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PMG Chapter 2214: Battle in the Ancient Times

PMG Chapter 2214: Battle in the Ancient Times

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Jing wasn’t the only one who was nervous, everybody was!

“Why?” asked Chu Chun Qiu at that moment. He had also gathered together with the others. He was staring at the members of the Shrines. “We come from different places of the continent. We came here to join the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. We tried to improve our living conditions, we wanted to join a Shrine. But now, why are you attacking us, the ten best cultivators of the meeting?”

Chu Chun Qiu’s Sky Absorbing strength pulsed. He hadn’t expected this. How could he be happy?

All the others felt the same. Why? Why were the Shrines doing this to them?

None of the disciples of the Shrines replied. They were holding their Great Imperial Weapons and Qi was sweeping out from them.

Kong Ming kept chanting mantras, golden lights rising around him. A mala necklace appeared in his hand, and a terrifying curtain of light appeared around him. He looked like an indestructible Buddha.

“Are you ready to fight?” said Kong Ming calmly. Everybody understood that it wasn’t the right moment to ask why all this was happening. The Shrines’ cultivators wanted to slaughter them as soon as possible. They needed to fight!

The Deployment Master looked at the cauldron floating in front of Lin Feng coldly. That cauldron was his! Lin Feng couldn’t use all its powers to the fullest. Back when he was still a Great Deployment Master, the cauldron was extremely powerful. Back then, he had never thought that someday someone would steal his cauldron and modify it!

Silhouettes flickered. The ten strong cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were holding their Great Imperial Weapons, and getting ready to attack.

Lightning descended from the sky and bombarded the curtain of lights. Breaking and snapping sounds could be heard. One attack, and the light curtain exploded!

“If the Shrines’ strong cultivators had taken out Great Imperial Weapons before, the ten strong cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds would have died already. They didn’t do it straight away because they were just playing.” the crowd murmured.

More melodious breaking and snapping sounds spread out, and deadly energies filled the air. It was getting dangerous for the ten cultivators of the Meeting, their eyes were bloodshot and their faces stiff. What had they done to make the Shrines want to kill them?

They didn’t know that one of them had made the Destiny Wheel rotate. In the history of the continent, some people at the top of the Shrines couldn’t accept that. Therefore, they wanted to kill those people to be sure that the one who had made the Destiny Wheel rotate would be killed!

Actually, all the Shrines had already gone so far, they didn’t mind being cruel even if it meant killing geniuses. The Destiny Wheel didn’t affect only one Shrine, so they had to take measures. Therefore, destruction was the only solution. None of them could remain. They didn’t know who had caused the Destiny Wheel to rotate, they could only guess that one of the top ten cultivators of the meeting had done so, and more probably someone who was in the top five.

A terrifyingly strong cultivator from the Demon Shrine looked cold and detached, like a demon king. He was staring at the ground and thought, In the ancient times, because the Destiny Shrine rotated, the Fortune Shrine became much, much stronger. All the other Shrines were in danger, so they had joined hands and a terrifying battle took place and made the whole continent shake. No place was spared. Back then, the Fortune Shrine was eventually oppressed. After that, the Fortune Shrine remained discreet for a very long time. Such a thing can’t be allowed to happen again.

People learned from history. That terrifying battle remained symbolic in many powerful people’s memories. That had happened in the ancient times, and after that, the Shrines had become weaker, including the Fortune Shrine. They had existed for many years, but it wasn’t a flourishing era for them anymore.

However, many years had passed and the ancient days were long past. The Shrines had also started becoming a little bit more famous once again. It was a new era. Some terrifying cultivators had risen. However, a thousand years ago, the Destiny Shrine had rotated again. However, nothing special had happened. The Shrines had asked the Destiny Shrine about it, they hadn’t found anything strange.

Now, a thousand years later, the Destiny Shrine had rotated again, and it was again the Fortune Shrine’s turn to organize the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Therefore, the Fortune Shrine had decided to use the Great Destiny Technique.

The other Shrines couldn’t keep calm. That was the reason for this battle. They wanted to kill the ten strongest cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, because they didn’t want another war like in the distant past. The Shrines had never forgotten that war.

The leaders of the Shrines were people who lost their parents, ancestors and teachers during that war. They didn’t want another war to start!

“Why does the destiny wheel rotate each time it’s the Fortune Shrine’s turn? Is it good for them or bad?” thought that strong cultivator. Back then, the Fortune Shrine had risen after the Destiny Shrine had rotated. Many strong cultivators had emerged from the Fortune Shrine. A new flourishing era had started for them. However, the battles had started and they had lost an incredible amount of strong cultivators, too.

This time, it was the second time the Destiny Wheel had rotated in a thousand years, what did that mean?

Ching! A clear and melodious sound rang out as Kong Ming’s light curtain broke apart. A terrifying attack came crashing down. Many people trembled. Were the ten strongest cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds really going to die?

“Initially, I wanted to play with you, but since you want to bring about your own destruction, then I’ll help you. I should have done it earlier!” said Gu Xuan Tian coldly. He started walking forwards, destructive energies filling the air as he stepped forwards. His demon armor was domineering.

“No…” Yao Yao’s face turned deathly pale. She looked terrified. Qing Feng started running forwards, she wanted to join the battle.

“Feng!” shouted Jing. That girl was insane. She was going to die if she joined the battle. The enemies were the Shrines’ strongest emperors!

A dazzling light descended from the sky and illuminated everyone. The members of the Shrines jumped away, and a second white beam of light filled the air.

“Where is he?” The strong cultivators of the Shrines were stunned. When they had appeared, nobody had prevented them from attacking. Now, the first beam of light had taken someone away.

“Is the Fortune Shrine finally going to get involved?” thought the crowd. They were astonished. Only the Fortune Shrine could make the battle stop. Had the Fortune Shrine attacked? Why had the Shrine taken someone away? Had the members of the Shrines come to attack because of that person, and not because of everybody? Why did the Shrine let the strong cultivators of the other Shrines chase him?

When the crowd saw that one of the fighters was missing, they were astonished. The Fortune Shrine had taken someone away and now they let the other Shrines chase him? That was strange.

And the person who had been taken away was… Chu Chun Qiu!

“Why did the Fortune Shrine take Chu Chun Qiu away, and only him? Does it mean anything?” wondered a lot of people.

The disciples of the Shrines all looked furious. A moment before, only five people had been able to compete with them: Lin Feng, Kong Ming, Chu Chun Qiu, Zhou Rong Man, and the Deployment Master. The others were weaker. Therefore, it could have been any of them!

“The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is over. Those from the top ten, follow me to the Fortune Shrine. You will receive your rewards in the Fortune Shrine,” said the Diviner at that moment. He wasn’t smiling anymore, sounding quite cold.

The Shrine cultivators were stunned. The strongest cultivators of the ten other Shrines weren’t there anymore, so they couldn’t prevent the Diviner from doing that.

“The ten members of the Shrines chased after him. Nobody stayed there. That guy was too important!” murmured the crowd. The Diviner landed in front of the fighters, lights surrounded them, and the nine disappeared.

“They’re gone.” The ten disciples of the Shrines were astonished now. Two lights beams appeared, delivering some of the strongest cultivators of two Shrines. The ten cultivators of the Shrines had first chased after the one who had been taken away, and then they had realized that the Fortune Shrine had probably done that on purpose.

Possibly. Those ten people were all possible candidates, especially those of the top five. Of course, the one who had been taken away was also a possible candidate…

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