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PMG Chapter 2207: Destruction of the Golden Body

PMG Chapter 2207: Destruction of the Golden Body

“Kong Ming is really strong, like an ancient Buddha. His strength is incredible. He has really reached the peak of perfection in terms of Buddhist cultivation. And Lin Feng, in his ancient cauldron form, can oppress the gigantic Buddha. He’s also incredible!” mused some experts, enjoying the incredible duel.


On the other side, Chu Chun Qiu and Zhou Rong Man’s battle was also intense and fierce. Chu Chun Qiu’s Sky Absorbing intent was at its peak. He was absorbing Zhou Rong Man’s will. At the same time, his vitality and intent were both explosive. Zhou Rong Man had opened his third eye, where indestructible golden lights twinkled. His attacks were violent, intense, and fierce. However, Chu Chun Qiu kept some distance between him and Zhou Rong Man. He understood perfectly what Zhou Rong Man’s weakness was!

“That battle is extremely difficult for Zhou Rong Man. He’s better at close combat and Chu Chun Qiu’s vitality and intent are terrifying. He keeps absorbing Zhou Rong Man’s will, so Zhou Rong Man won’t be able to hold on much longer. His physical strength and defense are incredible, but his weakness is too incapacitating,” the experts discussed among themselves. Actually, Zhou Rong Man wasn’t slow, but in comparison with the finalists, he wasn’t fast enough.

At that moment, Buddha’s voices made the earth and sky shake violently. The crowd turned their heads and saw the gigantic Buddha and the 108 Buddhas chanting mantras in their mighty Brahmic voices again. Golden lights kept bombarding the ancient cauldrons, and it was shaking.

“Kong Ming’s 108 Buddhas can also chant mantras, which makes the attacks against the ancient cauldron even stronger,” the experts nodded. Kong Ming’s abilities were better than Zhou Rong Man’s because he was very good both in terms of defense and offense, and he could also fight within a certain ranged distance and in close combat.

However, nobody knew just how fast Kong Ming could be because he never moved. He was like a statue when he fought. He just sat down in the air and stopped moving like an indestructible golden statue.

“Lin Feng’s clones can’t do much either over there. Maybe Kong Ming will destroy them and then destroy the cauldron?” some people predicted. He had released clones a while before, but they hadn’t done much so far.

Finally, they moved. They turned into Holy Spirit swords and fused together. At the same time, in the middle of them, a scroll picture deployment spell appeared as well as a celestial stage deployment spell. The clones moved extremely quickly.

The Holy Spirit swords turned into a gigantic sword. One of Lin Feng’s clones moved, and in the twinkling of an eye, the ancient sword streaked across the sky and penetrated into the celestial stage deployment spell. Its explosive strength became even more intense and the air began to shriek about it.

The energies moved towards Kong Ming. However, the crowd realized that the energies weren’t really moving towards Kong Ming, they contained some the force of the earth and sky and Ancient Desolate intent and they stopped next to the cauldron.

An even greater oppressive strength filled the air. The Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha strength weakened. The sound of the mantras also weakened.

“Lin Feng’s clones contain strength too. Those two guys are terrifyingly strong. They have both made it to the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Lin Feng is still moving. He’s condensing a second sword!” the crowd was astonished. That second sword was made of Holy Spirits, also containing the force of the earth and sky. Around his sword, the atmosphere turned into Ancient Desolate strength.

Very quickly, the second sword made the atmosphere shake violently. The mantras kept weakening. They were being oppressed!

When the third ancient sword appeared, Kong Ming’s real body raised his head, and the 108 Buddhas also raised their heads.

They were bathing in golden lights. They kept chanting their mantras in magnificent Brahmic voices. All his Buddhist energies intertwined. Lin Feng’s clones moved extremely quickly too. Many swords appeared and condensed. Six more gigantic swords appeared, ran through the air, and absorbed the force of the earth and sky.

Kong Ming’s lips kept moving, soundwaves kept emerging from his mouth. Ancient golden imprints appeared and intertwined in front of him. Ancient Buddhist words moved towards the ancient cauldron.

“Oppress!” Six of Lin Feng’s clones were holding swords and stayed close to defend. At the same time, nine of Lin Feng’s clones who had swords moved forwards.

Kong Ming also attacked. The air thundered, and the ancient cauldron kept trembling. The ancient swords trembled as if they had were about to break apart, but held together.

One of Lin Feng’s clones stayed there, not attacking directly. He was carving deployment marks to oppress the Buddhist soundwaves. The deployment spells were forcing the Buddhas to lower their heads!

The deployment spells intertwined. The nine swords rotated. The atmosphere around turned into an ancient world oppressing everything. The Buddhas were even more pressured.

“Three Saint’s techniques. Was the Diviner right, back in the days?” whispered Kong Ming. He had challenged Lin Feng for several reasons, the main one was that they were both from the same world. Another one was that he wanted to check whether the Diviner had been right back in the days. Back then, the Diviner had thought that Lin Feng was the strongest cultivator of the event.

Kong Ming didn’t need to prove anything. He was extremely strong and knew it, he didn’t need to defeat Lin Feng to satisfy himself. But since they both participating in this Meeting, why not fight?

Now the Diviner was here. On the inside, he wished he could have proven the Diviner was wrong… but no, the Diviner’s Destiny Technique was incredible. If Lin Feng had lost, it would have proved that the Diviner’s technique wasn’t that efficient.

Kong Ming practiced cultivation extremely diligently. He relied solely on himself. Back then, he hadn’t even thought of becoming a disciple of one of the twelve Shrines. He wasn’t interested. He actually had absolutely no weakness.

The swords kept rotating and oppressing him. The ancient cauldron was oppressing him, too. Gradually, clear breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. One of the Buddhas cracked.

“It’s breaking,” murmured Kong Ming in a low voice. However, everybody heard him.

Kacha… another cracking sound. The Buddhas were breaking. They couldn’t oppress Lin Feng anymore.

“Go!” whispered Kong Ming. The 108 Buddhas raised their heads, solemn and respectful. They shot forwards even though Kong Ming knew they were going to break. As they pressed forwards, some of them exploded. However, some of them still managed to reach the cauldron, raising their hands and punching it.

The cauldron clanged and trembled. If the nine words of the incantation hadn’t protected it, it would have broken apart.

The gigantic golden Buddha also started crumbling. Breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. Kong Ming closed his eyes and continued chanting mantras in his Brahma voice. The thunder of crumbling Buddhas did not stop, as they continued breaking apart.

Kong Ming’s golden body also started crackling. Suddenly, he was forced away and slowly descended from the sky. He raised his head and looked at the destructive strength above. He said, “I have lost this battle.”

The nine swords disappeared. The ancient cauldron turned back into Lin Feng again. Lin Feng coughed. His face was pale, and his organs were twitching. This fight had been so difficult… and so rewarding too!

One last battle awaited him for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!


“Lin Feng won! He defeated Kong Ming! He ranked 100-something and now he’s in the top five!” sighed the crowd, now pepping up again after being released from the Buddhist melody.

Nobody thought Lin Feng was lucky. They knew it had been very difficult for him to make it there. He had fought against some of the strongest cultivators of the competition. He had fought against Supreme Clouds’ First Master, Godly Clouds’ First Master, and others. Now, he had defeated Kong Ming.

As the four finalists had agreed, Lin Feng was going to fight one more battle!

“Maybe the last battle is not necessary. I don’t think Kong Ming is weaker than Chu Chun Qiu,” many people speculated. They didn’t know what the last battles were going to be like, but one thing was certain, Lin Feng was definitely going to finish in the top two!

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