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PMG Chapter 2198: Fortune Shrine

PMG Chapter 2198: Fortune Shrine

There was a vast intangible and incorporeal shrine situated just under the starlit sky. At night, the stars seemed to be within reach.

At the top of the shrine was a star altar. An old man wearing a white robe was bathing in the starlight. It looked like he had been trying to catch stars.

Under his feet was a fortune wheel in which star strength was condensing. The wheel emitted dazzling white lights. All the stars of the sky seemed to be illuminating it.

There were many people behind the altar, but nobody disturbed him.

They didn’t know when the Diviner had arrived. All the people were wearing robes of the same color. They watched the strong cultivator using his Destiny Technique. His Destiny Technique had reached perfection, he could spy on the whole world. He had supreme powers!

“Do we know who will be in the top ten already?” whispered a strong cultivator standing in the air above the Destiny Wheel. The Diviner walked back and forth, releasing his godly awareness. His godly awareness stopped in front of the cultivator who was standing above the Destiny Wheel.

“Indeed. The Fortune Shrine has caused a great calamity and put people into misery and suffering. Even if many years have passed and destiny can’t be differentiated from samsara, I can only rely on the Destiny Technique to predict the future,” whispered the old man in white clothes solemnly.

In the Destiny Shrine was a precious treasure, the Destiny Wheel. It could be used to see destiny. A thousand years before, it had been used. A thousand years later, the Destiny Shrine was in charge of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they had used the Destiny Wheel again. They needed it because they couldn’t see destiny without it.

Maybe the Destiny Wheel had influenced the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Under the old man’s feet, the Destiny Wheel started rotating. Terrifying lights illuminated the ten silhouettes, while at the same time Destiny Intent filled the air. The sky became dazzlingly bright.

Above the ten people, drawings appeared. In the drawings, there were portraits; some looked furious, some looked gentle, or arrogant, sad, and so on.

People’s eyes glittered. The ten finalists were really extraordinary. No wonder they were so strong…

“That mountain…” said the Diviner, pointing at a mountain. A drawing with a demon god appeared. He had a woman in his arms, and looked furious. The Diviner’s heart started pounding. He would have never thought that…

And Chu Chun Qiu…

The Destiny Wheel kept rotating. Among those ten people, only one could make the Destiny Wheel rotate that quickly. His drawing stopped inside. The Diviner and the others’ eyes glittered when they saw that-

Something happened to the Destiny Wheel, the air began to shriek, like two metal wheels caught and grinding on one another. Some stars exploded in the sky. The old man above the Destiny Wheel trembled and suddenly coughed up blood!

The people behind him were astonished. They took a step forwards to help, but the old man raised his hand to tell them not to get closer. He lowered his head and the Destiny Wheel started rotating again.

The old man slowly turned around and looked at the Diviner. “The one you noticed many years ago was this one. Now, the Destiny Technique doesn’t work… it’s as you said.”

“It should be right,” nodded the Diviner.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and said, “I’ll try again.”

“Master, the Destiny Technique requires too much energy, it’s a calamity. Master, please take care,” said the Diviner, his face stiff.

“Master, please take care!” chimed in all the people who were standing next to the Diviner.

“Alright. Let fate take its course. Even if we can see fate and destiny, we can’t change anything,” said the old man. He turned around and gazed off into the distance.

Had the world been prosperous for too long?

A thousand years had passed and the Destiny Wheel was rotating for the second time. What did that mean?

“Go. They’re waiting for you at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” the shrine’s leader said to the Diviner calmly. The Diviner nodded and left the starry sky altar.

The old man watched the Diviner leave and remained silent, gazing into the distance, “The Destiny Vision tells me that the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds won’t be that calm.”

When the crowd heard him, they frowned and started trembling. Was something going to happen during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

The Fortune Shrine’s leader was one of the cultivators who stood at the top of the world. His predictions couldn’t be wrong!


The ten strong cultivators on the platform were waiting. The Diviner wasn’t there, so they recovered.

Zhou Rong Man was the exception. He was lying down on the grass and looking bored. His legs were crossed and he shook one foot. He glanced at the castles on the horizon. More and more people had appeared there, including some extremely strong cultivators, and many young people. Zhou Rong Man had the impression they were all extremely strong.

At that moment, Zhou Rong Man smiled. He looked at those people, finding many people were looking at him. He smiled at them.

“My name is Zhou Rong Man! After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, we will get to know one another! I will come to your world. You will see, I’m a hero!” said Zhou Rong Man, smiling without the slightest scruple. He was telling those people that he was going to become the strongest cultivator of their world!

Zhou Rong Man didn’t speak loudly, but many people heard him. They all looked at the castles on the horizon. Even the emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer were respectful. Those people weren’t any weaker than those who participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; they were in the higher world.

People in Godly Clouds City belonged to the lower world; they looked at those people in the higher world with awe and veneration. When they heard Zhou Rong Man, they could only sigh. Why was that guy was so self-confident? But still, nobody could underestimate him. He truly was really strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have eliminated Green Jade Clouds’ First Lady so easily. He wouldn’t have finished in the top ten of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds either!

A silhouette appeared in the sky. It was the Diviner, he was back! When the crowd saw the Diviner, they trembled with excitement. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was finally going to continue!

The Diviner stopped up in the air, the way he looked at the fighters was different this time. Those people were outstanding, maybe they would stand at the top of the world someday. Maybe they would transmit a terrifying legacy. Many people who participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds became legendary cultivators someday…

The Diviner waved his hands and lights surrounded the platform. The Diviner said to the ten people calmly, “If you fight one-on-ones, you’ll consume too much energy. Same rules apply. Those who lose first finish at the end of the top ten. The last one standing on the battle stage will rank first,” said the Diviner.

People shook. Same rules, but for those ten terrifyingly strong cultivators? No illusion? A normal battle? Ordinary eliminations? Who would be the strongest cultivator?

The Diviner gave them a battle stage, they could choose the kind of battle they wanted.

When the ten cultivators heard the Diviner, they remained calm, not shocked at all. Actually, they had been waiting for those battles, so why be excited?

No. Not at all. An eerie silence filled the air, a deathly silence.

“The top five can fight against the last five cultivators. Start from the fifth cultivator. Don’t fight at the same time,” said Hua Qing Feng at that moment. If ten people fought at the same time, it would have been chaotic. But they wanted to see who the strongest ones really were. He was still first in the rankings.

“I agree!” said the reincarnated Great Deployment Master. It was the best solution.

Prince Wu Qing was temporarily fifth in the rankings. According to what Hua Qing Feng had said, he was supposed to fight first. So everybody looked at Prince Wu Qing.

Prince Wu Qing said nothing, he stood up. He couldn’t avoid fighting. Therefore, he stood up and looked determined.

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