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PMG Chapter 2190: Gathering of Terrifying Cultivators

PMG Chapter 2190: Gathering of Terrifying Cultivators

What a cute kid, thought Lin Feng. He was surprised. He looked really strong. He was so young and he was already a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer. If he had become that strong back then in the small world, people would have had cold sweats. Of course, Lin Feng understood that people’s cultivation speeds in the great world were different.

Lin Feng looked at the young man next to the kid, his hair fluttering in the wind. He was holding a cup of something. He had an extraordinary Qi. He looked extraordinarily strong. Was that young man the kid’s father?

Lin Feng turned his head again. Even though he had a familiar feeling, he couldn’t stare at people like that, especially since he was participating in the meeting and he had to get ready mentally for the next round.

“Ah, I feel proud and elated. It was a bit stressful,” said Zhou Rong Man, smiling widely. Lang Ye and Xian Ren had been eliminated because of him, their faces stiffened. They were furious when they saw his face, he looked as if the round had been difficult for him, what a bastard!

Lin Feng also had cold sweats. This guy was really weird…

“New ranks for the top thirty,” said the Diviner. He waved his hands and the numbers above the contestants’ head changed. Many people had been eliminated, so people’s ranks changed. However, the ranks of people who were at the bottom of the rankings didn’t change that much, it seemed…

Lin Feng ranked 96 when he had entered the castle. Now, nobody who ranked between 97 and 100 was left in the top thirty, so Lin Feng’s rank was now 30.

Lin Feng knew the one who ranked 29th: Wu Jue.

Number 28, coincidentally, was Zhou Rong Man. But Zhou Rong Man didn’t look sad to be at the top of the top thirty. He actually smiled in a cute way. He looked like a fat baby.

The top ten hadn’t changed at all. None of them had been eliminated in the labyrinth.

Lin Feng looked at those who were at the top of the rankings, it made him shake. They were all terrifying.

Hua Qing Feng: Godly Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 1st.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: 2nd.

Wu Ya Zi: Supreme Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 3rd.

Yu Qing: Jade Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 4th.

Chu Chun Qiu: 5th.

Prince Wu Qing: Dark Night’ First Master, he ranked 6th.

Ni Cang: Purple Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 7th.

Kong Ming: Holy Mountain’s cultivator, he ranked 8th.

The third Beast: 9th.

Jiu Ling Huang: Red Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 10th.

Xue Yi: Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, 11th.

Saint Tianhun: 12th.

Ye Cang Xuan: Bright Clouds’ First Master, he ranked 13th.

They were all terrifying geniuses. Those after them in the rankings were also extraordinary, but there were some people that Lin Feng didn’t know at all.

For example, the one just after Ye Cang Xuan was named Mara, he was a terrifying assassin from Godly Clouds City. He was the best assassin of his generation. Mara’s reputation couldn’t be compared with Lei Dong Tian or Wang Shi’s. He was much, much stronger than either of them. They belonged to different worlds.

Lin Feng didn’t know the fifteenth one, either. However, he had seen some people from the same group; he was from Purple Clouds, from the Jiu You’s Ministry, Ye Ying.

All in all, the cultivators of the top thirty were the strongest people of their generation in the continent.

And now they were all together. They didn’t have an undeserved reputation.

Even those who were at the top of the ranking didn’t dare say that those at the bottom of the ranking were weak, except for some people like Zhou Rong Man. He was an exception, a weirdo.

Therefore, during that round, Lin Feng really felt the pressure. All the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were there together!

“The next round is similar to the previous round. You will all be in the same place. Of course, you won’t be in a labyrinth this time. The place will be very small. You will be able to see any battle. If anyone wants to challenge you, you won’t be able to escape. You’ll have to fight. Therefore, this round will be even crueler,” smiled the Diviner. “Of course, if you use the scepter, you’ll be able to come out. Naturally, the first one to come out will be rank 30. The second one will rank 29th, etc. After this round, those ranking between 11th and 30th will be determined. The top ten will be determined after this round.”

People shook when they heard the Diviner. A small place with everybody inside? The only solution was to fight or get eliminated? That was much crueler than the previous round. The cultivators of the top ten would appear during this round. Even in Fortune Shrine, such cultivators would be recruited as direct disciples. Those people would be the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and make their families so proud. They would bring so much knowledge to the descendants of their clans.

Of course, it would be extremely difficult, as well! They all understood that.

“Remember, only one-on-ones, you can’t join hands with someone else to oppress one person. After a battle, you must give the person the time needed to burn a joss stick to rest before attacking them,” continued the Diviner calmly. He wanted the battles to be fair. Otherwise, if twenty nine cultivators joined hands to kill Hua Qing Feng, it would be pointless.

“Pfew…” Those who had been eliminated took a deep breath. The audience was staring at the thirty strong cultivators. Who would finish in the top ten?

In the gigantic city of Godly Clouds City, the people remained silent. They listened to the Diviner as if he were a god, quiet and solemn. They understood that incredible battles were going to start.

“Now, go,” said the Diviner, waving at them. A light curtain appeared and glittered, marks flashed.

The last thirty cultivators jumped onto the battlefield.


The place was quite large, but with thirty people on it, it didn’t look so big. The evening sun was high up in the sky, a cold breeze brushed against the cultivators’ skin and made their clothes undulate. The thirty people stood in different places. When they arrived on the battlefield, they all remained silent. Nobody wanted to attack first.

Hua Qing Feng looked confident and at ease. He turned around and slowly walked towards a hill. He just stood there and watched. He ranked first, who would dare attack him during this round?

People in the outside world were shaking. Hua Qing Feng probably wouldn’t need to fight, right? Once again, people who were at the bottom of the rankings would probably need to fight.

Kong Ming turned around and walked away as well. He went onto a grass field and sat down cross-legged. He looked like ancient Buddha, motionless like a mountain.

“They are both from Holy Mountain, they will probably finish in the top ten. They don’t need to fight. No wonder that everybody says Holy Mountain trains geniuses,” muttered the crowd.

“My name is Zhou Rong Man. If you want to fight me, I’m here, I’m waiting!” Zhou Rong Man called out with a smile. Then, he did like Kong Ming, walking away and sitting down on the ground with his arms legs crossed as well.

The contestants were astonished. That guy thought he was like Hua Qing Feng or what? He ranked 28th, and he dared act arrogantly like Hua Qing Feng, who ranked first?

The cultivators of the top ten looked indifferent. They were just waiting, would anyone dare attack them?

At that moment, many people were staring at Lin Feng, Wu Jue, and Zhou Rong Man. Those people were the last three ones in the top thirty. Some people wanted to get rid of them first!

“They want me dead, it seems,” said Wu Jue, smiling wryly and looking at Lin Feng, who wasn’t far from him.

“It seems like it,” said Lin Feng, shrugging.

“Eh, it wasn’t easy to get here. Now, people want to kill us, that’s annoying,” said Wu Jue. It had been difficult so far.

At that moment, some people walked towards Lin Feng, Wu Jue, and Zhou Rong Man. The Fifth Beast was walking towards Lin Feng. Among people from the Dark Night Region, the Young Beast Masters had three in the top thirty, that was a big number for people coming from the same group. They were extremely strong.

The Fifth Young Beast Master walked towards Lin Feng. The one who walked towards Wu Jue was Tie Chong Yang, First Master of Blue Pale Clouds, who ranked 17th…

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