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PMG Chapter 2193: The Loser Dies!

PMG Chapter 2193: The Loser Dies!

Xue Yi had a Star Battle Body, she could summon the power of the stars. Around her was darkness and stars. As the crowd had expected, Bu Yan was being oppressed.

Xue Yi was the First Lady of Green Jade Clouds. Bu Yan was the First Lady of Jade Clouds. However, Xue Yi was stronger than the First Master of Green Jade Clouds, and therefore, people paid more attention to her battle than to Ye Cang Xuan and Mara’s battle.

At the same time, Yi Qing Tian, the Sword Valley’s strong cultivator, whose temporary rank was 16, was still walking towards Lin Feng, releasing terrifying energies which turned into a hurricane. Only sword energies were around him.

Lin Feng also walked forwards slowly. His sword Qi reached up to Heaven. He kept condensing a terrifying amount of sword Qi in his hands as well.

The nine words of his incantation appeared and floated around him!

They resonated with the earth and sky. The cosmos was shaking as the nine words surrounded Lin Feng. Lights rotated and entered his Sword intent. At the same time, Lin Feng condensed all sorts of Holy Spirits. Using the power of his incantation, he borrowed the power of the earth and sky. He didn’t walk quickly, like Yi Qing Tian. Step by step, he walked towards his opponent. The others moved away to give them space to fight.

“Those two people have powerful Sword intents!” exclaimed the watchers. They both borrowed the strength of the earth and sky and condensed it, their strength resonated at the same pace as the world. They both made their Qi and strength fuse together with their sword strength. They were both in a sword world, a world in which only swords existed.

An all-conquering sharp sword appeared in Yi Qing Tian’s hand. He condensed Dao power into his sword. His sword was sharp and distinct, containing the strength of the cosmos. Yi Qing Tian’s whole body turned into a sword.

He walked slower and slower. However, each time he made a step, his Sword intent became more intense. Their swords hadn’t even collided yet, but their strength could kill weak people if they stood within a distance of a thousand li.

Lin Feng continued releasing Sword intent. Nobody dared walked between them, their souls could disperse within seconds. They were both awe-inspiring!

Lin Feng’s deployment strength also started intertwining with his energies, his intent became even more powerful.

A cold light streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng, a vortex following behind it. That cold light was a sword!

At the same time, Lin Feng also let go of his sword. It was surrounded by the nine words of his incantation. At the same time, the crowd had the impression they were caught up in an illusion, and the lights had stopped.

There was a terrifying explosion. Between the two fighters, sword lights collided, but Sword intent continued moving towards Yi Qing Tian.

“How’s this possible?” screamed Yi Qing Tian. He had no time to react. He activated the scepter with his will, grimacing as he disappeared. After a few seconds, he reappeared on a stone pillar. His Qi was still floating around him intensely.

Cold sweat dripped from his face. He couldn’t believe it. Their swords had collided, why had Lin Feng’s Sword intent continued towards him? He could have died. He was furious and frustrated. He was a sword cultivator; his body was a sword. He had stopped using weapons a long time ago. He had never lost against another sword cultivator until this battle!

“Lin Feng won, and he won using sword attacks,” the people from Godly Clouds City murmured. They were astonished. Yi Qing Tian had lost against Lin Feng!?

Lin Feng had used physical strength to defeat the Fifth Young Beast Master. He had used sword attacks to defeat Yi Qing Tian. That flexibility was impressive!

Xue Yi defeated Jade Clouds’ First Lady. Only eighteen people remained. Lin Feng now ranked eighteenth. That was beyond expectations for many people.

Among the fighters, Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man were at the bottom of the rankings. Therefore, the crowd had thought they’d get eliminated quickly. Reality, however, had proven otherwise!

The eighteen remaining fighters were extremely strong. The battles were going to become even more splendid. Who would end up in the top ten? Eight people still had to be eliminated, but who?

“Tie Chong Yang is the First Master of Green Jade Clouds, but he’s not as strong as Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady. Therefore, even if he’s very strong, he will probably be eliminated. Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man are extremely strong, they could be stronger than some of the other remaining fighters. However, they can’t finish in the top ten. The top ten is already full, after all. Only Xue Yi might eliminate someone and end up in the top ten,” the crowd nodded to one another.

During the time needed to burn a joss stick, nobody attacked anyone else. People who were already in the top ten waited. If anyone took the initiative to attack them, they’d fight; otherwise they wouldn’t. They saw this round as an opportunity to watch other people play.

But after that, Xue Yi walked out again. People started thinking that she was a bit crazy. No wonder she was Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady! And then… she challenged Green Jade Clouds’ First Master. Tie Chong Yang was astonished and pulled a long face. They were both from Green Jade Clouds, and they had fought in the past. That’s why people in Green Jade Clouds knew that she was stronger than him.

“It’s going too slow,” said Wu Ya Zi at that moment. He didn’t sound indifferent anymore. He was tired of waiting. He pointed at Feng Chen and said, “Feng Chen, leave now.”

Wu Ya Zi was Supreme Clouds’ First Master. Feng Chen was a mighty cultivator from Supreme Clouds as well. Therefore, when Wu Ya Zi pointed at him. He knew he could easily defeat Feng Chen, so he ordered him to leave.

Feng Chen looked quite composed. He just walked towards Wu Ya Zi. He had made it this far, he knew the battles were going to become more and more intense. He wasn’t surprised that Wu Ya Zi challenged him, but he couldn’t just leave, either. He wanted to fight before leaving!

Saint Tianhun smiled cruelly. He walked towards Jing, eyes glinting with evil. “Unfortunately, it’s the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; otherwise, I would have enjoyed playing with this bird!”

Jing’s expression slightly changed. She looked back at him coldly as a magnificent phoenix sword appeared in her mind. Fires started burning around her. That sword was made of phoenix strength, but her Qi looked ice-cold as it filled the air.

“Be careful. Saint Tianhun used to be a Saint, he came back to life thanks to a thread of soul which survived for a long time. He has terrifying spells, he even knows some Saint’s Techniques,” Lin Feng said to Jing telepathically.

Jing looked over at Lin Feng and said coldly, “I don’t need you to remind me of that.”

Lin Feng’s face stiffened. This girl was petty, against all expectations. It was probably because Qing Feng and he were close…

Lin Feng didn’t continue looking at her, and walked away. After a short time, he glanced over at someone on a sloped hill. The crowd was startled… what was Lin Feng doing?

The person on the mountain slope was wearing cyan clothes, and just standing there. He had his hands clasped behind his back, his energies resonating at the same pace as the earth and sky. That person was Purple Clouds’ First Master, Ni Cang, seventh in the rankings!

“How insane!” Lang Ye and the others were astonished when they saw Lin Feng. They knew what he wanted to do. He didn’t want to wait anymore, so he took initiative.

“Come here!” said Lin Feng calmly.

People in Godly Clouds City were shaking with excitement. Lin Feng was challenging Ni Cang, Purple Clouds’ First Master!

Even though Lin Feng had won two challenging battles, Ni Cang was much, much stronger than the two opponents he had fought before. He was Purple Clouds’ First Master, he could mess with people’s consciousness and souls.

They all knew that Ni Cang had helped Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun attack Lin Feng’s friends. Some of his friends had nearly died. Now, Lin Feng took the initiative to challenge Ni Cang. If Lin Feng won, Ni Cang would be eliminated and wouldn’t finish in the top ten. Was that even possible, though?

The crowd thought Lin Feng knew he couldn’t finish in the top ten, so this was his way of trying one last time. If he won, he would be in the top ten, if he lost, it didn’t matter!

“You’re quite strong. But you can’t fight against me in a one-on-one. You think you stand a chance?” replied Ni Cang calmly. He didn’t move even though Lin Feng had called him. He just tried to appear imposing and awe-inspiring. “I see that you dare stand there in front of me because you know we can escape easily using the scepter. Otherwise, you wouldn’t dare,” said Ni Cang aloofly.

When Lin Feng heard him, he was surprised. He smiled and said, “No problem, we can ask the organizer to make an exception, I think. Let’s ask if we can fight to death!”

“Ask the Diviner whether they can fight to death or not!? The loser will die…?” Those watching were astonished. That guy was truly crazy!. He was talking to Purple Clouds’ First Master! Even though he wasn’t the best of all First Masters, he was extremely strong, without a doubt!

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