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PMG Chapter 2212: Shrine and Massacre

PMG Chapter 2212: Shrine and Massacre

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Lin Feng watched Gu Xuan Tian. Another demon king had appeared behind Gu Xuan Tian. After that, demon lights glittered. Lin Feng saw Gu Xuan Tian’s body divide into nine demon shadows. Five were at the bottom, three in the middle and one at the top, nine demon kings. A mighty demon Qi kept emerging from them. He looked like a peerless demon fighter.

A wave of demonic energies swept out from him. The demon looked extremely arrogant. The atmosphere became oppressive.

Lin Feng released an endless amount of Holy Spirit and modified Sky Absorbing strength. Nine words started floating around him. An ancient and oppressive Qi filled the air as he divided into three silhouettes. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be careless in front of a genius of a Shrine.

“Show me how strong you can get!” The nine demons shot towards Lin Feng, explosive strength emerging from them. The nine demons raised their hands at the same time and emitted furious shrieks. They had the same movements, and their explosive strength kept increasing.

Lin Feng looked cold and detached. He used his holy fist and roared out. Ancient Sky Absorbing strength surged out. A gigantic demon punch collided with the holy punch. Terrifying energies exploded. Gu Xuan Tian looked excited. He waved his hands, and terrifying demon strength continued moving towards Lin Feng. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng!

Lin Feng raised his head and released towering sword strength. A gigantic sword streaked across the sky and destroyed the gigantic demon hands.

“Lin Feng is really strong. Against all expectations, he can compete with Gu Xuan Tian. I wonder how strong Gu Xuan Tian can be, though. People from Shrines can fight using many different methods.”

People from the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds weren’t all like Lin Feng. Jiu Ling Huang had Vermilion Bird’s wings. He was from a Shrine, and he couldn’t be much weaker than Gu Xuan Tian. Fire appeared in his hands, looking alive. Jiu Ling Huang attacked the fire which was moving towards him with fire, but surprisingly, his fire instantly disappeared.

“Die!” shouted Jin Xing Zi at that moment. His fire turned into a fire mace, looking ever more terrifying. He wanted to crush his opponent!

Jiu Ling Huang released more flames, which looked like they were dancing in the air around him. The flames turned into a terrifying fire armor. Nine terrifying beams of light crashed onto the fire armor at the same time, but they didn’t pierce through. Jin Xing Zi smiled coldly. He threw himself at Jiu Ling Huang and released even more fire. The fire pierced through the Jiu Ling Huang’s fire armor and the armor started weakening. Many flames also emerged from Jin Xing Zi’s fire mace and strengthened his attacks.

When the crowd saw that, their faces stiffened. Jin Xing Zi had a fire body, he could drain and absorb Jiu Ling Huang’s fire. He could even absorb Jiu Ling Huang’s nine flames. What could Jiu Ling Huang do against that?

“Jiu Ling Huang is in danger!” the crowd when they saw a vortex appear around Jiu Ling Huang’s fire armor. Something was absorbing his fire. At the same time, his nine flames fled and returned to Jiu Ling Huang’s body. Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t let his nine flames move away from him, otherwise he would have lost his entire defense. When his nine flames were outside, his opponent could swallow them. Jiu Ling Huang couldn’t afford to lose his fire!

“Come back.” Jiu Ling Huang sensed the danger. His expression didn’t change. He had recalled his fire into his body. Fire rotating around him. Nine flames glittered in his body. His opponent’s fire still couldn’t pierce through his body!

However, at that moment, Jin Xing Zi’s fire mace crashed onto Jiu Ling Huang’s body. A terrifying fire which could make anything explode bombarded Jiu Ling Huang’s vital organs. That fire oppressed his strength.

“Slash, slash!” Jiu Ling Huang grunted with pain and coughed up blood and flames as he was hurled away. He couldn’t stand steadily anymore. A terrifying fire was corroding his body. It felt like his opponent’s fire had planted fire seeds in his body.

Jiu Ling Huang closed his eyes. He made his inner fire move towards those fire seeds. He had to get rid of them. However, at that moment, Jin Xing Zi smiled evilly. He slowly walked towards Jiu Ling Huang.

A genius of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? He was a genius from a Shrine! He had gone through a lot in life. He had been chosen, selected, and eliminated many times during various events in his life. He had also gone through terrifying battles and killed many people. He was one of the three strongest emperors of the Fire Shrine, a core disciple of the Fire Shrine. He was an important element of the Fire Shrine! Most people at the same level, were too far behind to ever catch up.

“Oh no, the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine wants to kill Jiu Ling Huang!” protested the crowd. Many people frowned. It was the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and now it was going to turn into a massacre?

“The strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine isn’t the only one. The other geniuses from the Shrines also want to kill their opponents!” people called out. Their hearts were pounding as they gazed into the distance. They had never thought such a thing would happen.

“Ling Huang!” Ru Yun pulled a long face. How come? How was this possible? What was going on? Yao Yao looked extremely nervous and her face turned deathly pale. Her mouth twitched as she bit through her lips and blood appeared.

Jiu Ling Huang opened his eyes. He was burning and staring at his opponent.

“What a powerful fire. It’s going to become mine and I’ll break through to the Di Qi layer!” said Jin Xing Zi, staring at Jiu Ling Huang’s fire greedily. That kind of fire would be extremely beneficial for him!

He threw himself at Jiu Ling Huang, his fire mace leading the way.

Jiu Ling Huang didn’t only control fire strength. He could also carry out soul attacks. However, he had already tried them and they were useless against Jin Xing Zi because the latter managed to oppress them.

Jiu Ling Huang went into a frenzy. Jin Xing Zi’s fire pierced through his body. Jiu Ling Huang didn’t even block it. He used both hands to grab the handle of the fire mace and flames of fury burned in his eyes.

“Argh!” Jiu Ling Huang screamed defiantly. Scorching hot Qi rose. He turned into an ocean of flames and threw himself at Jin Xing Zi’s head.

Jin Xing Zi was shocked. He opened his eyes and spat out a fire bird reflexively. He wanted to absorb Jiu Ling Huang’s fire. However, Jiu Ling Huang’s fire continued pulsing out. Jin Xing Zi was astonished. He raised his hands to protect himself from the fire attack, jumping forwards as his own fire dashed to the skies. He disappeared in the fire and reappeared somewhere else. He didn’t even try to take back his fire mace.

He managed to injure me!, thought Jin Xing Zi. He was staring at his own hands. They were charred black, burned by Jiu Ling Huang’s fire. He pulled a long face and stared at Jiu Ling Huang with murder in his eyes. A terrifying flame arose and surrounded him.

Jiu Ling Huang’s face had paled. Jin Xing Zi really wanted to kill him!

Jin Xing Zi disappeared from where he was and turned into a fire shadow. Jiu Ling Huang waved his hands and condensed nine terrifying flames in a blazing inferno.

Even with charred hands, Jin Xing Zi still managed to destroy the fire and then threw himself at Jiu Ling Huang again. There was an explosion of impact, and Jiu Ling Huang was hurled again, coughing blood. He was severely injured.

At the same time, on the other side of the battlefield, Mara groaned with pain. An ice attack crashed onto his body. He had the impression he was going to turn into an ice statue. The cultivator of the Shrine wanted to kill him.

“Among the ten geniuses of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, two have been injured. They’re in danger!” the crowd frowned, their faces stiff.

Lin Feng, who was fighting against Gu Xuan Tian, also noticed that the situation was worsening around him for the other participants of the meeting. He looked furious.

“You’re not here to exchange views on cultivation, you’re not here to compare yourselves with us. You’re here to slaughter us. The strong cultivators of the Shrines have come to kill!” said Lin Feng coldly.

An ancient tree appeared. It contained the energies of the ten thousand things of creation, radiating into the air. He condensed demon strength, shouted, and used a demon punch attack. Rumbling sounds spread out, and the sky trembled.

He moved quickly and landed next to Jiu Ling Huang. He said coldly, “If you have Great Imperial Weapons, use them. No need to be merciful. They’re not here to exchange views on cultivation!”

Lin Feng understood perfectly well that their Great Imperial Weapons probably weren’t as powerful as those of the members of the Shrines, but they were in danger, they had to resort to weapons. It was their last resort!

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