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PMG Chapter 2228: Tribes’ Goddess

PMG Chapter 2228: Tribes’ Goddess

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A couple was walking on the snow holding hands. The woman looked extremely pretty. She let go of the man’s hand and ran on the snow, laughing. She was so beautiful that the snow around her could have melted, just like the man’s heart.

“That’s Tian Chi Snow Peak there. Is that where you studied back in the days?” Tang You You asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance, smiled, and nodded. In front of them was the city of Tian Chi. Many people were walking towards the city, aiming to become Tian Chi’s disciples.

“Let’s go and see!” exclaimed Tang You You, waiting for Lin Feng. She grabbed his hand again.

Many people who wanted to become disciples of Tian Chi were waiting at the foot of the snowy mountains. Many people looked at Lin Feng and Tang You You, viewing them as competitors.

Lin Feng and Tang You You were talking in low voices. They immediately entered Tian Chi, but some people came up to them quickly. “You can’t enter Tian Chi!”

Lin Feng was still holding Tang You You’s hand, and smiled gently. “You can’t follow.”

The two blurred into the wind and disappeared. Those people were astonished, and spun around. The two people were already far away. The guards’ hearts started pounding. Those people had entered Tian Chi without permission!

“What to do?”

“He said we can’t follow him. He’s probably a strong cultivator from abroad. We can’t disturb them. Let nature take its course. They don’t look evil.”

A few disciples from Tian Chi nodded agreement with those words.

Lin Feng and Tang You You arrived at the top of a snowy peak. Lin Feng remembered his time there. He was wondering how his Zun level teachers were doing.

These days, the main peak of Tian Chi was Tian Xuan Snowy Peak. There were two leaders there.

Tian Chi Xue was at the top of a snowy peak. She sensed something and turned around. She suddenly looked astonished, and her eyes became dazzling.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled at her. Tian Chi Xue’s mouth was wide open, she wanted to say something, but she was speechless.

A strong wind started blowing and both of them disappeared from her field of vision. Tian Chi Xue’s face stiffened. She gazed into the distance and saw Lin Feng already far in the distance.

What is his current cultivation level?, wondered Tian Chi Xue, still speechless. She didn’t chase after him.

Lin Feng and Tang You You continued walking from peak to peak, enjoying the beautiful scenery, then continued flying. The Huang Sea was still a stormy place, but Lin Feng and Tang You You could travel freely there. Now and then, they passed a boat, and when the people aboard saw two figures flying across the Huang Sea, they were stupefied.

Lin Feng and Tang You You had shaken the entire region of Ba Huang; the northern part of Ba Huang, the western part of Ba Huang, the southern part of Ba Huang, the central part of Ba Huang… Lin Feng had already spent five months in the small world. He just rested there.


Lin Feng and Tang You You left the small world crossing the passage between the small world and the Dark Night Region. They crossed the desert, where many tribes still lived. They were all connected.

Lin Feng arrived in a tribe walking on the warm yellow sand. People seemed extremely busy.

Back then, Emperor Yu and he had come to this, tribe and Mu Yun had taken care of them.

Lin Feng knew the place. After a short time, he noticed that many people had gathered at the foot of a tree.

The sunlight was scorching hot, so the people spent time in the shade. There was a beautiful woman in white clothes over there, looking busy. Someone was helping her put healing herbs in a cauldron. Of course, that woman could easily heal light injuries herself.

A young man whose arm was wounded was seated next to Mu Yun as she healed his wounds. He smiled at Mu Yun and said, “Mu Yun, if I could get married to you, I’d be so happy.”

Mu Yun smiled at the young man. Someone next to them admonished him, “Aguta, Mu Yun is the most beautiful woman of all the tribes. She’s nice, gentle, and generous. She’s like a goddess to all the tribes. Why would she want to marry you?”

“Aguta, you’re not even a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer. Mu Yun is an emperor. How could you get married with such a goddess?”

“If a great hero appeared in our tribe, he’d be able to get married to Mu Yun!” said an old man in a solemn and respectful way.

“I will become the hero of our tribes then!” Aguta grinned.

Mu Yun smiled gently, looking like a celestial being. It was the same thing every day, young men told her such things. Every day, they kept saying they wanted to become heroes and get married to her. However, even if they did, would she want to get married to them?

Lin Feng was standing in the distance. When he saw that beautiful woman, he smiled slightly. She had gone back to the tribe and hadn’t left. Nothing had changed, she was just as beautiful as before.

“Lin Feng, don’t you like her?” Tang You You asked Lin Feng. Her lips twitched as she stared at him. Lin Feng was staring at the woman and remained motionless.

“I owe her a lot. She’s both gentle and generous. Back then, she saved Emperor Yu and me,” whispered Lin Feng.

“I’m asking you if you like her?” asked Tang You You. She looked like a little girl. Her eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was a pervert and he liked many women.

“A little bit,” Lin Feng admitted. “But I came here just to see if she was alright.” He caressed You-You’s face gently.

“As expected!” said Tang You You, pursing her lips. She continued, “If you really like her, take her with us. She seems like a good girl, she looks gentle and beautiful. You keep hurting women’s feelings!”

“Eh…” Lin Feng looked surprised, he smiled wryly and said to Tang You You, “Meng Qing, Xin Ye, I still haven’t solved their problems. We don’t know what awaits us in the future. Before becoming stronger, I won’t accept other women in my life. I already owe you and the others a lot.”

“So someday, when you become a great emperor, you’ll continue hurting women’s feelings?” said Tang You You, pursing her lips, her eyes twinkling. What a guy!

Lin Feng had cold sweats. “I’ll hurt you first!” said Lin Feng, grabbing Tang You You’s arms and laughing.

Tang You You said, “Go and see her. I’m waiting here.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“If she sees me, she’ll be sad,” Tang You You smiled. She let go off Lin Feng and rose up into the air. As she left, she turned around and smiled back at him.

Lin Feng grinned and shook his head, before walking over to Mu Yun slowly. Mu Yun was focused on her patient, she didn’t notice Lin Feng. After all, many people came to her every day.

The others looked at Lin Feng, he looked like a scholar. He was different from the other young men, and probably wasn’t from a tribe.

“Help me,” said Lin Feng, walking up to Mu Yun.

“There are many people, you need to get in line,” said Mu Yun, without looking at the one speaking. However, she sensed that he wasn’t moving, and the voice sounded familiar, too.

She raised her head and looked at him. When she saw his broad smile, her heart skipped a beat.

“Lin Feng!” said Mu Yun. She was surprised. She didn’t think she would ever see him here.

“Are you alright?” asked Lin Feng, smiling back at Mu Yun.

“Yes, good old routine. My life is peaceful and tranquil. I’m happy!” replied Mu Yun. “What about you? What are you doing here?”

“I was in the region and thought I’d come and see you,” said Lin Feng smiled.

Mu Yun blushed despite herself. Then, she looked at the people waiting and said, “Could you all come back tomorrow?”

The people waiting were stunned, everyone looking at Lin Feng. Who was this guy? Mu Yun never wasted a minute when it came to healing patients. This was a man.

Lin Feng sensed that many men were looking at him coldly.

“No need, I’ll help you,” said Lin Feng smiling. He released life cosmic energies around everybody. People all sensed an incredible vitality surround them.

Some astonished people realized that their injuries were instantly healed. Who was that guy? His cosmic energies were incredible. He was a powerful emperor!

Mu Yun laughed when she saw that, and continued healing people with Lin Feng’s help.

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