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PMG Chapter 2222: Resuscitation

PMG Chapter 2222: Resuscitation

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At the Great Imperial Song City…

Outside of the gates, people were always fighting. Those who managed to win a hundred battles were considered heroes and could get inside. They were then allowed to become members of the inner part of the city, where they obtained more resources to practice. The battle stage at the gate of the city outside was a symbol.

Of course, winning a hundred times wasn’t easy.

Two people were seated in the bleachers and watching the battles. Not far from them, two people were looking at them respectfully, because they were Ministers who controlled a part of Hell. One of them was Minister Kalasutra.

Next to Minister Kalasutra was his daughter, Qin Yao.

Qin Yao was already a high-level emperor, looking valiant and heroic. Her Qi was extraordinary. She didn’t look as proud as in the past, and seemed even more beautiful that way.

“Do you think some people can compete with you on the battle stage of the high-level emperors?” asked Minister Kalasutra, smiling at Qin Yao.

“Maybe,” replied Qin Yao nodding. However, she looked absent-minded and preoccupied. Her father had been busy and had come back to spend some time with her and watch battles. She didn’t know why, but she kept thinking about that man.

Back then, when he was only a low-level emperor, he had won a hundred times. She had thought she was strong, but after a short time, she had realized he was so strong that she couldn’t catch up with him anymore, the distance between them had continued increasing. If he hadn’t been there, she would have died in the battlefield of the Celestial Country.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Minister Kalasutra when he saw that his daughter looked preoccupied.

“Father, do you remember Minister Uptala and Qing Qing?” asked Qin Yao.

Minister Kalasutra was surprised and nodded, “Of course I do. Poor Uptala. Hm… Qin Yao, Wang Xiao doesn’t want people to talk about them anymore, so don’t.”

“I know. But back then, Lin Feng didn’t die, how strong is he now?” Qin Yao wondered calmly.

Minister Uptala was surprised. Back then, Minister Uptala had turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus to protect Lin Feng and Qing Qing. Lin Feng was really strong, Qin Yao had told him about the battles in the Celestial Country.

“Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong. At the same cultivation level, few people could compete with him. Besides, he had incredible comprehensive abilities,” murmured Minister Kalasutra. He remembered Lin Feng perfectly.


In a room not far from the city…

In front of Lin Feng was a Blue Uptala Lotus with a dimly discernible Qi. It contained the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. Inside the Blue Uptala Lotus was a frozen young woman. She looked beautiful and pure.

Lin Feng was holding two small bottles which contained some life Qi. But the bottles were firmly closed, so no Qi came out of them.

“Qing Qing,” said Lin Feng, looking at the frozen young woman. He waved his hands and released fire and life strength. Ice began to break and snap. Fire containing life strength filled the air as the ice melted rapidly. Qing Qing’s body appeared quickly.

“Life!” said Lin Feng. Life strength penetrated into her body. At the same time, he broke a bottle and poured a drop on Qing Qing’s body. Her body absorbed the medicine. Beautiful pure lights quickly surrounded her body.

“Godly Medicine of the Immortals!” Even though Lin Feng knew that Qing Qing was going to be fine, he was nervous. Lights surrounded her as the strength penetrated into her body thoroughly. Even if she had only one last thread of consciousness left, that medicine would heal her, so Qing Qing was going to be fine.

Lights and Qi floated around her. Very quickly, her cheeks became pink again.

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. She was going to be fine. Then, he broke the other bottle and poured medicine on the Blue Uptala Lotus on which Qing Qing was laying.

The same thing happened, life strength surging out to surround the flower.

Lin Feng stood there, a bit nervous. Qing Qing’s hair bristled, and Lin Feng shivered. She slowly opened her beautiful eyes, looking confused.

Wasn’t she dead?

She looked pure, innocent and beautiful. When she saw Lin Feng she shivered.

“Lin Feng,” she said. She looked confused, “Am I dreaming?”

Lin Feng shook his head, bent down and smiled broadly. “Qing Qing, you’re fine now. Have you completely recovered?”

“Eh?” Qing Qing moved. Life Qi filled the air. She felt fine…

After that, she looked at the Blue Uptala Lotus on which she was sitting, “That’s… my father’s Qi…”

She suddenly looked scared and her cheeks became white again, “Lin Feng, is my father…”

“He will recover too. I gave him Godly Medicine of the Immortals as well,” replied Lin Feng.

Qing Qing was astonished. Godly Medicine of the Immortals? She got up and caressed the Blue Uptala Lotus. Her eyes twinkled. A silhouette was gradually appearing around the Blue Uptala Lotus.

“Qing Qing!” an ethereal voice spoke out.

Qing Qing’s heart started pounding. She looked at the silhouette and said, “Father, I thought I’d never seen you again.”

“Thank you very much, Lin Feng,” said Minister Uptala looking at Lin Feng, “I’ll never be able to pay you back for the medicine you gave Qing Qing and me.”

Qing Qing was astonished. Her father was Minister Uptala. He was a Celestial Emperor and he was saying he couldn’t pay Lin Feng back for that medicine? It meant that Lin Feng had paid a terrifying price to save her father and her.

She felt as if she had died and come back to life. However, Lin Feng had saved her. She had recovered, and so had her father.

“Uncle Uptala, how could you compare your lives and something material? Material can be bought. A life can’t,” Lin Feng smiled. “Besides, nothing would have ever happened to you if I hadn’t been there. It was my fault. I had to do something for you.”

“How could I blame you?” replied Minister Uptala, shaking his head. His silhouette became more and more real. In contrast, the Blue Uptala Lotus slowly became illusionary.

“Lin Feng, where are we?” asked Minister Uptala.

“Great Imperial Song City,” said Lin Feng. Minister Uptala and Qing Qing were astonished. Great Imperial Song City?

“Wang Xiao won’t let us off.”

“Several years have passed. I came back for Wang Xiao,” said Lin Feng coldly. Murder appeared in his eyes.

Minister Uptala shook his head, “Lin Feng, you’re talented and you were lucky to obtain godly medicine, but you’re not a great emperor yet. You can’t defeat Wang Xiao, it’s impossible. Besides, he’s a High Official’s descendant. You will not have any opportunity to kill him.”

“No…” said Lin Feng shaking his head, “Uncle Uptala, I came to Hell to kill Wang Xiao, and then I’ll leave. I want to travel around the world. And regarding the way I intend to kill him, I have a plan.”

“I won’t stop you, then. If you need anything, you can tell me,” said Minister Uptala.

“Yes, Uncle Uptala, what do you intend to do?” asked Lin Feng.

“I’ll see if I can find my former army. I can become an official Minister in another city. I don’t need to stay in the Great Imperial Song City,” replied Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng nodded. He had come to Hell to help Minister Uptala and to avenge them. Then, he’d travel the world and become a great emperor. After that, he’d have more things to do.

Snow Clan, Moon Palace, Shrines!


Lin Feng, Minister Uptala, and Qing Qing chatted for a long time. They had both fully recovered. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about them.

Lin Feng put on his illusionary plaited bamboo hat and a cloak again, his Qi and face changed again. He headed towards the Great Imperial Song City.


Outside of the city, there was the same ocean of people as before. Great Emperor Song liked battles, so it influenced people from the Great Imperial Song City. There were always people fighting on the battle stage.

Qin Yao didn’t look that excited anymore, she looked at Minister Kalasutra and said, “Father, let’s go back.”

“Why? Don’t you want to watch battles anymore? One last fight and we’ll go back,” said Minister Kalasutra, smiling and shaking his head. At that moment, someone slowly walked onto the high-level emperors’ battle stage. His skin was really white and it wasn’t easy to see his facial features because he had his head lowered. He had a strange Qi. Minister Kalasutra looked at him, his eyes twinkled, “That guy must be extremely strong.”

Qin Yao looked at her father’s eyes. Why did her father think that?

The young man’s opponent was a cruel middle-aged man. At that moment, he had already won twenty-three battles. When he saw the young man, he shouted, “You want to die!” before charging to the attack.

The pale young man suddenly raised his head, pitch-black death lights shot towards his opponent. In an instant, the middle-aged man was petrified, he couldn’t move anymore, and he started trembling.

“Get down!” said the young man coldly. His opponent’s face was as grey as death. He didn’t say anything, and jumped off the battle stage. His legs were still shaking. He had the searing impression the young man could have killed him like a fly.

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