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PMG Chapter 223: The Forbidden Area

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In the Zi Government area, in a mansion filled with golden decorations, only one floor was illuminated with a purple light.

On the top of the mountain, there was a huge palace, which seemed like it had been entirely transformed. There was one corridor inside which was extremely spacious and much higher than the others.

At that moment, at the front end of the long covered corridor in the palace, there was a huge Golden Zi statue which looked majestic. That was the statue of the ancestors of the Zi Government. This was a statue, which meant something to all the people who were blood-related to the Zi Government. They had to bow to the ancestors as a sign of respect. Behind the statue was the forbidden area of the palace, which was a huge stone door. Only those who were blood related Zi Government would be allowed into this area.

In the central district of the mountain, many people were walking towards that palace. The huge statue and the vast palace were there to welcome them.

In normal times, the forbidden area was always closed off, they couldn’t gain access no matter what their status.

At that moment, a group of people were walking down the long covered corridor and arrived in front of the statue. They knelt three times and kowtowed nine times in front of the statue and immediately after, lined up at the side of the statue.

The silhouettes were getting more and more numerous. They were almost all blood-related to the Zi Government, but there were some who were friends of the Zi Government as well. The ceremony was a major event. However, the people related to the Zi Government and those unrelated were different. Those who were blood-related had to carry out the sacrificial rite before they could enter the forbidden area. They couldn’t be interrupted, so very few people would bring outsiders.

At that moment, Zi Ling and Ling Feng had also arrived. Lin Feng was still wearing a silver mask and Zi Ling didn’t understand why.

“Zi Yi has arrived.” Zi Ling was looking at the distance and saw Zi Yi and Lin Hao Jie arrive together. A short moment after, they arrived next to Zi Ling.

“Zi Ling, how come you are still hanging out with the likes of him?” said Zi Yi coldly while frowning.

Lin Feng looked at Zi Yi and used his earth fusion. His senses became extremely acute. He could clearly perceive that there something different about Zi Yi.

Zi Yi had lost her innocence!

“What an ignorant girl!”

Lin Feng was shaking his head. Lin Hao Jie and Zi Yi had known each other for less than a day and Zi Yi had offered herself to Lin Hao Jie. Lin Feng didn’t know what to say, but since it was Zi Yi’s own will, he also could not interfere. He had already fulfilled his duty, he gave her advice and protected her on the journey.

Maybe Zi Yi really thought that she and Lin Hao Jie were going to be together forever.

“Sister.” said Zi Ling while pouting. “We came with Lin Feng, we obviously have to stay with him.”

“Zi Ling, you shouldn’t trust such an ignorant and evil person. He is tricking you. How did he treat you yesterday evening?”

Zi Yi’s tone was more imposing and more domineering than before, she also sounded slightly arrogant. When Lin Feng noticed that, he felt even more exasperated.

Before, Zi Yi used to be docile when facing Zi Ling, after all, she was an adopted daughter. But at that moment, she sounded like she was talking down to Zi Ling. Maybe she thought that because she was in a relationship with Lin Hao Jie, her social status was now higher than Zi Ling’s.

“Sister, what are you saying?” Zi Ling was speechless.

Then, Lin Feng coldly groaned and said in a cold tone: “Zi Ling, Zi Yi, your father assigned me to bring you to the Zi Government and ensure your safety. I have now fulfilled my duty. From this point on, we no longer have any ties between us. If you see me, act as if you do not know me and I will do the same.”

“As far as you are concerned, Zi Yi, what you do and what you have done were all your own choices and you will have to bear the responsibility on your own. I already warned you enough times.”

These were Lin Feng’s last words, immediately after, he abruptly turned around and disappeared into the middle of the crowd. Zi Yi and Zi Ling were absolutely dumbstruck.

Lin Feng had left and cut the ties between them.

“Sister, look what you have done, Lin Feng left out of rage.” said Zi Ling, who was angry, but Zi Yi groaned coldly and said: “Good, he would have tried to trick you sooner or later.”

At that moment, people in the queue started to get livelier. At the end of the corridor, a group of people had appeared and leading them was an old man of the Zi Government. He was the Patriarch of the Zi Governmental: Zi Ying.

Behind Zi Ying were two people. One of them was wearing golden clothes. He looked elegant and majestic and diffused a dazzling aura. That was the future husband, Zi Qiong.

Besides, on Zi Qiong’s side, there was an incredibly delicate and pretty woman. She was wearing a long purple dress. She had an ornamental wedding crown on her head, she was incredibly beautiful.

“What a beautiful woman! It looks like the rumors are true, the bride is the most beautiful girl in the region. Even Zi Xia of the Zi Government, isn’t as beautiful as her.”

“How beautiful. She looks so elegant. Her clothes make her even more beautiful. Zi Qiong really has good eyes. If only I could find such a beautiful wife, I would be so happy. Even if she wanted me to give up practicing cultivation, I would instantly agree.”

Various comments were spreading through the crowd while looking at the beautiful bride. He really deserved his status as the young master of the Zi Government, finding such a beautiful wife was difficult.

Initially, they couldn’t imagine what kind of girl would have the luck to marry Zi Qiong but at that moment they had no doubts anymore. That woman was definitely a good match for Zi Qiong and his social status.

“What a beautiful woman! Zi Yi, sister, the rumors were entirely true, there is no woman more beautiful than her in the region.” said Zi Ling in a low voice. At that moment, she was also looking at the woman’s beautiful and delicate face. When looking at the woman, she had the feeling that she wasn’t beautiful at all.

Zi Yi’s heart was also beating faster, but she remained silent. She turned around and looked at Lin Hao Jie. Lin Hao Jie was fixedly staring at the silhouette. He had a strange expression on his face. He couldn’t help but sigh and say: “Zi Qiong, brother, you’re really extremely lucky.”

When Zi Yi saw Lin Hao Jie narrowing his eyes, jealousy invaded her heart, she then grabbed Lin Hao Jie’s hand.

Lin Hao Jie turned his head and calmly looked at Zi Yi. In comparison with that beautiful woman, Zi Yi was extremely vulgar when compared to the beautiful bride.

“Zi Qiong and I are good friends. His wife is very beautiful. If I marry Zi Yi, people will laugh at me. I will make myself a laughing stock.” thought Lin Hao Jie feeling depressed. He looked at ZI Yi in a cold way. He had already had his fun with Zi Yi, he didn’t need her anymore.

When Zi Yi saw Lin Hao Jie’s facial expression, a piercing coldness gradually invaded her heart.

“Alright, everybody, calm down!” At that moment, a cold and detached voice spread through the atmosphere. The crowd gradually calmed down and everybody looked at Zi Ying in the middle of the huge covered corridor.

“Zi Xia, come here.” said Zi Ying while turning around. A beautiful young woman arrived. She raised her head and moved to Zi Ying’s side.

Zi Xia was Zi Qiong’s sister. She was the precious daughter of the Zi Government. Even though she wasn’t as beautiful as the bride, she still had the power to drive men wild. A beautiful woman such as she could not easily be found.

“Zi Xia’s is also very beautiful.” whispered Lin Hao Jie. At least, she was much better than Zi Yi.

Zi Yi’s face turned deathly pale. She was staring at Lin Hao Jie but he wasn’t even looking at her.

“Sister! What’s wrong?” said Zi Ling as if she had noticed something wrong. She started pulling on Zi Yi’s hand, but Zi Yi remained frozen in place. She was just staring at Lin Hao Jie. On the day before, he had been so sweet to her and had kept whispering honeyed phrases. He had promised that they would be together forever. Why was he so cold at that moment?

“Today is the day of my son’s wedding ceremony!” said Zi Ying from the corridor. He then continued: “At the same time, I would like to find a husband for my daughter, Zi Xia. This will be a simultaneous happy occasion for our family. If a young and outstanding young man is interested in marrying my daughter, come into the corridor and battle for her hand. The last one standing will be able to marry my daughter and become my new son-in-law. Besides, you will be able to enter the forbidden area with Zi Qiong.”

The wedding tradition of the Zi Government was particularly strange. The crowd first congratulated them, then they could proceed with the ritual of the ancestors, and only then could they enter the forbidden area. When they came out of the forbidden area, they were officially husband and wife.

Besides, it was said that people could gain great benefits from entering the forbidden area.

Therefore, when Zi Ying finished talking, many people were astonished: enter the forbidden area?

The rule of the Zi Government was that, in order to enter the forbidden area, a young man had to be a direct descendent of the Zi Government. Therefore, daughters of the government and son-in-laws couldn’t go into the forbidden area. That was the continued tradition. However, this time, they were not respecting the rules which stupefied many people.

Amongst the young men who were present, many of them looked excited and were eager to give it a try. Lin Hao Jie was one of them!

At that moment, nobody had noticed that, in the middle of the crowd, there was a young man wearing a silver mask who was also looking at that young bride. The expression in his eyes was sharp. He raised his hands to his silver mask and then slowly took it off. Immediately after, he slowly walked forwards.

The beautiful bride who was next to Zi Qiong was actually Duan Xin Ye, the princess of Xue Yue.

The Zi Government must be forcing her to marry Zi Qiong. If she had refused to marry him and enter the forbidden area, they would have forced Zi Qiong to take her innocence and then arrange her marriage, after the humiliation. Instead, she had accepted in order to preserve her honour and integrity. She had always kept her innocence and had never been with a man. However, if she entered the forbidden area with Zi Qiong, she didn’t know what would happen to her.

This was her current situation, what would Duan Xin Ye do?”

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