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PMG Chapter 2194: Nine Netherworlds Power

PMG Chapter 2194: Nine Netherworlds Power

Ni Cang looked at Lin Feng, unable to really see what he was thinking. However, he was Purple Clouds’ First Master, he could make the sky and people’s souls go chaotic. Now that someone was challenging him to a battle to death, could he refuse?

“The loser will die,” agreed Ni Cang indifferently

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the Diviner.

The Diviner said, “I accept. If anyone uses the scepter to come out, I’ll kill him personally.”

Lin Feng nodded and looked at Ni Cang again. Ni Cang’s battle style was similar to Ying Cheng’s. However, his attacks were much, much more powerful. His strength could be multiplied thanks to his abilities. Even if his initial strength was multiplied by only two, that was already dangerous.

Even though Lin Feng was the one who had challenged Ni Cang, he didn’t underestimate him.

“The battles are formidable. The First Master of Green Jade Clouds, Tie Chong Yang, is fighting against Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, Xue Yi. The two strongest cultivators of Supreme Clouds are also fighting. Saint Tianhun is fighting against Jing. Lin Feng is going to fight against Purple Clouds’ First Master, Ni Cang. As expected, the battles are becoming more and more interesting!” the crowd exclaimed happily.

They were dazzled by the explosive battles. Many people were watching the battle between Green Jade Clouds’ First Master and First Lady.

Many others were watching Wu Ya Zi and Feng Chen. The crowd realized that the discreet Feng Chen was also extremely strong. He was surrounded by lights connected to the earth and sky. Each of his attacks borrowed the strength of the original essence of the cosmos, even as godly imprints appeared. His strength was explosive.

However, his opponent was Wu Ya Zi, a supreme emotionless opponent. He could destroy people’s feelings and emotions, and then turn them into puppets.

Their battle was astonishing. The atmosphere kept trembling. People sighed. Those eighteen cultivators were all terrifying, including Feng Chen. Nobody in Godly Clouds City dared underestimate these fighters. They were all geniuses!

Saint Tianhun and Jing were fighting, and their battle wasn’t boring. He released chains and a soul spear which looked like an evil ghost from hell. His Qi was dangerous. Jing was surrounded by phoenix fire Qi which seemed like it could purify anything. Her fire was pure, she looked righteous, as if evil couldn’t affect her. Tianhun looked even greedier seeing her purity.

Around Lin Feng, the atmosphere was shaking too. He condensed cosmic energies.

When Lin Feng sensed his opponent’s Dao intent, he smiled coldly. He condensed cosmic energies containing the ten thousand things of creation. All his cosmic energies turned into one sort of cosmic energy. It was as if Lin Feng’s body was made of cosmic strength.

“Cursing cosmic energy?” Ni Cang frowned. He didn’t understand; Lin Feng had released one sort of cosmic energy, but it felt like it contained all sorts of cosmic energies. Of course, Ni Cang also controlled several sorts of cosmic energies, but he didn’t understand this process. However, he started thinking that in terms of cosmic energies, Lin Feng was the strongest fighter on the battlefield!

Lin Feng’s cosmic energies intertwined. His cosmic energies came from two worlds. As one could well imagine, his cosmic energies were terrifying. His cursing Qi drew everybody’s attention. People looked at Lin Feng strangely.

“Chaotic Sky, we’ll see if you can mess with my cosmic energies!” Lin Feng said flatly. His body turned into a cursing artifact filled with cursing strength as he slowly walked forwards. Deployment spells appeared under his feet.

He stared at Ni Cang, who didn’t look away. Both of them were staring at one another. He wanted to turn Lin Feng’s consciousness and soul chaotic.

Five Wisdom Kings protected Lin Feng’s mind. His Wisdom Kings remained as motionless as mountains. Even if Heaven was falling and the Earth was cracking, they could oppress everything. Lin Feng was extremely determined, and his soul stable. He focused solely on his cursing strength. Its invisible and intangible strength surrounded him.

At the same time, Ni Cang realized that Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with a shadow from the Nine Netherworlds!

Suddenly, the sounds of ages past resonated forth. The sky became shadowed, then pitch-black. The Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared, surging out in dark waves. At that moment, people’s minds started trembling as if they were losing control, and their wills were being corroded.

“Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song!” The crowd was trembling in astonishment. They were all well-informed and knowledgeable. They all knew what that Source of the Nine Netherworlds floating in the air meant.

It was one of the Nine Songs: the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, an intent song! It could corrode people’s intent and control their minds. It could turn them into ghosts of the Nine Netherworlds!

Ni Cang’s face changed as he stared at the Source of the Nine Netherworlds. Lin Feng had used one of his trump cards!

“The two other bastards and you encircled my friends. At that moment, I couldn’t do much. Now, I can tell you the exact same thing you told me; do you think you stand a chance against me in a one-on-one battle?!” spat Lin Feng calmly, sounding like a conquering hero. The soundwaves of the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song hung in the air, and the lights of the Nine Netherworlds twinkled and surrounded Ni Cang. The Song resonated in his brain. He couldn’t avoid it. People who weren’t extremely strong-willed could turn into ghosts instantly against such attacks!

After entering Godly Clouds City, Lin Feng had practiced cultivation really hard. He had improved all his spells, including his Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song. Back in the days, he was a bit weak; now his demon skills and techniques were much more powerful, so he used the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song much better, too!

The Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song was perfect when used in combination with cursing strength. He wanted to crush Ni Cang as quickly as possible!

When Ni Cang heard Lin Feng, he pulled a long face. He released his Chaotic Dao, but his willpower was corroded by Lin Feng’s attack. He was surrounded by Demon Intent. He had to use his best powers to defeat Lin Feng now, or he would certainly lose!

Ni Cang took a step forwards and released a fearsome strength, his Qi turned the atmosphere around him chaotic. His energies swirled towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood that Ni Cang was now ready to use his full strength. “Die!” he said coldly. A river made of death strength flooded towards Ni Cang.

Ni Cang punched the river and crushed it before moving towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and continued releasing cursing strength. Then, he attacked by surprise using a Nihility Sword. At the same time, he condensed Holy Spirits and absorbed Demon Kalpa strength, condensing them in his fists. He punched out, his energies surging towards Ni Cang. He continued releasing Holy Spirits, containing all sorts of strength as he slowly withdrew. He continued releasing Nine Netherworlds strength which also gathered around Ni Cang.

Ni Cang pulled a long face. His intent was trembling. At such a distance, he couldn’t do much, it felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse. He was losing his abilities!

At that moment, Lin Feng’s strength suddenly weakened. Ni Cang was relieved… and then he heard a terrifying voice say, “Sleep! You are no match for me!”

That voice contained Dream of Life strength. Ni Cang felt as if he were suddenly isolated from the world… he was falling asleep!

“No, piss off now!” said Ni Cang. He was Purple Clouds’ First Master!  Even if his will was being corroded, he could keep calm and control himself! He didn’t fall asleep.

“Your intent is corroded. You are slow. You will definitely lose this battle. You can’t escape. You will die here during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” declared Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Ni Cang’s skull as he continued corroding Ni Cang’s will. His chaotic Dao was oppressed because of the terrifying cursing strength and Nine Netherworlds strength.

“I don’t want to! How could I lose so easily against you? I control Chaotic Dao!” shouted Ni Cang explosively while releasing Dao power. He refused to lose! He attacked Lin Feng once again.

“You don’t want to? But you have no choice. Even if you use your most powerful attacks, I will win!” Lin Feng stated. Ni Cang frowned. The air was humming as deadly strength built up.

Ni Cang shouted furiously. His attack made the atmosphere around him go chaotic once again.

A terrifying strength struck Lin Feng, his face turned pale for a moment, and he grunted with pain. When his opponent’s strength increased twofold, it was deadly! However, even at that moment, he frowned and shouted explosively, “You lost, even if you attack you lost, you can’t compete with me!”

Ni Cang grimaced. He had the feeling that his attack could defeat Lin Feng, but at the same time, he had the feeling he was in a dream. He had lost, it was a tragedy. He knew he had lost. He was going mad. He was lost in his own mind.

“What is Lin Feng doing? How many types of cultivation does he practice?” blurted out people in Godly Clouds City. They were astonished: Demon Song, Nine Netherworlds strength?

Ni Cang was going insane and losing control. His spells weren’t bad, but he shouldn’t have provoked Lin Feng. Now it was too late. He had been too confident!

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