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PMG Chapter 2226: Back to the Small World

PMG Chapter 2226: Back to the Small World

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Qin Shan looked at Minister Asura and said, “I killed Wang Xiao. Bring me to the High Priest.”

Minister Asura was astounded. This giant wanted to see the High Priest?

Minister Asura was one of the strongest Ministers of the Great Imperial Song City, and he could indeed go and see the High Priest. He didn’t really care about Wang Xiao’s death.

“I guess you had your reasons to kill Wang Xiao, Master. However, why do you want to meet the High Priest, Master?” asked Minister Asura.

“Of course, Wang Xiao had to die. Just bring me to the High Priest. You don’t need to know anything else. Also, Uptala, his daughter, and my disciple are connected. Don’t do anything to them,” said Qin Shan calmly.

Minister Asura nodded, “I understand. The Great Imperial Song City will not do anything to Minister Uptala and his daughter. Please come with me to the Great Imperial Song City, Master.”

Wherever a Saint appeared in the cultivation world, people were terrified. It was something too astonishing. Saints, or Sages as they were sometimes called, could scare anyone to death. One simple sentence, and people could collapse. How could the Great Imperial Song City dare harm Minister Uptala and his daughter if a Saint protected them? Nobody cared about Wang Xiao, especially if a Saint had killed him.

The Saint turned around and looked at Minister Uptala and Qing Qing. They heard, Uncle Uptala, Qing Qing, I hope we’ll meet again.

Qin Shan turned around again and followed Minister Asura. They both left.

Minister Uptala and Qing Qing were trembling. That was Lin Feng’s voice!

They watched him leave with mixed feelings. Lin Feng was following Minister Asura and was going to leave Hell; would he ever come back?

Minister Kalasutra and Qin Yao also watched them leave. They were wondering whether Lin Feng had become a Saint’s disciple…

“Uptala,” Minister Kalasutra said to Minister Uptala. “I didn’t think you’d come back to life. Even though we weren’t really friends, I’m happy for you.”

Minister Uptala nodded, “It’s all thanks to Lin Feng. Anyway, keep your distance from me.”

Minister Kalasutra understood Minister Uptala. They had just killed Wang Xiao, and even though the Saint had said that the Great Imperial Song City couldn’t touch them, Minister Kalasutra was different because he was still a Minister of the Great Imperial Song City. It was better for Minister Kalasutra to avoid doing anything which could arouse suspicion.

“I did not think that guy would become so strong so quickly. Even though he hasn’t broken through to the Di Qi layer yet, he can already defeat ordinary Great Emperors,” Minister Kalasutra sighed. “I really wonder why you didn’t leave with him.”

“Everybody has different goals in life. He has his own life. Maybe we’ll meet again, here or in another world,” said Minister Uptala calmly.

Both remained silent.


The Celestial Country battlefield…

There were many battles going on, and one battle was particularly explosive. One of the fighters was terrifying.

“Ye Que, you do it!” said a beautiful woman at that moment. If people from Qi Tian Holy Town had been there, they would have been astonished, because that girl was the Ancient Jade Dynasty’s holy woman!

“Alright!” nodded Ye Que. He released deployment spell energies and captured some people. They just hurt them, they didn’t kill them.

“Lei Dong Tian, be careful when you attack!” the Holy Jade Princess warned an insane fighter. Lei Dong Tian was extremely strong. However, his attacks were too explosive. People had to be far away from him when he fought. Lin Feng had turned them all into perfect puppets.

Lei Dong Tian glanced at the Holy Jade Princess coldly. She was so talkative. If Lin Feng hadn’t given them orders, Lei Dong Tian would have killed her already. She pissed him off all the time.

Ji Jiang was also fighting. After having been captured by Lin Feng, he had started becoming stronger and stronger, and was progressing extremely quickly. However, in front of the other puppets, he was still too weak.

As for what they were doing, Lin Feng had given them the Demon Puppet technique; they could turn other people into Demon Puppets as well.

The battles were nonstop. People on the battlefield were not surprised, because battles never stopped in that place. Lei Dong Tian, Ye Que, the Holy Jade Princess, all them were extremely strong, especially Lei Dong Tian. He had hoped to finish in the top ten of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Nobody on the Celestial Country’s battlefield could compete with him.

That small army kept fighting and they kept growing stronger.


As for Lin Feng, he had turned into Qin Shan and was with the High Priest of Great Imperial Song City. The High Priest was skinny and looked like an ordinary dying old man. Only his eyes showed how dangerous he was.

But he was very polite to Qin Shan. He brought Lin Feng to a palace. Lin Feng had the impression that palace was the real Palace of Hades.

“When you cross the door of the lowest depths of Hell, the eighteenth Hell, you can exit Hell and you’ll arrive in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I’m not sure where you’ll end up, however,” said the High Priest to Lin Feng. He looked at a flight of stairs.

Lin Feng found the exit extremely mysterious. The priest didn’t know where he would end up?

Where am I going?, wondered Lin Feng. Qin Shan stepped on the flight of stairs and his silhouette became blurry.

After a short time, Lin Feng crossed the door. There was death black water beyond. Without hesitation, Lin Feng jumped into it. He remembered when he had first come to Hell from Jiu You. He had jumped into black water as well.

The black water rolled in low, oily waves. The sound of splashing was a jarring intrusion. A silhouette appeared in Jiu You’s forbidden area, and came out of the black water.

Lin Feng glanced around, smiling indifferently.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and whispered, “I’m back. This is Jiu You’s forbidden area. Surprisingly, the exit in the Great Imperial Song City leads to the small world in which I used to live. Nobody dares come here, but for Qin Shan, how could it be a forbidden area?”

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He turned back into Lin Feng again. Qin Shan went back into his spirit world. Even when he controlled Qin Shan, he used his own strength in order not to tire out Qin Shan. He wanted Qin Shan to recover.

There were some people outside of Jiu You’s forbidden area. They were stupefied when they saw a silhouette streaking across the sky. They wanted to say something, but when they looked at that cultivator, they stopped talking.

That was a terrifying emperor. Was he from the twelve empires of Jiu You? Was he one of the great emperors?

Lin Feng didn’t care about what those people were thinking. He glanced around and continued flying.

Even though I took everything away from Xue Yue, there must be something new there, thought Lin Feng. Xue Yue’s Qi was great; the people suddenly disappeared from there; but there were probably new cultivators there.

Actually, Lin Feng was right. New people had moved to Xue Yue, and it had become a country again. There was no leader though, people competed for power.

Yangzhou City had become a great place to hunt for treasures.

A Zun cultivator protected Yangzhou City. People admired her. She was extremely strong and beautiful. Many people dreamt of being engaged in a relationship with her. However, people in Xue Yue could just dream about it.

That woman was called Qing Meng Xin. Even though she was a woman, she was much stronger than men.

At that moment, that woman was standing before a gigantic statue. She had spent a great deal of time making that statue. It was three zhang high, people had to raise their heads to look at it. That statue was the entrance of Yangzhou City!

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