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PMG Chapter 2191: Impossible To Escape

PMG Chapter 2191: Impossible To Escape

Tie Chong Yang was Green Jade Clouds’ First Master, and Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, Xue Yi, was stronger than him. Of course, he felt ashamed because of that. Therefore, he needed to do his best to end up in the top ten.

Of course, someone walked towards Zhou Rong Man; he ranked at the bottom of the top thirty, and they needed to get rid of such people to avoid falling in the rankings.

“There are too many people. We need to clean,” murmured Xue Yi. Then, she slowly walked towards the 23rd cultivator… the Fourth Young Beast Master!

“Indeed, we need to clean,” said Saint Tianhun, laughing in a ferocious and cruel way. A black mist appeared around him. He was very dangerous. Even though he wasn’t in the top ten during this round, everybody knew that he was really dangerous. He also walked towards someone at the bottom of the top thirty.

Chu Chun Qiu did the same. Actually, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun had the same goal: they weren’t there to eliminate people, they were there to kill!

However, those people had reached a secret agreement; first they wanted to get rid of people from the bottom of the top thirty, and then nature would take its course.

“My name is Zhou Rong Man!” said Zhou Rong Man, breaking the silence. Zhou Rong Man had just had an explosive battle. The crowd hadn’t even had time to see him fight…? However, when they turned their heads, they saw his opponent disappear and reappear on the pillar outside. Zhou Rong Man was smiling broadly.

“What’s going on?”

“That guy is lucky. Someone who ranked twenty-something attacked him and he crushed his opponent. However, I want to understand what just happened…”

Many of the watchers didn’t even know who Zhou Rong Man’s opponent was. However, many strong cultivators from Godly Clouds City who knew the person Zhou Rong Man had eliminated were stupefied. His voice resonated in their heads: My name is Zhou Rong Man! At that moment, everybody in Godly Clouds City could hear what was going on on the battlefield, the fighters’ voices resonated everywhere in Godly Clouds City.

“Lin Feng, piss off!” said the Fifth Young Beast Master. Bloody great roc’s wings appeared on his back, as he stared at Lin Feng. The previous time, so many people had chased Lin Feng, but they had failed, and he had even been injured. Luckily, he had different sorts of beasts’ blood, so he could recover quickly. He had to regain face!

“I admire your courage,” Lin Feng said flatly. He released Sword intent and condensed it. An incredible amount of sword lights appeared. Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air and moved backwards. He wanted some space to fight.

The Fifth Young Beast Master frowned. This guy was going to use the same method to defeat him? His bestial blood boiled. The Fifth Young Beast Master flapped his wings and shot towards Lin Feng, no more than a blur. “Die!” he shouted, his sharp claws spread wide.

Lin Feng also released formidable Deva-Mara strength. His deployment wings appeared, as his eyes turned pitch-black. He could almost see through all things. He jumped forwards and raised his fist, ready to punch the Young Beast Master! Apart from Zhou Rong Man, nobody could compete with him in terms of physical strength!

The bestial Qi and the Demon strength were terrifying. The Fifth Young Beast Master looked at Lin Feng coldly.

The Fifth Young Beast Master emitted sharp sounds. His eyes were filled with murder.

“Death!” said Lin Feng coldly. Then, cursing strength emerged from his eyes and shot towards his opponent’s head. In the beast’s eyes, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared. His bestial Qi was oppressed. He suddenly looked much weaker.

Holy Spirit lights penetrated into his eyes as well: demon Holy Spirits, cursing Holy Spirits, Nine Netherworlds Holy Spirits. A demon king appeared in the Fifth Young Beast Master’s head. The demon king was bathing in the Source of the Nine Netherworlds and looked extremely arrogant. Anyone trying to stop him was doomed!

The demon king oppressed the Fifth Young Beast Master’s bestial Qi even more. Energies vibrated unceasingly. At the same time, the Fifth Beast raised his fist and punched out in Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng’s eyes were as pitch-black as before. Another demon king appeared behind him, ferocious, with sharp teeth.

The two fighters kept colliding, and the Fifth Young Beast Master’s arms kept crackling. He shouted furiously, flapping his great roc’s wings and withdrawing. However, Lin Feng wouldn’t let him go. Even more strength penetrated into his brain.

In the outside world, the crowd was astonished and aquiver with excitement. The Fifth Young Beast Master wanted to escape from Lin Feng, but Lin Feng cast a deployment spell which surrounded the beast. Lin Feng moved so fast, the Fifth Young Beast Master had no choice but to endure and resist.

“Ah…!” a horrible shriek rose. The Fifth Beast’s arms seemed like they were going break. Even though it felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse, he persevered. He had cold sweats now, and his spirit kept being attacked.

“Die, die, die…!” Lin Feng shouted three times, extremely loudly. He glared at the Fifth Young Beast Master with murder in his eyes, his death strength seemed like it could erode anything in its way. The Fifth Young Beast Master ground his teeth as their energies exploded in conflict. His arms went limp, his face turned deathly pale. He suddenly felt powerless, and his eyes were filled with despair. He was getting ready to escape…

“Dream on!” Lin Feng snarled. The Fifth Young Beast Master’s intent weakened greatly. Great Dream of Life cosmic energies penetrated into his brain and corroded his willpower. He started feeling drowsy, just as two terrifying fists moved towards his head.

“Five, get out!” shouted the Third Young Beast Master explosively. The Fifth Young Beast Master came back to his senses in shock. He opened his eyes, but everything turned to darkness around him, as if he were isolated from the world.

There was an explosion, blood dripped down. His head cracked, he had no time to escape as his head exploded and he fell down from the sky.

He was dead!

“Five!” shouted the Third Young Beast Master desperately. He saw a sword streak across the sky and cut apart the Fifth Young Beast Master’s body, even though he was already dead. At the same time, Lin Feng withdrew. The Fifth Young Beast Master’s body fell down from the sky as blood dripped all around him. Each of the blood drops contained a terrifying Qi.

The Third Young Beast Master was standing there, his eyes bloodshot and face twisting. The Fifth Young Beast Master not just been eliminated, he had been killed!

In the outside world, the other Young Beast Masters who had been eliminated could only look on in fury.

“What a guy, is that his full strength? As expected, people who were at the bottom of the rankings weren’t necessarily weak. He could definitely finish in the top twenty. No wonder he killed Lei Dong Tian,” many people in Godly Clouds City exclaimed. The Fifth Young Beast Master hadn’t managed to escape, and had been killed. Lin Feng was strong!

Wu Jue wasn’t that lucky. The First Master of Green Jade Clouds had the lowest position of all First Masters still in the rankings, but he wasn’t weak; he defeated Wu Jue, and the latter took the initiative to leave the battlefield.

Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun defeated their opponents. Even if their opponents were extremely strong, they still were eliminated and they even nearly died.

Xue Yi and the Fourth Beast’s battle was explosive and intense. The crowd had seen a bright sun and stars in darkness. Her strength was impressive!

“The First Lady of Green Jade Clouds is stronger than the First Master. She’s terrifying. She has a Star Battle Body, so she can summon the power of the stars. She’s really strong,” the watchers observed.

Xue Yi finally defeated the fourth Young Beast Master. Among the three Young Beast Masters who had made it to that round, one had died and another one was eliminated. It was a tragedy for the group. Initially, they had thought they’d go back to the Dark Night Region as glorious heroes. Now, only the Third Beast was now left on the battlefield. He was furious, and had also defeated his opponent, releasing his anger on the man.

After his battle, the battlefield became calm again. However, only twenty-two people were left.

“Eight people have been eliminated during the first wave of battles. Twelve people still have to be eliminated. The battles are going to become even more violent, intense, and fierce. Who’s going to fight whom now?” wondered the audience, staring at the battlefield.

The twenty-two remaining fighters were:

Hua Qing Feng: First.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: Second.

Wu Ya Zi: Third.

Yu Qing: Fourth

Chu Chun Qiu: Fifth.

Prince Wu Qing: Sixth.

Ni Cang: Seventh.

Kong Ming: Eighth.

The Third Beast: Ninth.

Jiu Ling Huang: Tenth.

Xue Yi: Eleventh.

Saint Tianhun: Twelfth.

Ye Cang Xuan: Thirteenth.

Mara: extremely sly and dangerous, fourteenth.

Ye Ying: from Jiu You’s Ministry, fifteenth.

Yi Qing Tian: a strong cultivator from Sword Valley, sixteenth.

Tie Chong Yang: Seventeenth, Green Jade Clouds’ First Master.

Jing: Eighteenth.

Bu Yan: Nineteenth, Jade Clouds’ First Lady.

Feng Chen: Twentieth.

Zhou Rong Man: Twenty-eighth.

Lin Feng: Thirtieth.

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