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PMG Chapter 2204: Hua Qing Feng Loses Again

PMG Chapter 2204: Hua Qing Feng Loses Again

There were many people in the inner part of the city, but the numbers outside were far larger. There was literally an ocean of people. They all remained silent; used to it already, or maybe they had actually anticipated such results.

Someone appeared, wearing a black armor containing demon intent. He looked like a demon king. Next to him was a young man wearing the same kind of armor. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

People from the Demon Shrine are here!, thought Duan Feng when he saw that. He was startled. Those two people were strong cultivators from the Demon Shrine!

People from the other Shrines are here too, he realized. His eyes were glittering. He knew that the Fortune Shrine was in charge of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds this year. The fact that some young people from other Shrines came to watch wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was that some extremely strong cultivators from other Shrines were there, too!


There were some old men among the people of the Snow Clan. Zhe Tian looked at that young man next to him. The young man looked at those people and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Watch and you’ll see,” said an old man. Then, he waved his hands and a few snow chairs instantly appeared.

“Little Zhe Tian, what do you think of the battles? Anything in particular?” an old man asked Zhe Tian gently.

“They’re all extremely strong. Even in the Snow Clan, those people would be considered as some of the best emperors!” said Zhe Tian.

The old man of the Snow Clan smiled and nodded, “It’s the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It takes place every century. Those people are the most outstanding cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Even in the Shrines, there aren’t many cultivators as strong as them. At the same cultivation level, your uncle might be able to defeat them. But your mother has to practice cultivation really hard.”

“Oh,” replied Zhe Tian.

“Of course, in the future, you’ll be even stronger than them!” said the old man, smiling and caressing Zhe Tian’s head. The elders of the Snow Clan all attached lots of importance to Zhe Tian. Within twenty years, he’d become unbelievably strong, but for now he couldn’t leave the Snow Clan freely. They first wanted him to become extremely strong, and after that, they’d let him go out and the people would all find out about his existence.


The Diviner understood what was going on. He could see everything around him clearly, but he acted as if he didn’t know because he was focusing on the six fighters. He didn’t care about anything else at that moment.


Lin Feng heard Hua Qing Feng shout loudly, turned around and looked at him. Hua Qing Feng seemed powerless when he was fighting against Zhou Rong Man. He didn’t want to be eliminated from the top five either. Therefore, he didn’t want to stop fighting.

Lin Feng studied Hua Qing Feng narrowly. Being able to fight against someone like Hua Qing Feng was an opportunity! A moment before, he had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. His soul and physical body had become even stronger. His cosmic energies had also become more powerful. Even if he hadn’t used his Deva-Mara Body Cleansing Technique to cleanse his body, he had become stronger.

It was perfect because now Hua Qing Feng wanted to fight against him!

Lin Feng clenched his fists and Kalpa lights appeared. He suddenly looked like a demon.

Hua Qing Feng was walking towards Lin Feng slowly. Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. He shouted angrily. He looked like a Confucianist monk, adhering strictly to his discipline. Hua Qing Feng wasn’t only a Confucianist monk, he was also a very strong sword cultivator. Therefore, his strength turned into a sword and shot towards Lin Feng.

Hua Qing Feng continued walking forwards. The clouds became pale. The celestial book above his head summoned the strength of the earth and sky. He couldn’t lose this battle!

“You lost against Zhou Rong Man, so you want to release your anger on me? This battle will be tragic for you!” said Lin Feng coldly. He released an ancient Qi and used his Sky Oppressing Holy Punch, the wind shrieked as it passed by and shattered the sword energies

Then, Lin Feng divided into three bodies.

Many strong cultivators who saw that were astonished. He practiced the strength of the three lives and ten thousand things of creation?

Of course, in the cultivation world, many people had learned how to clone themselves, but few people were as good as he was. Possibly they had studied similar spells, but not the exact same ones…

“Zhou Rong Man had a thousand arms, Lin Feng has clones. Does Lin Feng have more trump cards?” they wondered aloud. They saw a hurricane form. Lin Feng turned into a countless number of clones and they all moved towards Hua Qing Feng at the same time, even as more kept appearing.

“Hmph!” Hua Qing Feng grunted coldly. An incredible amount of sword lights twinkled, the sword energies looked like snakes shooting in every direction towards different clones. Hua Qing Feng didn’t believe that Lin Feng’s clones were as strong as Zhou Rong Man’s arms!

Many clones raised their fists and smashed the sword energies. Hua Qing Feng was furious. he turned around and found Lin Feng’s real body behind him.

Hua Qing Feng didn’t hesitate, he ran at Lin Feng. At the same time, ancient words appeared in a split second. He punched out in Lin Feng’s direction.

Hua Qing Feng continued writing words in the air with his finger. A gigantic word appeared in the air: DIE. Deadly strength condensed in his celestial book.

At that moment, Hua Qing Feng frowned. Behind him, a silhouette crushed the ancient word. He suddenly sensed danger from pure demon intent. The Source of the Nine Netherworlds had appeared. The crowd knew what it meant when they saw the Source of the Nine Netherworlds. The Source of the Nine Netherworlds penetrated into Hua Qing Feng’s body.

“Surprise attacks from three sides!” Lin Feng’s clones contained offensive energies. At that moment, Hua Qing Feng didn’t know if the other clones contained offense strength or not!

Besides, the clones were very fast. In less than a few seconds, Hua Qing Feng was surrounded.

Hua Qing Fen’s face twisted. He shot towards a clone and kept releasing his strength. The gigantic DIE symbol kept humming. He suddenly turned around and looked at the clones which contained terrifying energies, as sword strength emerged from his celestial book. Nine Netherworlds soundwaves penetrated into his body and he tried to block them with his intent.

He waved his hands, another ancient word appeared and moved forwards.

However, Hua Qing Feng suddenly felt exhausted, his eyelids heavy. He was falling asleep. The Nine Netherworlds strength kept bombarding his intent. He was falling asleep!

“Great Dream of Life Technique.” Hua Qing Feng ground his teeth, trying to remain determined.

“You’re already in a dream, enjoy the Nine Netherworlds strength!” said a voice. Hua Qing Feng grimaced. Was he in a dream already? Impossible, he couldn’t trust that voice, it was a demon voice trying to make him give up.

“That’s a dream I created for you. Look, don’t you feel powerless? Can you compete with my attacks?” said another demon voice, which also contained cursing strength. He was also being subjected to the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.

“Piss off!” shouted Hua Qing Feng, sword intent emerged and destroyed the attack in front of him.

“Have you seen that? You’re in a dream, it wasn’t a real attack. Otherwise, how could you have destroyed it so easily?” said a voice. It echoed in his head. Was he really asleep and in a dream?

Terrifying attacks filled the air in front of Hua Qing Feng. He kept releasing words which destroyed everything, but it really seemed that he was in an illusion.

“Are the attacks real or not? Why is Hua Qing Feng able to destroy them so easily?” thought people outside when they saw him destroy clones one after another.

“I’m not sure. Maybe that some clones contain attacks which aren’t very powerful.”

But they didn’t know that Hua Qing Feng had started wondering whether he was in a dream or not. Hua Qing Feng destroyed more and more clones before he realized that a terrifying demon strength had appeared.

What’s going on?, thought Hua Qing Feng. He was astonished. He raised his fists to block the attack, but Lin Feng’s strength was terrifying. Bones snapped and broke loudly. The attack pierced through his fists and penetrated into his body.

“Piss off!” shouted Hua Qing Feng desperately while releasing energies. However, they instantly broke as well, and Hua Qing Feng was smashed away, fists continuing to crash down onto his body.

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