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PMG Chapter 2206: Unparalleled Attacks

PMG Chapter 2206: Unparalleled Attacks

Many people were watching the battle in Godly Clouds City. They had not expected that these few people – Kong Ming who was discreet before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; Lin Feng who had been offended by the Deva-Mara Thunder Clan; Zhou Rong Man who had no fame or reputation; and Chu Chun Qiu who was from the Dark Night Region – would be so dazzling during the last round.

They also hadn’t thought that the Godly Clouds’ First Master wouldn’t be strong enough to fight against them.

The Great Compassion Dhāraṇī and the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song energies collided. People in Godly Clouds City could hear the Great Compassion Dhāraṇī, and it influenced them. The Great Compassion Dhāraṇī purified all things. People didn’t feel like fighting when hearing such a mantra.

The Great Compassion Dhāraṇī and the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song were similar, they were both songs which affected people’s wills. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song turned people into puppets. The Great Compassion Dhāraṇī wasn’t as aggressive as the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.

The Buddha’s halos and the demon lights kept colliding. Slowly, the Buddhist halos didn’t look as powerful as before…


“The difference between Buddhist and demon cultivation is thin. If Great Compassion really existed, how could he be a cultivator? How could he try to stand at the top of the continent? Everything is fake, void. I practice demon cultivation, nothing can destroy my will!”

Lin Feng looked calm and unruffled. He wasn’t affected by the Buddhist mantras. All he focused on was his opponent. Kong Ming had an Indestructible Golden Body, and 108 Buddhas protected him. His physical defense was incredible. Ordinary attacks wouldn’t do anything to him.

When Lin Feng thought about that, he condensed sword strength and a second later, it moved towards Kong Ming. Kong Ming didn’t do anything to block the attack. The 108 Buddhas around him were part of his golden body and protected him. When the sword energies crashed onto the golden body, sharp and clear sounds rang out, Buddhist halos flashed and the sword strength disappeared.

As Lin Feng had thought, such attacks were useless against Kong Ming. His defense was too incredible. All Buddhist monks had an incredible defense, but coupled with an Indestructible Golden Body, Kong Ming’s strength was even more impressive.

Demon intent surged. Lin Feng stretched out his hands, demon lights and Nine Netherworlds strength condensed. The energies didn’t affect Kong Ming, but at least they oppressed his Great Compassion Dhāraṇī strength.

Kong Ming’s eyelids twitched. He continued chanting his mantra in a mighty Brahmic voice. The 108 Buddhas around him chanted at the same time as him. Hands condensed in the air and turned into terrifying golden fists, like golden mountains and hurdled towards Lin Feng.

The atmosphere became oppressive. The mountain-like fists were also extremely quick and as sharp as blades. They moved forwards with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. It was difficult to breathe when facing such an attack.

When the audience saw the attack, their hearts started pounding nervously. Those punches could easily destroy mountain ranges and kill hundreds of thousands of cultivators at the same time. They could imagine that all the emperors who were standing in the crowd would die at the same time if they faced such an attack.

I’ll see how strong I really am then! It’s an opportunity!, thought Lin Feng. He proudly stood in the sky, his black hair fluttering in the wind caused by the mountain-like punches.

“He’s not dodging, and he’s not condensing strength to block the attack either!” exclaimed the crowd.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a demon king. He bent down and then performed an uppercut. He used as much physical strength as he could in that punch. It felt like his strength could destroy everything in its way.


Lin Feng had the impression he was going to suffocate beneath the golden punches, before he heard cracking sounds spread out, and thunder echo out. The golden mountain-like punches exploded in flashes of golden light.

Lin Feng was still standing there, his clothes still fluttering. He still looked like a demon king.

The watchers were astonished. Zhou Rong Man, Kong Ming, and Lin Feng’s physical strength was astonishing. They could easily crush ordinary great emperors!

However, Lin Feng’s attack didn’t suffice to make Kong Ming open his eyes. He was still seated there calmly, his golden Buddhas floating around him. He continued using his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution techniques. Each time he attacked, he condensed the strength of his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution technique. Each time, the ground trembled.

He continued singing his mantra in his awe-inspiring Brahmic voice. The crowd saw the Buddhas rise up into the air at the same time. The Buddhas all opened their mouths and shouted furiously together.

“Ah…!” Some people in distant Godly Clouds City gave horrible shrieks as their eardrums trembled. Lin Feng’s blood boiled furiously in his ears. Buddha’s cry was magnificent and dangerous!

It was just the beginning, the Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha attacks continued intensifying. The Buddhas raised their golden fists and 108 punches hurdled towards Lin Feng. Nothing could stop them.

Lin Feng frowned and released Ancient Desolate intent into the air. He condensed Sky Absorbing strength and punched out unceasingly in the direction of those Buddha’s punches. Explosions kept erupting around them.

When all the strength was destroyed. Lin Feng looked at the 108 Buddhas as they moved again.

What an amazing battle. He had first used the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song against Kong Ming’s Great Compassion Dhāraṇī, but it hadn’t worked. Then, he had used cursing strength, but Kong Ming was too strong, so cursing strength hadn’t been very efficient, either. There were many mantras and other kinds of spells in Buddhist scriptures, so stopping cursing strength was easy for Buddhist cultivators.

Therefore, using the most powerful attacks possible was the only way. Direct attacks affected the golden bodies. Kong Ming was much, much stronger defensively than Hua Qing Feng or Ni Cang. Demon curses or Great Dream of Life strength was useless against him. Kong Ming’s Buddhist strength had reached awesome levels, and his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution techniques were Saint’s techniques, timeless and mighty.

Nine words appeared around Lin Feng, his body became hard to make out. He started chanting his incantation.

At the same time, he released ancient desolate Qi, which filled the air. The atmosphere suddenly smelled old, and energies moved in all directions.

Deployment lights started intertwining. Lin Feng carved words with his hands, which turned into gigantic deployment spell words. A gigantic word, OPPRESSION, appeared in the sky. At the same time, Lin Feng started spinning. His veins and muscles were trembling.

The Ancient Holy Technique could change or oppress anything. Qin Shan had turned into terrifying cauldrons, which could oppress a Saint’s strength in the whole valley back in the historical remains. Now, Lin Feng didn’t need to oppress a Saint, he just needed to oppress Kong Ming!

Lin Feng rose up in the air and the crowd saw Lin Feng’s body disappear suddenly. A dazzling cauldron appeared in the sky. OPPRESSION was blazing upon it. At the same time, the nine words twinkled and spun around the ancient cauldron. Sky Absorbing strength resonated with the nine words of the incantation and the ancient cauldron of the Ancient Holy Technique.

Brilliant lights flashed blindingly. Lin Feng’s ancient cauldron moved towards Kong Ming. Kong Ming kept releasing Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha punches at the cauldron, but they all disappeared instantly. The cauldron could oppress anything.

Lin Feng’s clones were standing there watching. Kong Ming wasn’t going to just let Lin Feng oppress him!

The Buddhas’ voices grew louder and louder. The 108 Buddhas then bowed, bathing in Buddhist halos. They summoned a gigantic golden Buddha twenty meters tall. It merged with Kong Ming. The 108 Buddhas gathered to protect him as halos illuminated everything.

The gigantic ancient cauldron oppressed everything. The gigantic ancient Buddha high raised his hands, his fingers like golden mountains, towards the ancient cauldron.

The ancient cauldron and the gigantic fingers stopped moving, they were both oppressed. The 108 Buddhas protected the gigantic Buddha, and it couldn’t move forwards anymore!

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