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PMG Chapter 2221: Mountain of Corpses

PMG Chapter 2221: Mountain of Corpses

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On the vast Milky Way battlefield…

Lin Feng’s appearance didn’t astonish people too much. People were just surprised to see so many people die fighting against Lin Feng. Most people just sighed; another terrifying killer!

Someone stood in the air and shivered. He looked after the demon lights which had disappeared. He stared at Lin Feng. A group of people from had Hell died against Lin Feng. How strong was he? He was just at the top of the Huang Qi layer, but he was already so strong…

No matter how strong his opponents were, one strike and he managed to crush his enemies. Nobody could stop him. Even an army couldn’t stop him!

How could he be so strong?

At that moment, Lin Feng continued moving. Around him, Death intent rolled in waves. He looked like a demon, his eyes filled with demon energies.

Some people continued moving towards him to kill him, but were slaughtered instead. Nobody could stop him.


Seven days later, Lin Feng was standing at the top of a mountain and gazing into the distance. He wouldn’t have thought that he would be so unlucky. The Celestial Country had just opened. He needed to wait for almost a year to get out.

He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. The air began to hum quietly.

When a passing person saw the light above Lin Feng’s head, he was stupefied. This guy was so audacious, he was from the other side and he dared stay there as if nothing had happened? On top of that he was seated cross-legged. He probably considered everybody and everything beneath his notice. How arrogant!

However, many people saw all the corpses around him and didn’t get any closer. He was probably extremely strong.

More and more people appeared there and gathered around Lin Feng. They wanted to kill him. They felt ashamed because he had come from the other side, and he had killed so many of their people.

“Kill him!” said someone coldly.

“Everybody, let’s attack him together!” proposed some people. They headed towards the top of the mountain.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. Some horrible shrieks spread through the air. Death and cursing strength surged around him and crushed some people. Lin Feng could kill those people in the blink of an eye!

The crowd was astonished. They screamed out, “Die!”

Lin Feng looked expressionless, his eyes filled with death Qi. There were ten thousand death imprints around him. His death Qi surged out in all directions and carried everything away. People who were in the way all died instantly. His death Qi was horrifyingly powerful.

Those who were still alive were terrified when they saw all those people die instantly.

Lin Feng slowly stood up. His black robe fluttered in the wind. At that moment, it seemed like the world belonged to him. He jumped forwards and the ground trembled.

After a short time, he came back to the top of the mountain, only countless corpses left all around him.


However, nothing stopped. People continued coming in from the distance.

Three months later, on and and around the mountain, it smelled like death. So many people had died there.

Half a year later, around the mountain, no grass could grow anymore. There was only death Qi.

Ten months later, at the top of the mountain, everything was dead. People who were a bit weak could not even get close or they died because of the death Qi. People who were strong couldn’t come in either, because the death Qi was too powerful.

That place became a forbidden area. Nobody dared come there anymore.


Most people were now getting ready to go back to Hell. People gathered there and looked in the direction of the forbidden mountain.

“I’ve heard that a terrifyingly strong cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer is there, and that nobody can go there because nobody can withstand a single attack. There are endless corpses there, and they have already turned into a mountain.”

“I’ve heard that he’s from the other side. He looks like a conquering hero. Nobody can get close to him or they die.”

“Hmph! He must have a terrifying death-type item if his death energy is powerful. How could an emperor be that strong?” said someone.

“You can go and check,” said someone mockingly.

The forbidden area had become legendary. Thankfully, the passage of the Celestial Country was going to open again.


The terrifying amount of Death intent disappeared abruptly. The crowd was stupefied. What was going on? The forbidden area had disappeared?

“The Death intent has been recalled.”

When the crowd saw the death Qi disappear, their hearts started pounding. They shot forwards, however, as they moved forwards, mountains of corpses appeared in front of them. The corpses were intact, but the people were dead.

“They probably all have incredible treasures,” whispered the crowd, trembling. Who had done this?

Finally, the death Qi completely disappeared. They could see someone at the top of a mountain. There were still pale death lights around him.

His death Qi could still kill people.

“That death Qi has reached the peak of perfection at that cultivation level,” someone pointed out. For an emperor, such a terrifying Dao was incredible.

“Indeed, no wonder he killed so many people. If we fought against him, we’d die!”

Everybody was afraid of Lin Feng.

There was a Holy Spirit in front of Lin Feng, and he looked satisfied. “This is a great Holy Spirit. It’s strong and can use the strength of the earth and sky. It’s much better than ordinary Great Imperial Weapons.

“Back then, the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Saint could form 33,000 small Holy Spirits and 137 great Holy Spirits. It was probably terrifying to see that!” mused Lin Feng. He waved his hands and the Holy Spirit disappeared. At the same time, he stood up and glanced around. The passage to Hell was going to open soon.

Lin Feng headed towards the crowd. People moved aside and let him pass without attacking him. He was like a death god at this time, they didn’t dare offend him. He was from the other side, but the question was: how did he control death strength so well? His death strength had reached the peak of perfection. Was he going to Hell?

When Lin Feng was finally far away, people went insane and started looting the corpses. They all had incredible precious treasures on them.

However, Lin Feng didn’t care about them. He was the First Emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had become member in a Shrine. The other Shrines had oppressed him. He had gone through so much. What he needed now was real strength!

He stood at the exit. His black robe fluttered in the wind, nobody dared get close. He had killed too many people already. Some people hadn’t even gotten close to him, and had died anyway. He was glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey. The people from Hell didn’t provoke him.

A few people unwisely got angry and felt humiliated; they approached him, but died instantly.

“What kind of a monster is that?”people sighed.

“How terrifying.”

Everybody wanted to get far away from Lin Feng. Lin Feng was calmly waiting to go back to Hell. When the passage opened, Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and went back through.

He appeared in a gigantic valley, but he continued moving at top speed. Very quickly, he appeared at the top of a mountain and stopped. He took a deep breath and put on his illusionary cloak. Instantly, his Qi, face and body changed.

“Hell.” Lin Feng flew in the direction of the Great Imperial Song City.

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