. However, a sharp and clear sound spread through the air. Lin Feng was astonished. What a thick skin! His defense was formidable. Was his physical strength as impressive as Lin Feng’s own?

Lin Feng had encountered many strong cultivators during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds already. Chu Chun Qiu could use Sky Absorbing spells, Saint Tianhun could enchain people’s soul strength, the reincarnated Great Deployment Master could cast terrifying deployment spells. However, he had never encountered someone whose physical strength could be compared with his. The strongest person against whom he had fought was probably Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady. Her star strength was comparable to his strength. But this guy in front of him had an awesome physical strength!

But that just made him even more determined to fight. He condensed physical strength and suddenly punched out in Zhou Rong Man’s direction.

Zhou Rong Man also raised his fist and punched out in Lin Feng’s direction. He was still smiling. At the same cultivation level, nobody dared use physical strength against him! He could already imagine himself defeating Lin Feng. He was a genius from the Ancient Zhou Clan, after all!

Both fighters’ fists collided. Lin Feng sensed the muscles of his arms twitch. He had the impression he hadn’t punched a body, but a shell. It seemed indestructible.

A terrifyingly strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng withdrew quickly. His heart was pounding. It was the first time during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds that he had met someone who scared him like this. Someone had a better physical strength than him!

Zhou Rong Man stepped back two steps as well. He looked at his fist and scratched his head, muttering, “There’s something wrong.”

Zhou Rong Man raised his head again and looked at Lin Feng, “My family keeps saying nobody can compete with me in terms of physical strength. Who are you? How come you can compete with me in terms of physical strength? Do you also have an ancient spirit?”

“Eh…” Lin Feng was surprised. He had indeed managed to resist, but he wasn’t satisfied at all… He had almost spat out blood.

“Let’s try again!” said Zhou Rong Man. He didn’t believe it. He took big steps forwards again. He wasn’t fast at all. However, he appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye somehow. Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating, as red and golden lights appeared around Rong Man’s fist. Even his Qi looked ancient…

“Ancient blood?” Lin Feng took a step forwards and raised his fist again. They punched each other even more violently. The walls trembled. Lin Feng slipped backwards and trails of flames appeared under his feet from the friction. Zhou Rong Man took one step backwards. He shook his head and moved forwards again.

Their fists collided a third time, rumbling sounds spread in the air. It was terrifying. Lin Feng was propelled backwards a several steps. His arm hurt, and his blood was churning. His opponent’s physical strength was simply overwhelming.

“I want to use another kind of strength now,” Lin Feng said to Zhou Rong Man. He was getting excited. He released sword Qi, which began to hum ominously. Sword lights appeared on his fist.

“Alright, I’ll stop messing around as well. Otherwise, I won’t be able to eliminate you,” said Zhou Rong Man, sounding annoyed. The two fighters collided again. Lin Feng’s Sword intent collided with his opponent’s fist. They both looked like conquering heroes. However, Lin Feng had the impression his opponent’s skin was like indestructible armor. Lin Feng stared at him and asked, “You have beast blood?”

“Yes. We used to be the strongest ones back in the ancient days. You’re extremely strong. I won’t eliminate you. I take back my word. But we’ll probably meet again in the next round, and then I’ll use my full strength!” said Zhou Rong Man calmly.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. This guy was bragging and managed to remain calm and composed, as if all this was normal. The strongest animal in the ancient days? He was definitely showing off!

“Alright. I can’t wait to see your most powerful attacks, since your ancestors used to be the strongest cultivators in the world!” Lin Feng smiled.

As he spoke those words, his silhouette flickered.


The watchers realized that the curtain around the castle had slowly disappeared. The last thirty people slowly reappeared in the people’s field of vision.

“The round is over!” the crowd saw, frowning intently. The top thirty were going to be revealed!

“Twenty-two men, three women.”

“Two of them are First Ladies in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The other woman is Jing.”

“Only one First Master has been eliminated and didn’t make it to the top thirty. The others are all there.”

“The First Masters are symbols in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There are always First Masters in the top ten. Usually, there are at most three of them. I wonder how many of them will finish in the top ten this time?” wondered someone.

“Not easy. That guy with the deployment spells, Chu Chun Qiu, the one who steals souls, the Buddhist monk from Holy Mountain, those people are geniuses. Because of Hua Qing Feng, they can’t be called First Masters, but they are not necessarily weaker than him. You can’t have four First Masters.”

Those were the rules. The First Masters were extremely strong, but every time, some new geniuses suddenly arose in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“That’s Lin Feng, the one who killed Lei Dong Tian. He’s in the top thirty. He’s really strong. But I don’t think he can continue rising in the rankings…” said someone. All those people were geniuses, it would be difficult for Lin Feng to continue rising, according to the crowd.

“Who’s that? The fat one. He looks so ordinary and he’s in the top thirty! How strange!” asked someone staring at Zhou Rong Man.

“I don’t know. He looks really ordinary indeed. I hadn’t noticed him before.”

“I’ve seen him. When the round with the five hundred cultivators started, that guy laid down in the grass and just slept. Two people attacked him, but they lost against him. His opponents looked extremely weak in front of him. He just punched them and crushed them, and then continued sleeping. I also thought it was strange. He’s lucky, he’s in the top thirty. Even the First Master of Blue Pale Clouds didn’t manage to do that.”

At that moment, the atmosphere was lively in Godly Clouds City. People were talking about the cultivators of the top thirty. Everybody was curious.

“Brother Lin Feng is in the top thirty!” said Duan Feng, smiling.

“Surprisingly, he finished in the top thirty. He’s lucky!” said Xue Shen Feng coldly. Then he looked at Zhe Tian. Zhe Tian was staring at Lin Feng. Because there weren’t many people, he had noticed Lin Feng. He had a strange impression, Lin Feng looked familiar. But he never had the opportunity to travel abroad so he only had contact with people from the Snow Clan. His mother made him practice cultivation as hard as he could as well, with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts. She rarely talked about his father. Therefore, he couldn’t have seen that person before. However, he still had a familiar feeling.

Lin Feng sensed someone was looking at him. He raised his head and gazed into the distance, looking at Zhe Tian. He also had a familiar feeling…

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