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PMG Chapter 2213: Danger

PMG Chapter 2213: Danger

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The ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had grave expressions. They agreed with Lin Feng. The geniuses from the Shrines weren’t there to exchange views on cultivation, they were there to kill them. They didn’t need to be merciful anymore. If they had been there to exchange views on cultivation, they would have stopped fighting after defeating their opponents, but Jiu Ling Huang had already been defeated, and his opponent continued attacking him!

Everybody had noticed that these people were not there to exchange views on cultivation, but to kill.

Gu Xuan Tian was astonished. Lin Feng was going insane and had a special tree inside his body. He was from a Shrine, he didn’t know that this tree was from the Dark Night Region’s Godly Wood Valley, it was a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.

Lin Feng had punched him and sent him flying. He was furious. He looked at Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang. Then, he jumped and landed behind Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang, while Huo Xing Zi was in front of them.

A terrifying Qi filled the air. It was incredible.

“Huo Xing Zi, let’s play a game, let’s see who can kill them first!” said Gu Xuan Tian to Huo Xing Zi.

Huo Xing Zi’s eyes were filled with flames. His fire mace was already back in his hands. He said coldly, “That’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

“Those two guys will kill Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang, that’s so cruel…” The crowd was shaking. Many people were furious. Lin Feng and the others were the strongest geniuses of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had gone through a lot to reach the top of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ rankings. Now the Shrines had sent their own geniuses to attack them by surprise and kill them. That wasn’t fair at all!

“That bunch of bastards are core disciples in Shrines. They are naturally really strong. If Lin Feng and the others had practiced cultivation at a Shrine for a long time, they would definitely be stronger than them.”

“They made it to the very top of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they just need more time to become unmatched cultivators. The Shrines don’t want them to become stronger!” Many people were indignant. The Shrines had joined hands and were attacking the geniuses of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?! They had sent their core disciples on top of that!

“The ten Shrines are way too cruel!” some people in Godly Clouds City shouted furiously. Even those who were outside of the battle stage and who had been eliminated before were furious. However, what could they do? Nothing. They couldn’t fight against the Shrines’ geniuses. To the strong cultivators of the Shrines, those who had been eliminated were tiny little insects. The geniuses from the Shrines wanted to kill the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; naturally they could easily kill those who had been eliminated before.

However, the crowd didn’t understand why the Shrines had joined hands to attack the geniuses of the meeting? Was it because of the Fortune Shrine? After all, those ten people were supposed to become disciples of the Fortune Shrine!

At that moment, Gu Xuan Tian and Huo Xing Zi charged Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang. Fire and demon energies intertwined. Gu Xuan Tian was surrounded by demon lights and Huo Xing Zi was holding his fire mace. They wanted to kill their opponents.

Lin Feng looked at them coldly. He said to Jiu Ling Huang, “Jiu Ling Huang, block Gu Xuan Tian’s attack and I’ll attack the guy from the Fire Shrine.”

Huo Xing Zi hadn’t fought against Lin Feng yet, but he had bet with Gu Xuan Tian, they wanted to kill Lin Feng and Jiu Ling Huang first. Lin Feng was going to use that opportunity to attack him by surprise.

“Alright, I have Great Imperial Weapons. I’ll use them to stop him, but these people are from Shrines and they probably have powerful Great Imperial Weapons, too. If they use them, we’re going to die,” replied Jiu Ling Huang. That’s why he hadn’t taken out any Great Imperial Weapon, because the members of the Shrines probably had even more powerful weapons on them.

“No choice. If we continue like this, we’ll all die here,” said Lin Feng. They were all telepathically, the talk was done in an instant. He released a terrifying amount of wind and empty space cosmic energies around himself and faced Huo Xing Zi.

“Are you getting ready to escape?” said Huo Xing Zi, staring at Lin Feng coldly. That kind of wind cosmic energy was good for moving fast. The battlefield was too small. He looked at Lin Feng as if he were looking at prey.

The fire in Huo Xing Zi’s fire mace became even more denser. Finally, he smiled cruelly and said, “Let’s see how strong the one who ranked first is!”

He advanced on Lin Feng. At the same time, he raised his fire mace and continued condensing fire in it.

Ling Huang raised his fists and punched out. A strong wind started shrieking as energies blotted out the sky.

More flames appeared in Huo Xing Zi’s eyes. He ran towards Lin Feng without the least hesitation. His fire became more and more powerful. If that fire penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, his physical body wouldn’t be able to resist it. Even Jiu Ling Huang was badly injured, even though he was from a fire family.

Dang! A cauldron echoed and shot towards Huo Xing Zi. Deadly lights rotated around it. Lin Feng had condensed as much energy as he could inside to attack Huo Xing Zi’s soul! Death soundwaves also started pulsing out. Everything around the cauldron smelled like death.

Dang! The cauldron rang again. Huo Xing Zi wasn’t far from the cauldron, but his body had already turned black, his soul trembling. He had the impression he was going to be crushed. The Death intent swept over him and bore down on his flames.

Lin Feng released death swords. His Death intent was astonishingly strong.

He moved like the wind, terrifyingly fast, appearing in front of Huo Xing Zi in the twinkling of an eye. Huo Xing Zi was trying to get rid of the death strength which was corroding his body. When he saw Lin Feng appear in front of him, his face stiffened.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His demon voice made Huo Xing Zi’s eardrums tremble. Lin Feng raised his fist and punched out towards Xing Zi’s head furiously.

Huo Xing Zi’s expression stiffened as he stared at Lin Feng. Two killing fire lights emerged from his eyes. Lin Feng sensed the danger, but he continued punching out without hesitation.

“How insane!” the audience said when they saw that. Their hearts were pounding violently. Huo Xing Zi was a strong fire cultivator from the Fire Shrine, Lin Feng took great risks to attack him.

“Explode!” shouted Huo Xing Zi furiously. Huo Xing Zi was surrounded by fire lights and rose up into the air. The ancient cauldron followed him, making him look numb.

“He has some precious treasures in his eyes!” Lin Feng noticed. Huo Xing Zi shook his head, blood appearing down the sides. He glared at Lin Feng.

“How terrifying, Lin Feng surprisingly nearly destroyed Huo Xing Zi’s skull! His fist didn’t reach Huo Xing Zi’s face, but if it had, with Lin Feng’s strength, his head would have exploded!” the experts noticed.

Jiu Ling Huang had used a Great Imperial Weapon to stop Gu Xuan Tian’s attack. The other battles were also becoming more and more terrifying. The strong cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds gathered together. Zhou Rong Man had saved Mara, who had almost been killed.

They all belonged to the same group now. The people from the Shrines wanted to kill them!

“Very good.” Huo Xing Zi’s fire mace turned into fire lights and moved back into his body. At the same time, two other fire maces reappeared in his hands. They were three zhang long and filled with fire. They looked dreadful.

Gu Xuan Tian was now wearing a demon king’s armor, he looked like a demon god. Nobody could pierce through his defense.

“Oh no, the strong cultivators from the Shrines have extremely powerful Great Imperial Weapons!” The crowd was shaken even more. However, the finalists of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were surrounded. The battle didn’t look good for them, and nobody could help them.

Jing was staring at Lin Feng’s familiar cauldron. As expected, it was really was him, but at that moment, she was worried about Lin Feng. She wanted to understand why the ten Shrines had joined hands to fight against them. What had happened? Why was all this happening? The Shrines had extremely important positions in the world, such things never happened unless there were special circumstances. Did they want to oppress the new disciples of the Fortune Shrine?

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