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PMG Chapter 2220: Back Into the Milky Way Battlefield

PMG Chapter 2220: Back Into the Milky Way Battlefield

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In the Celestial Country’s Milky Way battlefield, people were still fighting unceasingly. Corpses were still falling into the Yellow Springs, which accepted them eagerly.  The battles there were cruel.

In that place, battles never stopped and never had. In the Yellow Springs, there were billions and billions of corpses.

Deep inside the Milky Way battlefield, there were two men and two women. They were encircled and pulling long faces. Five people were surrounding them, their demon Qi suring. The five looked at them as if they had cornered their prey.

“Their physical strength is terrifying. One of them is so strong physically that spells are useless against him, and he also understands Dao, what can we do?” asked a woman to the two men next to her telepathically. Her face was deathly pale.

However, at that moment, the two men also pulled long faces. They felt powerless.

“I wouldn’t have thought that the situation would be like this right after arriving. We were too careless and confident. We came to the Milky Way battlefield, and these people dared come from the other side, they are extremely strong.” said another woman. Her Qi was weak and trembling. She was very talented, she didn’t want to die here. Her name was already on the Celestial Champion Ranking List at university. A bright future awaited her!

“No solution. We can only fight our way through!” said a young man coldly. The four of them nodded and charged at full speed.

The five demon cultivators suddenly punched out in their direction with a sound like thunder. The four people used spells to block the attacks. The demon cultivators wanted to kill them!

The demon cultivators hadn’t said a word. The first and most dazzling cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan, Juzi, had died, and many people thought that the Ancient Demon Clan was weakening. But now the Ancient Demon Clan was actually becoming stronger and stronger. They had more and more powerful demon cultivators. Many of their descendants were even more talented than their fathers. The Ancient Demon Clan was rising again!

At that moment, Qi began to roll through the Milky Way. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan raised their heads together and looked at the sky. Death strength surged and descended from the sky.

Some precious items are falling from the sky!, the Ancient Demon Clan cultivators thought. They frowned, their pitch-black eyes twinkling. A pitch-black death mountain descended from the sky and diffused death Dao power into the air slowly.

“Mark of the Path?” the crowd frowned. The members of the Ancient Demon Clan forgot about the four people. They were staring at the mountain descending from the sky.

Two cultivators rose up into the air and headed towards the ancient mountain. They punched out in the direction of the mountain. There was a thunderous crack, and the death mountain broke apart.

Someone wearing a pitch-black cape appeared from within it. He looked like a demon king ready to conquer all, and his Death intent was terrifying!

Lin Feng glanced around and saw many people. He didn’t care, though, he just sighed. The battlefield was a mysterious place. It contained many treasures which descended from the sky. Shrines threw things away which were considered precious treasures here.

Lin Feng’s black robe fluttered in the wind. He looked in the direction of Hell and got ready to head there.

“Ah!…” At that moment, he heard someone shout out. Lin Feng frowned and saw that a woman was staring at him. She looked at him with great respect.

“Brother Lin Feng!” said that woman. Lin Feng looked like a demon king, but she still recognized him. It was because the statue looked like him. Many people in the Holy City kept talking about him and his achievements, he was the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“It’s indeed Brother Lin Feng!” The man next to her was astonished, his heart started pounding. Before the opening of the Celestial Country, he had seen Lin Feng’s statue in Champion University. Many people studied at Champion University and admired Lin Feng, the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

And now in the Celestial Country, they amazingly saw him for real. He was there and had descended from the sky. He looked confident and at ease.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were surprised. They released their Qi. The four people they had attacked called that guy Brother and looked at him with respect and admiration. He was much stronger than they were.

“Die!” said one of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. One of them punched out in Lin Feng’s direction. He was very strong, as strong as the people of the Ancient Demon Clan Lin Feng had bumped into back in the days, and they controlled Dao strength too. In the Celestial Country, such people were considered extremely strong.

Lin Feng looked at him, intent emerged from his eyes and corroded his opponent’s will. A terrifying death strength shook his opponent’s mind. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan suddenly looked frightened. They could sense that Lin Feng was extremely strong!

Lin Feng raised his fist. A terrifying strength emerged and crashed onto his opponent’s body. Lin Feng was much, much stronger than he was back when he had been in the Milky Way battlefield before. He now belonged to another world. If Juzi had appeared in front of him, Lin Feng could slap him and kill him instantly. Juzi was a disciple of a Shrine, but he wasn’t a core disciple.

Lin Feng was the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Only core disciples of the Shrines could compete with him now.

“How strong!” The four people were stunned when they saw that.

“Brother Lin Feng!” said another girl. She was astonished. Was that really the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

“Escape!” shouted the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. They punched out in Lin Feng’s direction again, but Lin Feng punched the attacker without the least hesitation. There were cracks of breaking bone, and that person’s head immediately exploded, his body falling down into the Yellow Springs.

“Let’s go!” cried the the Ancient Demon Clan cultivators. Their faces were all pale. Lin Feng turned to another one and released death strength. That person’s soul immediately exploded, and his body fell down into the Yellow Springs as well.

Lin Feng continued walking and punching the Demon clansmen. Quickly, they were all dead, and their corpses vanished into the Yellow Springs.

The young people of Champion University gulped down in astonishment. Lin Feng was much stronger than them. He truly belonged to a different world!

“Brother Lin Feng, he’s so strong!” The two women’s hearts were pounding. How magnificent!

“The Milky Way battlefield is dangerous. Don’t go to the depths of the battlefield,” Lin Feng said to those people, before disappearing from their field of vision.

“Can Lin Feng stay alone in here?” those people wondered…

Lin Feng crossed the Milky Way battlefield. When he arrived on the side of Hell, a light appeared above his head.

“Hmph!” The strong cultivators of Hell grunted coldly when they saw him. He was an invader, since he had a light above his head. Someone glared at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng looked back at him, death strength emerged from his eyes and crushed that person’s soul. His corpse fell down into the Yellow Springs.

“Eh?” Many people were astonished when they saw that, and released death Qi. Lin Feng released sword strength, two people looked at him, a death sword streaked across the sky and he killed them instantly. At the same time, he released a river made of death energies and killed everybody in his way.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, many people around him suddenly stopped moving, their faces stiff with terror.

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