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PMG Chapter 2224: Killing Wang Xiao!

PMG Chapter 2224: Killing Wang Xiao!

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Minister Asura studied Lin Feng calmly, but inside, he was astonished. This guy was terrifyingly strong, and his Dao power was astonishing. Maybe it hadn’t only reached the first phase, maybe it had already reached its peak! He was only an emperor and his Dao power was so terrifying, how strong would it be if he became a great emperor?

There were several Ministers in the bleachers already. They were all amazed, Lin Feng was extremely talented!

“What’s your name?” Minister Asura asked.

“Lin Feng.”

“Lin Feng?” When Minister Kalasutra, Qin Yao and the others heard that, they were astonished, and Wang Xiao looked at him coldly. But then he controlled himself, this couldn’t be the Lin Feng he knew. They had a different Qi and a different face. They were completely different.

It’s not him, thought Qin Yao, a touch sadly.

“Lin Feng, are you interested in joining the Asura army? I can recruit you as a disciple,” said Minister Asura to Lin Feng calmly.

Everybody was impressed. Minister Asura was one of the strongest Ministers of the Great Imperial Song City, and he wanted to recruit Lin Feng as a disciple. It meant Lin Feng was extremely strong and talented.

Lin Feng was more than strong enough to join the Asura army.

“Minister, is there a way to go to the Continent of the Nine Clouds from the inner part of the Great Imperial Song City?” asked Lin Feng calmly. Minister Asura’s social position was higher than Wang Xiao’s.

“Eh?” Minister Asura was surprised. Continent of the Nine Clouds? Who was this guy?

“What do you mean?” asked Minister Asura. He frowned.

“Nothing. I already have a teacher, and I’m not interested in going to the Great Imperial Song City, I came here because I was looking for Wang Xiao,” said Lin Feng, looking at Wang Xiao.

Wang Xiao was astonished and his expression became weird. This guy was called Lin Feng and he had come for him?

“Someone whose name is the same as me is looking for you. If you want to see him, you can come with me,” said Lin Feng said calmly. Then, he turned around and started walking away. He wasn’t interested in going to the Great Imperial Song City at all.

Wang Xiao’s face stiffened. Someone who had the same name as him was looking for him? Qin Yao and Minister Kalasutra’s face was also funny. Was that Lin Feng?

“Have the army come with me,” said Wang Xiao to someone telepathically, as he followed after Lin Feng. Was an emperor trying to deceive him?

“Lin Feng, you killed my son, Wang Zhuo, and you dared come back? You really want to die,” said Wang Xiao coldly. Minister Uptala had turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus, been injured, and then Lin Feng had taken him away. Wang Xiao had looked for Lin Feng everywhere, but hadn’t found him. Now, surprisingly, Lin Feng was back!

“Let’s follow and watch,” said Minister Kalasutra to Qin Yao, and they trailed after Lin Feng. Minister Asura was interested and also followed. A whole group of people ended up following Lin Feng.

“Let’s go!” said many people, curious now. Lin Feng had come back for Wang Xiao? What did he want?

Lin Feng didn’t walk too far and stopped to enter a courtyard. Wang Xiao stopped in the air and stared at Lin Feng.

After a few minutes, the door creaked and a few people came out. Wang Xiao was stunned.

“How is this possible?” said Wang Xiao coldly. He couldn’t believe it his eyes. Those people were dead, how was this possible?!

“Uptala!” said Wang Xiao coldly. Minister Uptala had transformed into a Blue Uptala Lotus, that change was irreversible! How could he be standing here now?

Finally, Wang Xiao looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, “Was it you a moment before?”

“Wang Xiao, welcome to Fortune City!” said Lin Feng with a smile. An illusion appeared and turned into a vast castle. The illusion surrounded Wang Xiao and the others.

“This is… empty space castle.” Wang Xiao was staring at the empty space castle. “Fortune City?”

Wang Xiao wasn’t the only one who was astonished, Minister Uptala and Qing Qing’s hearts were pounding too. That Fortune City was a… precious item? What was going on? They had come back to life thanks to Godly Medicine of the Immortals, then Lin Feng had changed his face and Qi, and now he could summon Fortune City’s empty space castles? Was this a terrifying Great Imperial Weapon?

In the outside world, Minister Kalasutra and the others arrived just behind them. However, they just saw an illusionary empty space. It was a deployment spell.

“What a formidable illusion item! What’s going on inside? Who’s in there?” Minister Asura arrived and was astonished too. He was worried for Wang Xiao.

Not long after, an army arrived. The leader of the group was astonished when he saw that and said to Minister Asura, “Minister Asura, should we attack?”

Minister Asura glanced at them and said nothing. He didn’t like Wang Xiao. Even though Wang Xiao was an heir in the Great Imperial Song City, Minister Asura didn’t have anything to do with that. If Wang Xiao died, it wasn’t Minister Asura’s problem. That Lin Feng had dared take Wang Xiao inside there and had a terrifying treasure, he wasn’t ordinary.

“Let’s go!” said the leader of the army when he saw that Minister Asura didn’t ask them to attack. They released their energies and attacked the illusion. However, it was useless, they were way too weak. Besides, they couldn’t see anything, everything they saw in the illusion was fake.


Within the little Fortune City, Lin Feng faced Minister Uptala and said, “Uncle Uptala, this small Fortune City can only be broken by Saint Emperors. Nobody will disturb us here.”

This small Fortune City was like the plaited bamboo hat and the cloak, the Diviner had given it to him. It was a powerful item Lin Feng could use to protect himself. People from outside didn’t know what it was. Of course, if they knew what was inside, it wouldn’t matter, either. As the champion of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was normal that Lin Feng had received such items.

“Uncle Uptala, we can kill that guy, right?” said Lin Feng to Minister Uptala. Wang Xiao had been injured by Minister Uptala’s Blue Uptala Lotus back in the day, and even though a great deal of time had passed, he hadn’t really progressed. He was still weaker than before.

Minister Uptala nodded and slowly walked forwards. Uptala Dao filled the air. Cosmic energies intertwined. In his hands, Blue Uptala Lotuses appeared.

“Don’t kill him completely. Leave him one last thread of Qi,” Lin Feng said coldly.

Wang Xiao pulled a long face. He also released a terrifying Qi. At this moment, it wasn’t time to ask them how they had survived, it was time to fight!

Their battle was as explosive as Lin Feng had expected. Wang Xiao hadn’t progressed, and had actually become weaker. He could only rely on soul strength. Lin Feng released Qi to protect Qing Qing. Even though Wang Xiao had become weaker, he could easily kill Qing Qing. Lin Feng had to shield her.

Lin Feng also released the Qi of the ten thousand things of creation. They intertwined and death Qi appeared inside. The Qi of the ten thousand things of creation completely turned into death.

Millions of Blue Uptala Lotuses appeared and turned into sharp weapons. They all shot towards Wang Xiao’s soul. His face turned deathly pale, his eyes were filled with murder. How could he die now?!

“Lin Feng!” swore Wang Xiao coldly. Minister Uptala and Qing Qing had come back to life, he had saved them, and he had this Fortune City item!

“Die!” Wang Xiao released strength, bombarding Uptala and forcing him back before he shot towards Lin Feng.

“Die!” shouted Wang Xiao explosively. Terrifying cosmic energies streaked across the sky after Lin Feng. Lin Feng released a death sword and destroyed the attack. A terrifying amount of death strength roared out from him. Millions of threads of death strength turned into sharp death spears, which shot towards Wang Xiao.

“How is this possible?” Wang Xiao’s expression changed drastically. What a powerful attack! How could a mere emperor carry out such a terrifying attack!? Lin Feng’s death strength could threaten him!

“Sleep!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his cosmic energies changed and turned into Dream of Life cosmic energies. Wang Xiao suddenly felt drowsy. The death strength also turned into terrifying dragons biting for him.

“Piss off!” shouted Wang Xiao furiously. He came back to his senses and released as much strength as he could. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. The spears broke apart. However, Wang Xiao felt weak, and right then a Blue Uptala Lotus penetrated into his body and bombarded his inner strength!

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