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PMG Chapter 222: The Day of the Wedding

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“It is not very convenient.” said Zi Yi in a soft voice. She didn’t sound like she was refusing, it sounded more like she wanted to accept his offer. Lin Hao Jie was surprised. When he saw that she was acting shy, a smile appeared on his face.

“If Miss Zi Yi doesn’t like it or has doubts in regard to my personality, I can also give you the entire mansion and I will spend the night outside. That is absolutely no problem.” said Mo Hao Jie sounding righteous and awe-inspiring.

“No, of course not, what you proposed is perfect.” hastily replied Zi Yi. Zi Ling and Lin Feng were stupefied. But Lin Hao Jie immediately smiled and said: “So I understand that you’re accepting my offer.”

“If it is too inconvenient for you, please tell me.” said Zi Yi while lowering her head in a shy fashion.

“What are you talking about? It is a great pleasure for me.” said Lin Hao Jie while smiling.

“Zi Yi, sister, how could accept to spend the night in a stranger’s room?” said Zi Ling in a low voice while firmly shaking her sister’s hand.

“Zi Ling, young men like Master Lin are rare. Do you think that he is not trustworthy? Let’s go together!” said Zi Yi.

“Ignorant!” said a cold and detached voice. It came from Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng was looking at Lin Hao Jie, he said in a cold and detached way: “At the foot of the mountain, you said that they shouldn’t let me stay in the thatched hut because I might try something and now you’re inviting them to go to your place? Don’t you think that you might try something? Isn’t that what outstanding and handsome young men of high status do?”

Lin Hao Jie was stupefied. He coldly looked at Lin Feng. Immediately after, he smiled and said: “Could it be that you think that you could be compared with the likes of me?”

“Ridiculous.” said Lin Feng. “As if having a high social status could give you the right to mislead young girls.”

“Hmph!” Lin Hao Jie groaned coldly. He looked at Zi Yi and said: “Miss Zi Yi, since that is the case, you can forget my offer, goodbye!” When he finished talking, Lin Hao Jie started to leave.

“Master Lin, wait, wait!” shouted Zi Yi while running after him. She said: “I obviously don’t agree with him!”

Zi Yi turned her head around and coldly looked at Lin Feng. She then immediately said to Zi Ling: “Sister, let’s go together!”

“I’m not going.” said Zi Ling while shaking her head.

“Alright. Then be careful that he does not try anything.” replied Zi Yi while looking at Lin Feng and then ran after Lin Hao Jie.

Lin Feng looked at Zi Yi’s disappearing silhouette. He was exasperated. He had warned her over and over again, but since Zi Yi was stubborn, Lin Feng had no other solution. He was also done with the task which Zi Nan had given. He promised to make sure the girls would be safe until they reached the Zi Governmental Palace.

“Why are you not going with her?” asked Lin Feng.

“Maybe you are right. Things are not always as they appear to be. Even though Lin Hao Jie is handsome, extraordinary and very strong, he might be very hypocritical.” said Zi Ling in a low voice while pouting and gazing into the distance.

“Well then, are you not going to listen to your sister’s words and be careful of me?” asked Lin Feng while slightly laughing. Lin Hao Jie was, indeed, very hypocritical.

Zi Ling turned her head and looked at Lin Feng. She chuckled and said: “But if you meant us harm, you had an opportunity down there in the thatched hut, why would you wait for us to arrive at the Zi Government palace?”

Lin Feng was surprised by her pure smile. The corner of her mouth had curved into a gentle smile. Things were not always as they appeared, especially when it came to her. She had a cold and standoffish personality which actually hid a soft and innocent heart. Her smile was quite marvelous to behold.

Even though it was a simple invitation, Zi Yi was really too innocent and naïve, she didn’t understand that it was a trap.

“But don’t misunderstand me, even though you are not that weak, I, Zi Ling, will only marry with an extremely strong sword cultivator. I will never be interested in someone like you.” said Zi Ling while laughing. Immediately after, she started walking away to find a place to rest.

“Sword cultivator?” thought Lin Feng. He smiled and shook his head. He then followed her.


In another part of the palace, in a manor, someone was knocking at a door.

“Come in.” said Zi Yi from inside the room. Immediately after, the door of the room opened and Lin Hao Jie was in the doorway.

“Miss Zi Yi, can I come in?” said Lin Hao Jie while waiting outside of the room.

“Of course you can. Please come in, Master Lin.” replied Zi Yi.

Lin Hao Jie was firmly staring at Zi Yi. He noticed that her clothes hadn’t dried off. He could see her delicate young body through her clothes which gave birth to flames of desire in his heart.

“Zi Yi, you’re really beautiful.” said Lin Hao Jie softly.

Zi Yi slightly lowered her head, remaining silent for a second out of shyness. Then, her lips moved: “I’m not.”

“You are, you are beautiful from head to toe.” said Lin Hao Jie in a soft voice and then continued: “Zi Yi, since the first time when we met in the thatched hut, I feel my head gets light whenever I see you, I feel like we are perfect for each other. I wouldn’t have thought that we would meet again so quickly.”

Zi Yi remained silent and lowered her head. Her face slightly turned red.

“Zi Yi, why are you not talking? If you think that I am playing some game, I can leave now.” said Lin Hao Jie. Zi Yi immediately raised her head and didn’t stop shaking her head. At that moment, Lin Hao Jie had already arrived at her side. They were now every close.

“Zi Yi!” Lin Hao Jie’s voice was filled with softness and tenderness.


Zi Yi’s face was becoming redder and redder. She was looking at Lin Hao Jie, her eyes revealed that she had some feelings for him.

She hadn’t thought that everything would happen so quickly, but Lin Hao Jie was her perfect husband, he was outstanding, had a high social status and had high natural talent. Men like him were rare. He was interested in Zi Yi, an adopted girl from the Zi Wei Mountain. With his high status, it was obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Besides, she had feelings for him so she couldn’t just reject him, even if they hadn’t known each other for a long time.

“Would you like to become my wife in the future? I want to keep you by my side forever.” said Lin Hao Jie in a soft and tender voice while getting even closer to her.

Zi Yi’s heart was pounding, her face was red; but she was happy, it was so sudden though.

“Yes!” said Zi Yi while slightly nodding. Immediately after, she just felt two big hands embrace her. While hugging her, Lin Hao Jie became even more enthusiastic, he immediately started kissing her.

Zi Yi was shaking, she had the sensation that she had been struck by a lightning. She could feel Lin Hao Jie’s warmth, immediately after, she also put her hands around him and kissed him back.

Lin Hao Jie then started touching her body, a short time after, he started caressing her young body, which was soft and warm. Zi Yi started feeling restless and let out a small moan.

The two of them threw themselves onto the bed. They threw their clothes to the side, after a short time, they were moaning from pain, pleasure and heat. Their bodies were in fusion in the middle of that room.


In the sky, the sun had started to rise, the Zi Government was starting to get lively. On that day, Zi Qiong’s wedding ceremony was going to happen.

There were two silhouettes sitting on the edge of a cliff watching the sunrise. They were sitting on the overhanging cliff with their legs above the precipice. They were gazing into the distance and looking at the sunrise. It looked particularly beautiful.

“How beautiful!” said Zi Ling amazed at such a wonderful scenery. It was a glowing red above the sea of clouds.

“It’s very beautiful indeed.” replied Lin Feng. In his previous life, it was one of Lin Feng’s dreams to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain. At that moment, that dream had come true. He finally knew what it felt like to appreciate such natural beauty.

Besides, as he was able to use earth fusion, his perception was much stronger than that of Zi Ling. It was as if the beauty of watching that sunrise was enhanced.

“I would have never thought that the first time I would watch the sunrise would be with you on my side. Too bad that you are not the kind of man that I am looking for.” said Zi Ling while laughing. She immediately stood up and said: “Let’s go back. Daddy said that Zi Qiong’s future spouse is the most beautiful in the region, today, I want to see if the rumors are true.”

Lin Feng stood up as well with a strange expression on his face. He wanted to see the bride, but not because he wanted to see if she was beautiful or not, but because he wanted to see if it was Duan Xin Ye.

If it was really Duan Xin Ye, how could she get married to Zi Qiong? What if the rumors were true though? If that was the case, what would Lin Feng do….?

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