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PMG Chapter 2227: Mortal Life

PMG Chapter 2227: Mortal Life

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After Lin Feng took everything away from Yangzhou City, many things had changed there. It was Xue Yue’s center, so people came to Yangzhou City because it was interesting in terms of history.

The gigantic statue was a statue of Lin Feng. There were still large streets and small lanes in Yangzhou City. Lin Feng was considered a hero there.

Even though Qing Meng Xin had become a Zun cultivator for a long time and was very strong, she wasn’t proud. She knew that she was much weaker than that young man. Back in the day, they had both appeared on the battle stage of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. However, after that, she had realized how weak she was.

“Lin Feng, where are you now and what is your cultivation level?” whispered Qing Meng Xin.

She was staring at Lin Feng’s statue. Many people were watching her. Many men were in love with her. In the past, she used to be sexy, now she was just purely beautiful.

At that moment, in the distance, two silhouettes appeared. One man and one woman. The man looked extremely strong and the woman looked beautiful. They got closer to the statue.

“It doesn’t look like him at all,” sniffed the woman, looking over the statue. She didn’t look satisfied.

“Not bad,” the man smiled.

“What? No! It doesn’t look like him. It’s so bad!” said the woman. Even though the statue looked lifelike, she wasn’t satisfied. It was because that statue was Lin Feng the way he looked in the past. He had changed afterwards.

The young man smiled. Actually, he didn’t think the statue really looked like him. His Qi was different.

“The best sculptor of the empire carved that statue, Master Ou Ye! He’s a Zun cultivator, he’s extremely strong, and you dare criticize his statue!” said someone when they heard those two. How disrespectful!

“How conceited!” said someone else, staring at the two.

The young man smiled thinly. People were similar everywhere in the cultivation world.

Qing Meng Xin heard a sound. She turned around and saw the two of them. She was surprised.

A strong wind blew, and Qing Meng Xin appeared in front of the man and the woman. She stared at them.

“Qing Meng Xin doesn’t like them either!” snickered the crowd when they saw that. But the young man and the young woman just smiled at Qing Meng Xin. They looked quite composed.

“You…” Qing Meng Xin suddenly remembered so many things. Lin Feng and Tang You You were back! On top of that, she couldn’t see their cultivation level. Even though they were smiling, she understood those two were already very, very far ahead of her.

“You You is my wife,” smiled Lin Feng.

Qing Meng Xin was astonished. She smiled and said, “Congratulations!”

“Thank you,” replied Lin Feng. He said, “I’m going to Yangzhou City to take a walk.”

“Alright, should I come with you?” asked Qing Meng Xin.

“No need. We’re just taking a walk,” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. Then, they entered Yangzhou City.

Qing Meng Xin turned and watched them. She took a deep breath. She was a Zun cultivator, but those two were… how strong were they? They already belonged to a different world.

When the crowd saw that, they were astonished. Qing Meng Xin knew those two?

“No, that young man looked familiar,” said someone. He looked way too familiar!

“I have the same feeling. As if I had just seen him.” said someone else. Quickly, people looked at the statue.

“There!” Someone swallowed and pointed at the statue. That was the common point!

Many people then looked over at Qing Meng Xin.

“He’s Lin Feng,” said Qing Meng Xin. Those people had the impression their brains were going to explode.

The one who had just talked was Lin Feng. They had just said his wife was talking nonsense! That extremely beautiful woman could criticize the statue if she wished, Master Ou Ye was a nobody in front of them.

“According to legends, Xue Yue disappeared in just one day because of Lin Feng. And now he’s back!”

“Indeed. Lin Feng is too strong. I wonder what his cultivation level is now.”

The people sighed. The news spread quickly in Yangzhou City, and soon everybody knew that Lin Feng had come back.


At that moment, Lin Feng and Tang You You were still having a walk in Yangzhou City. They looked like ordinary pedestrians.

Tang You You was smiling, “As expected, the Xue Yue you created is almost the same, but now it has started changing. Your Xue Yue is like it was in the past.”

“Of course. My parents are there. They like to feel like at home, it’s their hometown.” said Lin Feng smiling. Someone who hadn’t grown up in Xue Yue wouldn’t be able to see the differences though. The people in Lin Feng’s Xue Yue didn’t know they were somewhere else.

“Why did you want to come here?” asked Tang You You, holding Lin Feng’s arm and smiling gently.

“I initially wanted to go back home with you. Isn’t it a good thing?” replied Lin Feng with a smile.

They spent some time in bars and restaurants. The news that Lin Feng had come back had already spread in Yangzhou City, and many people noticed them. However, the two simply rose up into the air.

“It’s Lin Feng, it’s really him!” said someone when he saw them.

“Lin Feng!” The crowd raised their heads, but Lin Feng and Tang You You had turned into beams of light and disappeared.

“How fast! How strong!” People ran after them, but after a few steps, they stopped, unable to follow. What a pity, they wished they could have seen Lin Feng!


After leaving Yangzhou City, they crossed the Empire of Xue Yue and headed to Dragon Mountain to see Tang You You’s family. Tang Yi Yi and Tang Rui were already quite strong and had their own lives.

Lin Feng and Tang You You came down in a courtyard and looked at the sunset. Behind them, Tang You You’s father looked at them and smiled kindly. He couldn’t see how strong they were anymore.

Unfortunately, his grandchild wasn’t here. Tang You You told him that he was going to become a Holy Emperor in a Dynasty, but her father didn’t know what a Dynasty or a Holy Emperor were. He just thought that a Dynasty was probably much stronger than an empire like Dragon Mountain.

He couldn’t imagine what a place like Qi Tian Holy Town looked like, just like Lin Feng in the past before he had left the small world.

Lin Feng and Tang You You didn’t tell him too much. Telling him too much would just disturb their peaceful lives.

“Sister, when are you leaving with your husband? Stay here for a few days, alright?” said Tang Yi Yi, who was lying down on another side.

“We’ll leave in a few days. We’ll come back more often in the future,” replied Tang You You. She knew that Lin Feng needed to become stronger and break through. They were traveling to become stronger. Lin Feng wanted to break through to the Di Qi layer!

“Ah, I’ll come with you!” said Tang Rui.

“No,” said Tang You You, shaking her head. Tang Rui was growing up, but he continued acting like a kid.

“Alright, but your husband will stay with me for a few days!” said Tang Rui.

“Alright!” agreed Lin Feng whimsically. Spending a few days here and enjoying the peace and tranquility was a good thing!

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