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PMG Chapter 2201: Most Powerful Battle

PMG Chapter 2201: Most Powerful Battle

Yu Qing could destroy people’s seven apertures and easily kill people. Nobody thought Lin Feng stood a chance.

When Lin Feng heard Yu Qing, he smiled indifferently. He walked out to the center of the area and faced Yu Qing. He said calmly, ”You rank seventh, it’s not bad. Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang are not weaker than you. But now, you won’t be lucky anymore.”

Lin Feng and Yu Qing said similar things to one another as their Qi collided. Yu Qing smiled coldly,

Two beams of light emerged from their eyes and collided. Lin Feng’s eyes turned pitch-black and vortexes appeared inside them. Lin Feng saw a pair of gigantic eyes before him.

“Seven Apertures Destroying Technique, he can kill people with his eyes.” Lin Feng closed his eyes and Sword intent rose to the skies. He raised his fist, his sword humming intensely. He heard his opponent shout furiously and had the impression he had instantly become deaf.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted coldly. He looked expressionless. He started chanting an incantation. Around him, words appeared and rotated, they resonating at the same pace as the cosmos. No strength could affect him. Yu Qing ran towards him with his fist raised. Lin Feng released sword strength without the least hesitation instantly.

At that moment, more dark eyes appeared. Lin Feng had the impression he was going blind. A terrifying strength surrounded his body. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. Yu Qing’s Seven Apertures Destroying Technique was indeed fearsome…

An incredible amount of cosmic energies appeared around Lin Feng. He remained as motionless as a mountain, grand and solemn. He condensed the strength of the earth and sky. Nothing or nobody could affect him.

Boom! Yu Qing’s hand smashed down on Lin Feng. His cosmic energies crackled and collapsed, Lin Feng shook. However, Yu Qing had the impression he had just punched an indestructible diamond.

“Die!” Strength condensed, the nine words exploded. Yu Qing was astonished at Lin Feng’s defense. He shouted furiously, drawing on the earth and sky, his energies pulsing loudly. The two cultivators were both driven backwards as a burst of wind blew out from them.

His Seven Apertures Destroying Technique is formidable. You can run away from an attack, but your ears can’t, thought Lin Feng staring at Yu Qing.

“Your defense is incredible. But your position is all set, you’ll rank seventh,” stated Yu Qing calmly, sucking in the strength of the earth and sky in.

“Is my defense good?” said Lin Feng smiling coldly.”Since you think so, I’ll show you my offensive abilities, too!” retorted Lin Feng. Nine words rotated around him, brimming with explosive power. A terrifying ancient intent surrounded them. As he ran forwards, they swirled around him.

“With my strength, I can use Saint’s techniques. You’re going to lose!” said Lin Feng calmly. He continued chanting his incantation, and a terrifying oppressive strength filled the air. He had learned the Ancient Holy Techniques from the Saint. His attacks were getting better and better!

Lin Feng had even modified the attacks and adapted them to his own strengths. He had created an attack made of pure strength: The Sky Oppressing Holy Punch!

Lin Feng jumped forwards and oppressing Qi surged towards Yu Qing. Lin Feng was now surrounded by earth cosmic energy.

“Die!” He continued chanting his incantation and punched out in his opponent’s direction.

Yu Qing grunted coldly. He communed with the earth and at the same time he also punched out.

However, it was only the beginning. Punches kept colliding. Yu Qing stared helplessly at the number of punches moving towards him at that moment.

“So many dangerous punches, each punch contains a deadly strength. How strong!” murmured those watching. Lin Feng had based his attack on a Saint’s technique, and coupled with his initial strength, it was obvious that it was extremely powerful.

Yu Qing shouted furiously as all those punches moved towards him. Yu Qing moved as fast as he could to dodge the attack.

“Die, die, die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. There were more and more punches filling the air. His Qi was growing more and more powerful. Yu Qing was being oppressed, how could he resist?

The watcher’s faces felt numb when they saw the number of punches. Each punch could easy crush cultivators of the top of the Huang Qi layer, how could Yu Qing resist them? Luckily, his perceptions were acute, he could hear and see things perfectly. Otherwise, he would been crushed immediately!

Finally, some dazzling punches crashed into Yu Qing’s body. Just one punch made him shake violently, and his organs shook. He coughed up blood as his face paled. He knew that he had to stop, otherwise, Lin Feng would continue releasing punches.

“I lose!”

He left the fight zone. Lin Feng didn’t chase him, and stopped releasing Sky Oppressing Holy Punches.

The ground was still shaking, and the rumbling in the air took a while to trail off. The crowd was staring at Lin Feng, not understanding. Lin Feng was so strong… he had used a Saint’s technique to defeat Yu Qing, and could now finish in the top six.

Yu Qing was seventh!


“We underestimated him once again. He unveils his strength, step by step. Each time he fights, we discover that he understands another type of strength. He has too many trump cards. Maybe in the next battle, he’ll end up in the top five, and then four… Who knows now?” wondered the people in Godly Clouds City.

Six people were left now: Hua Qing Feng, the Great Deployment Master, Chu Chun Qiu, Kong Ming, Zhou Rong Man, and Lin Feng!

The crowd was shaking when they saw those cultivators. Who would fight the next one?

All of them were peerless at the level of the Huang Qi layer. Ordinary great emperors couldn’t compete with them. They could even compete with ordinary great emperors of the top of the Di Qi layer.

It was getting complicated now. Who would fight whom?

Yu Qing was extremely strong, but he wasn’t as strong as Hua Qing Feng, and he couldn’t be as strong as Kong Ming, who had defeated Tianhun either. There was the Great Deployment Master as well, he could use Saint’s techniques. Nobody knew how strong Chu Chun Qiu was when he used his full strength, but he was fearsome.


“Now, let’s finish with the battles.” said Lin Feng glancing at the crowd. “Let’s stop wasting time.”

“What an incredible guy. He wants to finish now. The most terrifying battles are going to start.” When the crowd heard him, they shook. Lin Feng was crazy.

“You made it until now. I underestimated you. Everybody underestimated you,” Chu Chun Qiu said calmly, walking forwards and continuing, “I agree. The most powerful battle. We both come from Dark Clouds. This battle will also determine who the new First Master of the region will be. You four people, fight against one another.”

Chu Chun Qiu agreed with Lin Feng’s idea; last battles, three one-on-ones. He wanted to fight against Lin Feng.

“Kong Ming and I are both from Holy Mountain, therefore, we can’t fight one another,” said Hua Qing Feng calmly. “One of you fights against me.”

“You’re the First Master of Godly Clouds, you’re first right now. If I, Zhou Rong Man, defeat you, I will become the First Master of Godly Clouds, and everybody will know my name. I will fight against you and everybody in Godly Clouds will know that my name is Zhou Rong Man!” said Zhou Rong Man calmly.

The crowd trembled even more. “How insane, how crazy!” Even Lin Feng was astonished. Zhou Rong Man looked simple and honest, and liked to show off, but now he was challenging Hua Qing Feng, First Master of Godly Clouds, who temporarily ranked first.

“Alright,” agreed Hua Qing Feng to Zhou Rong Man. “If you defeat me, everybody will know your name, Zhou Rong Man.”

“Hehe, therefore, you will lose!” said Zhou Rong Man. He looked excited. He stood up, looking eager to to fight against Hua Qing Feng.

Only the Great Deployment Master and Kong Ming were left, they were both terrifying. All the battles were going to be terrifying. That was the clash of the heroes!

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    So, those geniuses at the top of the Huang Qi layer can compete with cultivators at the top of the Di Qi layer? I thought after the Xuan layer there is always a huge difference between each layer. (ex: genius at top Xuan layer can kill normal guy of tian qi layer)

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