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PMG Chapter 2197: Top Ten

PMG Chapter 2197: Top Ten

But even though some people looked at him, he was still Red Clouds’ First Master. Many people thought he deserved to be eliminated, maybe he wasn’t such a good fighter because he was an alchemist? However, nobody knew how strong he really was when it came to dueling. And who would fight against him?

One person had to be eliminated and then the top ten would appear, nobody was willing to take the risk!

“Jiu Ling Huang, your rank is low, fight against someone lower than you in the rankings and eliminate someone. What do you think?” said Wu Ya Zi indifferently at that moment. Jiu Ling Huang looked at the people who were after him in the rankings: Mara, Zhou Rong Man, and Lin Feng.

Jiu Ling Huang smiled coldly and shot back, “Why don’t you go and fight them?”

Wu Ya Zi looked at him icily, then Jiu Ling Huang continued, “Of course, if you think you’re stronger than me, you can also fight against me.”

He was provoking Wu Ya Zi. Jiu Ling Huang was one of the First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. All nine of them were strong, and they were all proud. Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t let Wu Ya Zi talk to him that way, so he replied straightforwardly.

Wu Ya Zi was like Jiu Ling Huang, he couldn’t let anyone provoke him that way. Therefore, he took a step forwards and said, “I’ve heard about you a lot, Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang. Everybody says you’re extremely talented, but what about strength…?”

A terrifying Emotion-destroying intent filled the air. That kind of intent could destroy people’s seven emotions and six sensory pleasures.

“I won’t disappoint you,” replied Jiu Ling Huang, rising up into the air. Fires started burning around him as nine flames floated around him.

The fighters around them moved away and watched. Supreme Clouds’ First Master vs. Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang! Who was stronger?

The air began to hum. Wu Ya Zi’ filled the air with emotion-destroying Dao power. Jiu Ling Huang’s eyes were suddenly filled with flames, which emerged and lanced straight towards Wu Ya Zi’s eyes.

“Do you think your fire can burn Dao power?” inquired Wu Ya Zi, smiling coldly. He jumped, raised his hands and stretched out his fingers, a terrifying amount of emotion-destroying Dao intent rolling out and sweeping everything away before moving straight into Jiu Ling Huang’s body.

Jiu Ling Huang’s face stiffened. Everybody had seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. If those seven emotions and six sensory pleasures were destroyed, people died and turned into slaves, puppets. That was the reason why Wu Ya Zi was terrifying. His skills and techniques had terrible consequences!

“I’m not trying to burn your Dao, I’m trying to immolate myself!” said Jiu Ling Huang, smiling coldly. His fire surrounded him and started burning as he turned into a gigantic brazier. The flames surged towards Wu Ya Zi!

When the crowd saw that, they were astonished and trembled. Jiu Ling Huang had set his body on fire! How crazy!

“Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang, has a special fire body!” they deduced. He could set his body on fire, and turn into fire. That had to be a fearsome special body. Some incredibly strong cultivators sometimes had special bodies which were not well-known, or not known at all.

In a fight like this, that wasn’t strange, that was normal!

Jiu Ling Huang threw himself at Wu Ya Zi. He raised his fire fist, everything in his way burned. Nine flames rotated furiously around him. Each flame seemed alive.

Wu Ya Zi retreated, wondering what to do. Jiu Ling Huang had activated his fire body, his emotion-destroying strength was much less efficient. It was dangerous to collide directly with Jiu Ling Huang, it was suddenly a difficult battle for him.

“How come you’re not fighting? Why are you moving back?” Jiu Ling Huang asked hotly.

Wu Ya Zi pulled a long face. The air hummed again, lights plunged into his body, emotion-destroying lights filled the air again, and his Dao intent became even more powerful.

“If you want to fight, then come and fight!” said Wu Ya Zi. His Dao strength became more and more powerful.

Jiu Ling Huang smiled eagerly. His nine flames rotated around his hands, all ten thousand things of creation could burn in such a fire. He had completely fused together with his fire.

The nine flames became more and more ominous. The others watched as Jiu Ling Huang bombarded his own body with his nine flames, merging them into his body. Was he nuts?

“That guy is insane. What kind of power is that?” the audience wondered. He was burning himself! Jiu Ling Huang fused together with his flames and he turned into a fiery beam of light and shot towards Wu Ya Zi!

Wu Ya Zi’s face paled. The fire burned everything in its way. He had really turned into fire! It was incredible because usually only great emperors could resort to such methods!

“Die!” shouted Wu Ya Zi explosively. Even if Jiu Ling Huang had transformed into fire, he was still a human being, he still had seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. Wu Ya Zi could probably destroy them…

A terrifying strength penetrated into the beam of fire… but nothing happened, the fire light beam was unstoppable. Wu Ya Zi’s face paled even further as he retreated. However, Jiu Ling Huang didn’t give up. The crowd only saw an ocean of flames as everything burned around him.

“Impossible!…” shouted Wu Ya Zi furiously. He looked desperate. His Dao strength was terrifying, he could destroy people’s emotions! He could destroy their seven emotions and six sensory pleasures! But his opponent chased him without the slightest scruple.

Finally, Wu Ya Zi disappeared and reappeared on a pillar. His face was ghastly white. He had lost. He, Wu Ya Zi, had been eliminated! He wouldn’t finish in the top ten!

“Jiu Ling Huang won. Wu Ya Zi has been eliminated!” the crowd mused. As expected, it was impossible to tell who was stronger sometimes, those people left were all astonishing geniuses, it was difficult to evaluate their real strength.

Now, only ten people were left. The top ten were decided!


Jiu Ling Huang’s fire dispersed, and his real body reappeared. However, his face was deathly pale, and he was shaking. Emotion-destroying strength had corroded his body. He had been injured.

Jiu Ling Huang’s Qi dispersed as he tried to calm down. There were still some flames burning here and there in the sky…

The crowd was staring at the remaining fighters: the cultivators of the top ten!

Hua Qing Feng, the reincarnated Great Deployment Master, Yu Qing, Chu Chun Qiu, Prince Wu Qing, Kong Ming, Jiu Ling Huang, Mara, Zhou Rong Man, and Lin Feng!

The light curtain disappeared, and the ten fighters reappeared on the central platform. More and more strong cultivators appeared in Godly Clouds City, some truly mighty cultivators had even appeared. The most interesting part of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was going to start, enough for those strong cultivators to spectate.

“Congratulations, you all are the top ten. You will all become core disciples of Fortune Shrine. You’ve been fighting for a while now. Have a rest,” smiled the Diviner. He brought them to a place for the ten cultivators to rest and recover.

Lin Feng found a place and sat down cross-legged. He glanced at the nine other cultivators. They were all terrifyingly strong. Zhou Rong Man was enigmatic. Jiu Ling Huang had some trump cards, his strength was explosive. Hua Qing Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were terrifying, he had known that before. He also knew the reincarnated Great Deployment Master was extremely strong. Then there was Kong Ming, who had shown how strong he was. None of them was a weakling. The real battles were finally going to start!


Up in the air of the inner part of Godly Clouds City, there were more and more strong cultivators gathering. They were there to watch. Little Zhe Tian clenched his fists. He looked excited.

Duan Feng was pleasantly surprised. Brother Lin Feng was in the top ten, how strong! He was going to become one of Fortune Shrine’s core disciples!

I wonder what Brother Lin Feng’s rank will be in the end, thought Duan Feng. He was excited. The battles had been incredible to watch. Those people were geniuses, terrifying cultivators of their generation. They stood at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds at their cultivation level.

The Diviner disappeared. The final battles were going to start soon, and the Diviner would definitely come back, so they didn’t need to worry. Now, all they could do was wait…

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