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PMG Chapter 2219: Leaving

PMG Chapter 2219: Leaving

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“Before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, where were you?” asked the leader of the Fire Shrine of Lin Feng, making his soul tremble.

“Dark Night Region,” replied Lin Feng calmly. “I’m from the Dark Night Region, but I grew up in a small world. When I was around twenty, I came to the greater world. There are many strong cultivators in the greater world. So I practiced really hard and took many risks. Now, I’ve been practicing cultivation for forty years, and I finally made it in the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

The leader of the Fortune Shrine was staring at Lin Feng. Forty years to reach the top of the Huang Qi layer was a very long time, Lin Feng wasn’t really talented enough. However, he was from a small world, so it wasn’t bad. Even though he didn’t practice cultivation quickly, he was determined. Could the Forbidden Person possibly be Lin Feng?

“What skills and techniques do you practice? What kind of spirit do you have?” asked the leader again. Lin Feng frowned. He knew that that person could see many things. Lin Feng had to be clear and precise.

“I study different kinds of skills and techniques. In the small world, skills and techniques were really bad. I obtained some demon skills and techniques. I also study the Kalpa Indestructible Deva-Mara skill all the time. I have a powerful physical strength. At the same level, I almost always have the advantage. Apart from demon cultivation, I also studied deployment spells from books. My cultivation is a bit complex,” replied Lin Feng honestly. He didn’t tell the most important things about himself, naturally.

“Insolent!” shouted that person explosively. Thunder shook his soul, blood appeared on his face and his face paled. “You’re saying a stupid skill like the Kalpa Indestructible Deva-Mara skill could help you have a powerful physical body?”

“I went to to the Milky Way battlefield in Hell, and I’ve killed extremely strong demon cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan. I obtained some nice spells from them, including the Deva-Mara Body Cleansing Technique. It also helps me improve my physical strength,” replied Lin Feng coldly. At his cultivation level, Shrines’ leaders were like gods to him. He couldn’t say anything against them.

He was too weak to do anything, and this guy was oppressing him. Lin Feng was a nobody in front of such people.

Lin Feng kept calm for now, but someday, he’d come back as an extremely strong cultivator and would settle accounts.

“Besides, by a lucky coincidence, in Qi Tian Holy Town in the Dark Night Region, I fought against many people from the different dynasties and I obtained some Saint’s techniques,” Lin Feng went on.

The leader of the Fire Shrine was looking at Lin Feng disdainfully. He was thinking that this kid guy was determined and talented, but his cultivation speed wasn’t fast enough. He was just lucky. He thought Lin Feng was less likely to be the one who had activated the Destiny Wheel.

The other leaders didn’t let the others off either, even if the Fortune Shrine had taken Chu Chun Qiu to the Supreme Animal World.

After some time, the leader of the Fire Shrine grunted coldly, a terrifying fire surrounded Lin Feng and the air shook. Lin Feng had the impression he was in an ocean of painful flames.

A terrifying strength made him tremble. Fire appeared in his mind again. The leader of the Fire Shrine could kill Lin Feng instantly if he wished.

Lin Feng was driven violently back, still surrounded by fire. He could die anytime. The others were also being oppressed by the other leaders.

The leader of the Fortune Shrine jumped in front of the enemies’ disciples. Beams of light appeared and he attacked their souls. Someone gave out a horrible shriek.

“A life for a life!” said the leader of the Fortune Shrine coldly. He didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng and the others, but he was ready to kill the enemies’ disciples mercilessly if anything happened.

“Hmph!” someone groaned coldly. One of the leaders rose up into the air and said, “Dear friend, we’ll see how long he’ll stay in the Supreme Animal World!”

The leaders rose up into the air, not killing Lin Feng and the others. As the Diviner had said to Lin Feng, they’d try, but they probably wouldn’t kill. They couldn’t be sure if one of them had caused the Wheel to rotate. To the Fortune Shrine, it was a dangerous bet, but it had worked.

The disciples they had brought with them were core disciples in their Shrines. They didn’t want to lose them stupidly.

Of course, it didn’t mean they trusted the Fortune Shrine. They had also been watching the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they were also going to watch Chu Chun Qiu.

“See you,” said the leaders of the Shrines coldly, and then they left with their disciples.

The leader of the Fortune Shrine watched them leave and after a long time, he took a deep breath, turning around and saying to the group, “I’m sorry, you just joined the Fortune Shrine and you already have to face danger.”

Everybody bowed before him. They had heard the old stories, so they couldn’t blame the Fortune Shrine. They respected the Fortune Shrine, especially since the leader respected them.

But they were wondering whether Chu Chun Qiu was really the Forbidden Person or not.

Nobody could be sure. Kong Ming glanced at Lin Feng. Back then, in the small world, the Diviner had chosen Lin Feng. Did it mean anything?


The other people left. In the starlit sky, the Qi was dense and thick, so Lin Feng decided to practice cultivation here. The Diviner appeared and said to Lin Feng, “The Shrines won’t give up. I’ll take you away. You can leave a clone here in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Sometimes, you can walk around so people will think you’re still there. Use your real body to break through to the Di Qi layer and then come back. As a great emperor, your social status will be different.

“What do you think?” asked the Diviner.

“Alright, I think it’s a good plan,” Lin Feng nodded. He would need to break through to the Di Qi layer, and then he’d come back. He needed to become a great emperor to oppress the Snow Clan and the Shrines. He was in a rush, and couldn’t waste time. He was going to travel the world to become stronger!

“Where will you go first?” asked the Diviner pointing at the different stars, “Continent of the Nine Clouds, Hell, many small worlds. Where do you want to go?”

“Hell!” said Lin Feng without hesitation. He wanted to avenge Minster Uptala and Qing Qing!

“If you go to Hell, you’ll end up in the Milky Way battlefield first. From there, you’ll be able to go to Hell or to the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” replied the Diviner.

“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded. As expected, the Milky Way battlefield!

Back then, the one who had an innate king-type body had descended from the sky. Lin Feng remembered him. He was arrogant and wild. That guy was probably from the Supreme Animal World, as the Supreme Animal World also had passages to every realm in the world.

“When are you going to leave?” asked the Diviner.

“In a few days, Teacher,” replied Lin Feng.

“Alright, enjoy practicing cultivation in the Fortune Shrine!” the Diviner nodded. “I’m off. You choose your own path. The Fortune Shrine supports you.”

“I understand!” Lin Feng nodded.

He watched the Diviner leave before he closed his eyes and went into his spirit’s world.


In front of him was a giant, his Qi terrifying. It was Saint Qin Shan, his consciousness growing larger all the time. Regarding Minster Uptala and Qing Qing, Lin Feng intended to avenge them. After all, Saint Qin Shan was different, he would need lots of time to recover. But they were different, one drop of medicine and they would recover completely.

That Qi is incredible. Saint Qin Shan’s consciousness is improving. We’ll be able to fuse together and fight at some point. After Hell, I’ll back go to the Dark Night Region to get the Rebirth Scriptures. Then I’ll travel the world and continue focusing on cultivation and becoming stronger, thought Lin Feng. His goal in life was to become a peerless cultivator!

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