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PMG Chapter 2223: Hundred Victories

PMG Chapter 2223: Hundred Victories

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The crowd was astonished when they saw the battle. Initially, Minister Kalasutra and Qin Yao wanted to leave, but suddenly, they were excited.

“Father, you were right, that guy is extremely strong,” exclaimed Qin Yao, staring at the young man on the battle stage. Even though she didn’t consider herself quite strong, she could have defeated the middle-aged man with the twenty-three victories, too.

However, that young man had defeated him easily, he hadn’t even need to move!

The challengers understood that as well. Therefore, after the young man won his first battle, nobody challenged him for a while.

The young man was naturally Lin Feng. At that moment, he didn’t know where Wang Xiao was, so he had to be admitted into the city by winning a hundred times.

Someone else finally walked onto the battle stage. That person looked at Lin Feng, whose eyes were closed, so he became angry. Lin Feng disdained the other fighters?

“Please, let’s exchange views on cultivation!” said that person coldly. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, pitch-black Death intent moved into his opponent’s eyes. That person’s life was quickly corroded, and he started hallucinating. He could really die! He understood why the previous fighter had left the battle stage willingly!

“Get down!” said Lin Feng. His opponent looked glum, but Lin Feng’s death voice resonated in his skull. He turned around and left the battle stage, just like the previous fighter.

“Pfew…” Many people in the crowd swallowed and took deep breaths. What a strange and mysterious fighter. One glance, a few words, and people left the battle stage willingly.

The same thing happened during the third battle.

But some extremely strong cultivators wanted to try, mostly because Lin Feng didn’t resort to terrifying and explosive attacks to fight. So, how did he win so easily? However, his method worked, and his number of victories increased quickly.

“His Death Dao has already reached a certain level. It might be extremely powerful even,” said Minister Kalasutra as he watched Lin Feng. Because of Lin Feng, they hadn’t left.

“Twenty-eight victories already and people keep losing because of a single glance?” Qin Yao’s face stiffened. She was extremely strong, and she had Hell Fire. Her attacks were explosive and she also understood Dao intent. But this guy seemed to be so strong, as if they were not even worth mentioning in the same sentence.

“Mo Shang is going onto the battle stage. Mo Shang is extremely strong, and his Death Dao is formidable. This battle is going to be brilliant.”

“Mo Shang.” When Qin Yao saw Mo Shang, she shook her head. Mo Shang was only as strong as her. Even if he was extremely strong, he couldn’t defeat that young man; but he probably wouldn’t be defeated by a simple glance, either.

“Your Death Dao is not bad,” said Mo Shang, staring at Lin Feng, “I also control Death Dao. Therefore, let’s fight. Your Death Dao is useless against me.”

After that, suddenly, terrifying death lights emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and bombarded Mo Shang’s eyes. Mo Shang’s soul started trembling. He sensed Death intent penetrate into his body, and his face turned grey.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and landed in front of Mo Shang, staring at him.

“Ah…!” Mo Shang shrieked, and fell down backwards onto his arse. He was terrified.

When the crowd saw that, they swallowed. Mo Shang pulled a long face. He didn’t dare look at Lin Feng again. He turned around, crawled to the edge of the battle stage, and jumped off it.

“I underestimated him. He’s much stronger than I thought,” said Minister Kalasutra, quietly astonished. “His Death Dao has already reached the top of the first phase in terms of Dao strength. Among cultivators at the very top of the Huang Qi layer, people who don’t have a very advanced understanding of Dao strength can’t compete with him.”

“Yes,” agreed Qin Yao. She remembered someone, especially the last time she had seen him. He looked like a death god and he could release rivers made of death energy which could sweep anything away. He had killed so many people. Back then, even high-level emperors couldn’t withstand a single attack from him.

And now on the battle stage, there was a guy whose Death Dao was equally terrifying. He didn’t even need to move to defeat his opponents. He could even kill them easily if he wanted!

The fights continued. 50, 60… 90 victories… from the beginning to the end, the young man hadn’t needed to fight at all. He glanced at his opponents and defeated them.

The crowd was astonished. Some extremely strong cultivators came out of the Great Imperial Song City.

“That’s Minister Enuo, and Minister Asura. Minister Asura is an assassin and a demon king. He’s one of the most terrifying Ministers of the Great Imperial Song City. What is he doing here?”

When the crowd saw the Ministers, they were startled, and their hearts started pounding. The young man on the battle stage was too strong, so he had drawn the attention of those people? Many people had won a hundred battles and those Ministers had never come out because of that. Maybe there weren’t too many emperors who were so strong in Hell…

Minister Asura released blood Qi, his hair turning red. Similar to the man on the stage, he could also look at people and at first glance, he could defeat people. At that moment, he was standing there with his hands clasped behind his back, calmly watching the fights. There were several other Ministers next to him, all of them terrifyingly strong.

Minister Kalasutra was surprised. What were those guys doing here?

Lin Feng couldn’t help but glance at the bleachers. He smiled coldly on the inside. He didn’t mind drawing some attention, because after killing Wang Xiao, he’d try to leave Hell through the Great Imperial Song City. The Celestial Country’s passage was already closed. Without using special spells or power, he’d need to wait for another year to leave. If he did wait, then he would have wasted two years stupidly.

He had just come to Hell to kill Wang Xiao and help Minister Uptala. It would have repercussions, but he’d be able to solve all those problems later after becoming extremely strong.

The fights ended quickly each time. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had won 97 battles. Nobody could defeat him.

“Avīci, you go,” ordered Minister Asura indifferently. Someone jumped onto the battle stage and instantly released a terrifying death blood Qi. From his expression, one had the impression he could kill Lin Feng easily.

(Ed. Note: Avīci is the lowest level of Naraka, one of the Buddhist Hells, and means ‘waveless’. It is not a tribute to the singer.)

“That’s Avīci, he’s Minister Asura’s disciple. He’s very talented, and will replace Minister Asura in the future.”

“Avīci! I’ve heard that he almost passed the exam of the Hell Shrine! He’s really strong. He controls Avīci Hell Dao. He can drive people into the abysses of the Avīci and kill them.”

Lin Feng glanced his opponent… a strong cultivator, this time.

“Surprisingly, Avīci is getting involved. That guy’s victory spree is going to come to an end, even if he’s extremely strong.”

Even though the crowd found Lin Feng terrifying, they knew that Avīci had almost become a member of a Shrine. He was extremely strong. Probably only a few emperors in the Great Imperial Song City could compete with him.

Avīci was staring at Lin Feng. A terrifying amount of Dao intent drove towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression he was falling into a terrifying and sanguinary cage of Hell. The Dao power tried to pierce through his skin.

Lin Feng was surprised. He released Death imprints around himself and took some steps forwards. His eyes were still filled with death strength, and he was staring at his opponent.

“Die!” shouted Avīci coldly. Avīci’s red Avīci Hell strength turned into terrifying energies which shook Lin Feng’s soul. However, Lin Feng just grunted coldly and millions of threads of death strength appeared around him. They turned into a black death dragon and shot towards his opponent.

Avīci grunted coldly and continued releasing energies. He formed a cross with his hands, and a red cross appeared in front of him. Thunder rumbled, the earth and sky trembled. It was a terrifying collision.

“How strong. But Avīci will win!” the crowd believed. However, they saw Lin Feng punch out, and the red energies were cut in two. Lin Feng jumped into the newly created path. Death strength moved towards his opponent.

Avīci also jumped into his own red energies. When he saw Lin Feng’s death energies surging towards him, the path Lin Feng had opened turn into an Avīci Hell again.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng coldly. Millions of death strength lights kept appearing. Avīci moved both hands continuously. Red crosses kept blocking off the death strength.

The death strength pierced through. Lin Feng continued walking forwards and punched out, explosion detonating. Avīci sensed a terrifying amount of strength moving towards him and retreated quickly.

However, the death strength was already surrounding him!

His face stiffened. “I lost!”

The red lights disappeared. Avīci jumped off the battle stage without even turning his head around.

The crowd was astonished. This new guy was terrifyingly strong. Nobody knew who he was, and someone as strong as Avīci couldn’t even compete with him. It seemed like this guy was even much, much stronger than Avīci, as if they belonged to different worlds.

Lin Feng won a hundred battles easily. In the bleachers, someone Lin Feng knew had appeared: Wang Xiao!!! He had heard that Avīci had been defeated, so he had decided to come and see this new fighter!

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