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PMG Chapter 2192: King of Shadows

PMG Chapter 2192: King of Shadows

With twenty-two remaining strong cultivators, the atmosphere became intense. The people left on the battlefield were all terrifying cultivators. The fighters realized that Zhou Rong Man was terrifyingly strong. He had easily killed someone who had made it to the top thirty: could he possibly be weak?

Lin Feng had killed the Fifth Young Beast Master who ranked above him, the latter hadn’t even have the opportunity to strike back. Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun hadn’t even managed to kill Lin Feng, could he be weak?

Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man respectively ranked 30th and 28th. If they were strong, could the others be weak?

Apart from Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man who ranked 30th and 28th, the others all ranked exactly 1st to 20th. Among the people who ranked 20th-30th, eight had been eliminated. The strongest cultivators had chosen to eliminate people from the bottom of the top thirty.

After that, many people didn’t feel like fighting anymore. Even people who didn’t rank that well in the top thirty didn’t feel like taking the initiative to attack anymore, not wanting to take risks. They didn’t want to show how strong they were. Everyone left was extremely strong, so it would be difficult for them to hide their true strength if they fought. They would probably have to resort to some of their trump cards.

Even the Third Beast, although he hated Lin Feng immensely, controlled himself and didn’t attack Lin Feng. Nobody could afford to act carelessly. Even though they were all in the same place, they didn’t dare attack anyone and act recklessly.

Nobody wanted to fight, including Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man. Since those people didn’t feel like fighting, they didn’t have to hurry, either. Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun remained calm and indifferent as well. They didn’t rush either. Among all these strong cultivators, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun didn’t dare think they were the best, did they? Probably not…

“In history, the maximum number of First Masters who made it to the top ten at once was three. This time, I hope there will be an exception, I hope that people who aren’t First Masters will be eliminated first,” someone spoke up evenly at that moment. It was Ye Cang Xuan, Bright Clouds’ First Master. His main skill was the Hell Destroying Blue Sky Skill. In the temporary ranking list, he ranked thirteenth. However, even though he said that, everybody ignored him. There were twenty-two people here, fourteen of them weren’t First Masters. Who dared say they were weaker than First Masters?

“Since you think that way, you should take the initiative to attack,” replied someone mockingly.

Ye Cang Xuan grunted icily and said, “Naturally. All the First Masters can eliminate one person easily. If we do that, fourteen people would remain, which would also mean that at least four First Masters would end up in the top ten. Since nobody wants to take the initiative to attack first, I’ll choose the one who is one rank lower than me.”

When Ye Cang Xuan said that, everybody looked at someone who had no Qi showing at all. However, he looked dangerous. Ye Cang Xuan ranked thirteenth; the one after him was Mara, ranked fourteenth.

Mara turned around and glared at Ye Cang Xuan. His pitch-black eyes were filled with murder. He looked quite intimidating.

His silhouette flickered. Mara appeared in the sky above Ye Cang Xuan. Ye Cang Xuan jumped forwards and rose up into the air as well. People in Godly Clouds City were trembling.

“Ye Cang Xuan surprisingly chose Mara. Interesting. Mara was from Godly Clouds City, and Ye Cang Xuan was a First Master. Who will win?” wondered many people, staring at the two of them. This was an important battle.

A terrifying Qi emerged from Ye Cang Xuan’s body and filled the air. A blue sky appeared behind him. He knew a deadly blue-sky skill, the sky became his when he fought. He was Bright Clouds’ First Master, but sometimes people also called him Bright Clouds’ Death God.

A shadow appeared behind Mara. A terrifying king intent emerged from the shadow as it and his body overlapped. His body appeared indistinct, as if he could disappear anytime. Ye Cang Xuan frowned in surprise. Ma was called the King of Shadows in Godly Clouds City…

“King-type body!” Ye Cang Xuan was astonished. He had challenged someone who had a king-type body, an assassin king-type body!

Mara slowly walked towards him, then disappeared into the shadow. Ye Cang Xuan was hovering there as shadows surrounded him. His face changed drastically in astonishment. Mara, the King of Shadows, had disappeared. The person he had challenged was an assassin, just like him, and even more dangerous!

The blue sky lit up, resonating with the earth and sky. An incredible amount of Qi appeared around Ye Cang Xuan, containing the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, churning the cosmos chaotically. He was borrowing as much strength as he could from the earth and sky.

A deadly Qi emerged from his body and filled the air. He raised his fist, condensing his Dao strength into it. He could easily kill an emperor at the top of the Huang Qi layer with that kind of strength. But now he was surrounded by dangerous shadows. He didn’t know where his enemy was!

“An assassin who has a king-type body at the top of the Huang Qi layer.” Lin Feng was staring at the shadows. Everybody understood that Mara was a terrifying cultivator at that moment. Ye Cang Xuan attacked in all directions and ran backwards. In front of him, lights twinkled, and sharp swords glittered.

“Come here!” shouted Ye Cang Xuan explosively. Around him, lights glittered unceasingly. Millions of threads of intent filled the air. At the same time, shadows appeared and deadly intent moved towards Ye Cang Xuan. He raised his fists and glanced around. At that moment, lights descended from the sky towards his head.

“Break!” Ye Cang Xuan’s eyes gleamed. He was furious. He condensed blue sky strength into his fists, and the earth and sky trembled. Terrifying punches streaked across the sky with astonishing force.

At the same time, many lights exploded. He couldn’t stop them anymore. A faintly discernible light danced towards him. Everybody was staring at the battle, but nobody could tell where the light came from.

“Bright Clouds’ First Master, Ye Cang Xuan, is going to lose.” Lin Feng was amazed. Mara was an assassin of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and supremely deadly. His shadow abilities had reached the peak of perfection. Even though his direct attacks weren’t as powerful as Ye Cang Xuan’s, his other abilities granted him a significant advantage. Mara was like an invisible ghost. When he carried out a shadow sword attack, he killed people in one strike. He also used a deadly deployment spell, so Ye Cang Xuan was bound to lose sooner or later.

Ye Ying was from Jiu You’s Ministry. He walked towards Zhou Rong Man, no longer watching the battle. Zhou Rong Man hadn’t shown how strong he truly was. Therefore, nobody knew. He kept bragging, but he was ranked 28th. Ye Ying chose Zhou Rong Man instead of Lin Feng. If Ye Cang Xuan was eliminated, then Zhou Rong Man would rank 20th!

Zhou Rong Man looked at Ye Ying and smiled. Ye Ying released Death intent, which surrounded Zhou Rong Man. He wanted to corrode Zhou Rong Man’s life strength. However, Zhou Rong Man looked absolutely unaffected, and just kept smiling. He was the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan, it seemed that he had no particular ability, he was just strong…

Xue Yi walked towards Bu Yan, they were the only two First Ladies who had made it to the top thirty. Xue Yi was of the opinion that one First Lady was enough. She had to defeat her!

Yi Qing Tian headed towards Lin Feng. Each time he took a step, a terrifying amount of Sword intent hummed around him. After three steps, his Sword intent resonated with the earth and sky. The place around him turned into a sword valley, a sword world!

“Yi Qing Tian is going to attack Lin Feng. Lin Feng is unlucky. However, if he wins, he’ll be 20th! We’ll see how long Lin Feng can resist Yi Qing Tian’s sword techniques!” Some folks chattered.

Four battles started at the same time. The first battle which ended among those four wasn’t Ye Cang Xuan’s and Mara’s battle, it was Ye Ying’s and Zhou Rong Man’s!

The crowd didn’t clearly see what had happened once again. They found the whole thing strange, especially people from Godly Clouds City. They had just blinked, and after opening their eyes again, the battle was over. They had seen Ye Ying walk up to Zhou Rong Man, and after that he had appeared outside!

Was Zhou Rong Man lucky? Or was Ye Ying weak? After all, they didn’t know much about Jiu You’s Ministry. People not from Purple Clouds didn’t know Ye Ying. They looked amused. Ye Ying had lost?

“Ye Cang Xuan has lost, too.” At that moment, another battle ended. Bright Clouds’ First Master, Ye Cang Xuan, had been eliminated by Mara from Godly Clouds City. Many people sighed. As expected, people from Godly Clouds City were extremely strong. Mara had defeated a First Master! Of the nine First Masters, seven were left.

But at this moment, twenty people were left and soon, two more would be eliminated. People were convinced that Lin Feng and Bu Yan were going to be eliminated!

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