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PMG Chapter 2195: Continuous Battles

PMG Chapter 2195: Continuous Battles

Green Jade Clouds’ First Master and First Lady were fighting. It finally ended with no surprise. The First Lady was stronger than the First Master, Tie Chong Yang had been eliminated.

Tianhun and Jing were still fighting, however. Their battle was getting more and more intense, just like Lin Feng and Ni Cang’s battle. Jing was very strong, she kept beating her phoenix wings, and Tianhun kept releasing his terrifying Qi. There were chains and soul spears everywhere. People were stunned at the display.

However, more people were still focusing on Lin Feng and Ni Cang. That battle was just too amazing. The Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song’s soundwaves kept filling the air. Lin Feng’s explosive strength kept increasing.

“Piss off!” shouted Ni Cang explosively. He punched out in Lin Feng’s direction, the atmosphere churning around him.

“It’s useless!” spat Lin Feng. He moved invisibly fast, continually releasing the strength of the Nine Netherworlds.

Ni Cang was panicking. Lin Feng’s demon voice was driving him mad. He felt like the earth was going to collapse.

Lin Feng just looked cold and detached. He released some wind strength and said in a demonic voice, “Ni Cang, you have lost. You were too weak for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You are already eliminated. Sleep now… sleep, forever.”

Great Dream of Life cosmic energies rolled over him suddenly. Ni Cang was really tired, he felt so sleepy. However, he was determined, and he struggled to stay awake. The battle was not over-!

Lin Feng moved closer silently without Ni Cang noticing him, continuing to release dream cosmic energies. He wanted to make Ni Cang fall asleep forever. Ni Cang’s willpower was really on the verge of collapse.

Sword intent dashed to the skies, humming furiously as demon lights appeared.

“Sleep forever!” ordered Lin Feng. His voice echoed in Ni Cang’s skull violently. The ground trembled, and a sword suddenly cut through Purple Clouds’ First Master.

His soul dispersed…

It was the third cultivator Lin Feng had defeated. The person he had just killed was Purple Clouds’ First Master, Ni Cang!

Lin Feng stood there in the air, still surrounded by the Source of the Nine Netherworlds.

Everybody in Godly Clouds City fell silent. They had gravely underestimated Lin Feng. He definitely had the potential to finish in the top ten, now that one of the cultivators of the top ten had just died in his hands.

The Source of the Nine Netherworlds gradually disappeared, and the atmosphere around him returned to normal again.

Of the four battles, only Tianhun and Jing’s battle continued.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and watched them. Tianhun was already using Saint’s techniques. There were deadly soul chains winding all around him. Even from that distance, Lin Feng had the impression his soul could leave his body. Jing was under great pressure!

At that moment, Jing stuck her phoenix sword into the ground and slowly walked forwards. She looked so crazed that it gave Saint Tianhun pause.

“You want to die?” Jing’s hair was messily fluttering in the wind, looking like strands of flame. She looked devastatingly arousing, bathing in fire. Her sole purpose was total destruction. The soul strength around her didn’t corrode her. Tianhun stared Jing in the eyes, and shuddered with fear. This girl was insane!

“Stop fighting!” yelled Tianhun, covering his fear with anger.

He recalled his Qi, and Jing stopped moving. Her fire dispersed as well. Their battle wasn’t over, but they couldn’t defeat one another. They didn’t use their full strength, it wasn’t worth it. There were still many people on the battlefield, they weren’t alone.

“They stopped fighting?” the crowd wondered. They were very surprised. Fifteen people were left. Five more and the round would be over. But eliminating five more people wouldn’t be so easy…

The fifteen remaining people were:

Hua Qing Feng: First.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: Second.

Wu Ya Zi: Third.

Yu Qing: Fourth

Chu Chun Qiu: Fifth.

Prince Wu Qing: Sixth.

Kong Ming: Eighth.

The Third Beast: Ninth.

Jiu Ling Huang: Tenth.

Xue Yi: Eleventh.

Saint Tianhun: Twelfth.

Mara: Fourteenth, assassin, King of Shadows.

Jing: Eighteenth.

Zhou Rong Man: Twenty-eighth.

Lin Feng: Thirtieth.

The number above their heads hadn’t been updated: Lin Feng, Zhou Rong Man, and Jing were at the bottom of the top thirty, but Lin Feng had killed Purple Clouds’ First Master, Ni Cang, why was he still thirtieth? Zhou Rong Man was mysterious and enigmatic, he looked nice and innocent, but he was extremely strong. Each time someone fought against him, they lost. And Jing, she had just had an incredible and astonishing battle, had gone into a frenzy, people would never forget that fight.

Mara had a king-type body, he was a death god. He could kill people with shapeless, invisible, and intangible energies. Nobody dared underestimate him. Saint Tianhun’s soul attacks were terrifying, everybody feared him. Could those five people be easily eliminated?

The battles were becoming more and more difficult. None of them wanted to act recklessly. Who wanted to take risks? Nobody. Ni Cang had just fought against Lin Feng, and died!


The atmosphere was overtaken by an eerie silence. Hua Qing Feng was the only one standing at the top of the hill, as if all this had nothing to do with him. The spiritual deployment body did the same, he didn’t get involved at all. For him, these battles were a waste of time. Who would challenge him, anyway?

Even people from Godly Clouds City had no idea of what could happen at that moment. Apart from people who couldn’t be eliminated, would the others continue fighting? There were no weaklings. Some of them thought that Zhou Rong Man might be eliminated, as well as Kong Ming who ranked eighth. Even though Holy Mountain’s Buddhist monk enjoyed a great reputation, people didn’t know how he strong he was in battles, therefore some people thought he could be eliminated.

After a few minutes, at the top of a hill in the distance, Hua Qing Feng stood up, his robe fluttering in the wind, and broke the silence. “You don’t need to participate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Leave now.”

The crowd was astonished. Just who was Hua Qing Feng talking to?

Jing slowly turned around and looked at Hua Qing Feng. Was he talking to her?

“Another battle,” said Jing indifferently. She looked at the Third Young Beast Master. She wanted to fight against him really badly because Qing Feng had been injured by him. Even if she won, she would have to leave.

“Come here!” said Jing to the Third Young Beast Master coldly. She slowly rose up into the air. One last battle!

Since Jing wanted to fight against someone, Xue Yi got ready to fight, too.

She didn’t challenge anyone who was higher than her in the ranking list, and she didn’t choose the death god who had a king-type body. She didn’t choose Lin Feng, either.

She looked at Zhou Rong Man. His physical strength was incredible, but she didn’t fear people who had a great physical strength. Lin Feng’s physical strength was incredible, she was wondering how strong Zhou Rong Man was in comparison to him in terms of physical strength.

Xue Yi appeared in front of Zhou Rong Man and said, “Show me your real strength!”

“My name is Zhou Rong Man!” said Zhou Rong Man, smiling happily. He was happy someone challenged him.

“I know your name is Zhou Rong Man,” said Xue Yi. This guy… she was speechless…

“I just want you to remember, since it’s your last battle. Don’t forget my name when you leave!” said Zhou Rong Man, scratching his head and smiling in a simple and honest way.

“….” Xue Yi rolled her eyes, she was speechless. She said coldly, “Let’s fight!”

After that, stars appeared, the sunset glow disappeared, and darkness and stars replaced the sky. This was her fourth duel.

Saint Tianhun also stalked towards Kong Ming. The Buddhist monk looked indifferent. He hadn’t even fought yet during this round. Someone had to be eliminated, and Saint Tianhun believed that Kong Ming had to be eliminated. After all, the others were not easy targets, including Lin Feng. Saint Tianhun hadn’t thought Lin Feng would become so strong… he had even killed Ni Cang!

The others didn’t intend to fight. They just waited. Twelve people were waiting. After these battles, they would choose the last two people to eliminate.

“Since Lin Feng killed Ni Cang, nobody wants to challenge him. They don’t want to take the risk. Lin Feng could really end up in the top ten,” the crowd murmured when they saw that nobody challenged him. They also thought that Zhou Rong Man was finally going to be eliminated. He was too careless…

Kong Ming was in danger, too. He might be eliminated…

At that moment, Jing and the Third Young Beast Master’s battle was explosive. They were doing all they could, they both gave their best. The Third Young Beast Master flapped his blood wings, Jing flapped her phoenix wings. They both moved faster than the eye. People couldn’t even follow their fight.

“How strong, who’s that girl, Jing?” thought many people. Their battle drew people’s attention.

“My name is Zhou Rong Man!” said a voice at that moment. The crowd was stunned, astonished, then stupefied!!! They turned their heads and realized that there was nobody in front of Zhou Rong Man anymore, his opponent was already outside on his stone pillar… Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, Xue Yi!

She looked caught in disbelief, she couldn’t believe what had just happened. Zhou Rong Man’s voice was still echoing in her head.

Finally, the crowd realized that Lin Feng wasn’t the only one they had underestimated; they had also underestimated Zhou Rong Man!!!

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