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PMG Chapter 2196: Eleven People

PMG Chapter 2196: Eleven People

Xue Yi’s face stiffened. She had lost. She had lost really badly. She had thought defeating Zhou Rong Man would be easy. She had attacked him just because it was necessary to eliminate more people. However, she hadn’t thought she would lose…

“How is that possible? His speed suddenly becomes explosive? Why does he look so slow?” she blurted out. Her face was stiff. She had the power to summon stars. She didn’t understand, his strength was just too explosive. She had underestimated him, and he had crushed her…

In Godly Clouds City, many people were completely astonished. Nobody could see Zhou Rong Man’s attacks clearly. Each time, they noticed him after he won. How had he defeated Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, Xue Yi?

“What a guy! Hahahaha, he’s sick! He’s crazy!” exclaimed some people. One victory might be luck, two was maybe lucky, but three victories couldn’t be considered luck. He had defeated Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady, Xue Yi!” Xue Yi was extremely strong, everybody had noticed her. She had a Star Battle Body and could summon the power of the stars!


“Hee hee, Bald Donkey, leave now. Or do I need to kick you out of here?” said Saint Tianhun to Kong Ming, smiling coldly.

Lin Feng watched both of them. He initially wanted to fight against Tianhun himself, but since the Saint wanted to fight against Kong Ming, why not watch? Lin Feng was curious; how strong had Kong Ming become? He had always been mysterious. Back in the days, the Diviner had told Kong Ming something secretly, he hadn’t said anything out loud.

Kong Ming was seated cross-legged like an ancient Buddha, totally motionless. He opened his eyes and looked back at Saint Tianhun calmly. He put his palms together and was suddenly surrounded by a twinkling golden Buddha’s halo. Timeless Buddha strength filled the air.

“You harbor evil intentions, your soul attacks are not pure. You should be eliminated,” said Kong Ming slowly. His voice echoed like an ancient Buddha.

Saint Tianhun frowned. This Bald Donkey was arrogant. His target was going to eliminate him?

A black mist condensed around the Saint. Soul spears appeared in front of him, and soul chains lashed towards Kong Ming as a terrifying soul strength filled the air.

At the same time, Saint Tianhun was standing in the air and holding his chains. “Die!” he said. His soul spears streaked across the sky and moved towards Kong Ming.

Eight Buddhas appeared behind Kong Ming. Their Buddha’s halos glowed with brilliant lights. Golden lights flew through Kong Ming’s body and then rotated around him. The soul spears crashed onto the golden lights, sharp and clear breaking and snapping sounds spread out. The soul spears couldn’t pierce through.

Several pairs of hands emerged behind Kong Ming and grabbed the soul spears and crushed them between their fingers. Lin Feng frowned… Kong Ming was really strong.

Everybody in Godly Clouds City was astonished when they saw this. How incredible! Holy Mountain’s two cultivators, Hua Qing Feng and Kong Ming, were impressive. They were both in the top ten, and everybody knew that Hua Qing Feng was strong, but they had only heard about Kong Ming, they didn’t know how strong he really was. Now, they had the impression he was incredibly strong.

Saint Tianhun frowned. He was staring at the 108 Buddhas with golden bodies. He said coldly, “That’s the… Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution, Indestructible Golden Body…”

Saint Tianhun walked forwards, his chains clanged in the air and covered the sky. At the same time, he continued releasing more and more of them, slamming them onto the Buddha’s halos, trying to crush them. Halos and chains collided.

Kong Ming started chanting a mantra in a clear and melodious Brahma’s voice, pure, deep, and far-reaching. Buddhist ancient imprints appeared and rose up into the air. The soundwaves emitted by his voice destroyed everything in their way and purified the atmosphere.

Saint Tianhun felt a sudden pressure, and started trembling, his robe fluttering in the wind violently. The wind howled as his face turned deathly pale. Kong Ming’s Buddhist strength was terrifying!

“Die!” shouted Saint Tianhun defiantly. An endless number of soul chains moved towards the ancient Buddhas with a sound of grinding thunder. The ancient Buddhas cracked. Saint Tianhun walked forwards slowly, looking like a real Saint. At the same time, he released even more soul spears to shoot forwards once again. He really wanted to crush Kong Ming!

Kong Ming finally stood up. He put his palms together again and closed his eyes. He looked solemn and respectful. He slowly walked forwards, looking like a Buddha. Behind him, ten thousand Buddhas appeared, the followers of an immortal.

The spears crashed onto Kong Ming’s body, and his soul shook. But he ignored it, continuing to walk forwards. He looked like a Buddha whose message was “don’t believe what you see”. To see is not to believe. I am selfless.

Kong Ming looked expressionless, neither happy nor sad, neither strong nor weak. He was a Buddha.

Saint Tianhun’s face gradually paled. He couldn’t believe that his Saint’s techniques didn’t injure Kong Ming. However, Kong Ming steadfastly stood his ground, and his face didn’t change at all. He looked honest, kind, and pure, like a Buddha. He endured the pressure, which kept increasing. However, Saint Tianhun felt tiny before such a person.

An ancient Saint felt tiny in front of Kong Ming…

The ground was trembling, an ominous strength filled the air. Lights glittered and began to shine. They swept towards Saint Tianhun. Saint Tianhun’s silhouette became distorted in the lights. His heart was pounding, and he disappeared inside them.

Then he really disappeared. A second later, he was on a pillar, he had been eliminated. He hadn’t managed to end up in the top ten!

“How is this possible?” he spluttered, clenching his fists. His face looked ferocious and hideous. He used to be Saint, and he had been eliminated!? He hadn’t even managed to make it to the top ten!? That Buddhist monk had eliminated him! How were his Buddhist spells so powerful?

People in Godly Clouds City were speechless. Kong Ming’s temporary rank was eighth. He was extremely strong. Not just Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man, they had also underestimated him!

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. Kong Ming’s strength was indeed impressive!

“That Bald Donkey has remained discreet,” whispered Xian Ren outside. With that kind of strength, Kong Ming could compete with everyone on the battlefield.

Kong Ming went back to the grass field, he had already recalled his Qi. He looked indifferent, as if nothing had happened.


Jing and the Third Beast’s battle was explosive. The Third Beast won. After an explosive attack, Jing left the battlefield. The Third Beast was bleeding though, and his eyes were bloodshot. He was severely injured. That girl was crazy for revenge….

After the three battles, twelve people were left now.

“Since you’re injured, leave or we’ll kick you out,” Wu Ya Zi said to the Third Young Beast Master coldly. The Third Beast’s face stiffened. Qi Tian Holy Town’s Animal District had raised thirteen Young Beast Masters, most of them were at the top of the Huang Qi layer… but he was the only one left. They had come to succeed and finish in the top ten during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

If he left, none of them would be in the top ten!

When he saw that everyone was staring at him, he pulled a long face. These bastards! He was injured, so they wanted to kick him out; it was all because of Jing, that crazy girl. He had to kill her, or actually not, he wanted to make her suffer and have a life more miserable than death!

“You’re the only one to blame. Piss off now,” said Lin Feng coldly. He glared at the Third Beast with murder in his eyes. The Third Young Beast Master’s face paled. He knew that he couldn’t stay any longer. Two more people had to be eliminated, and none of them were weak, he couldn’t fight them. He was injured, so he had to leave, he had no choice.

“Remember me!” snarled the Third Young Beast Master after glancing at the others, then he activated the scepter and disappeared.

He ended up ranked twelfth…

The Third Young Beast Master had left the battlefield. Eleven people were left. One more person had to be eliminated. The atmosphere became even tenser. Who would leave?

Hua Qing Feng, the Great Deployment Master, Wu Ya Zi, Yu Qing, Chu Chun Qiu, Prince Wu Qing, Kong Ming, Jiu Ling Huang, Mara, Zhou Rong Man, and Lin Feng!

People in Godly Clouds City looked them over. Many people hadn’t even fought yet, but nobody dared underestimate those people. Those who were at the bottom of the top thirty had proved they were strong enough to stay. Nobody dared say that they had to leave.

“There are five First Masters. This time, even if one is eliminated, four of them will be in the top ten,” the crowd saw. Apart from the First Masters who were still there, the one with deployment spells and Chu Chun Qiu hadn’t fought yet during that round. But those two people had already shown how strong they were during the previous rounds.

Apart from those two, Mara, Zhou Rong Man, Lin Feng, and Kong Ming had already proved that they were extremely strong. If others wanted to eliminate them, the other fighters had to get ready to have a crazy battle.

Therefore, wasn’t the best solution to choose someone who hadn’t fought yet? Yu Qing, Prince Wu Qing, or Jiu Ling Huang?

Jiu Ling Huang’s rank was the lowest in comparison with the other First Masters, so he seemed to be the most appropriate person to eliminate. Therefore, some people looked at Jiu Ling Huang!

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