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PMG Chapter 2231: Folders

PMG Chapter 2231: Folders

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Lin Feng walked forwards, his steps heavy. He looked exhausted. His hair covered his face, but his eyes glittered. His soul strength kept floating around as he inspected his surroundings.

To break through to the Di Qi layer, my soul must fuse together with the earth and sky. Attacks become real at that cultivation level. So when a fire-type cultivator uses fire, he can burn mountains for real. A great emperor’s soul is also stronger. Great emperors can also use the strength of the earth and sky as their own. It’s also easier to understand Dao intent when you’re a great emperor. Therefore, many people only start understanding Dao intent after breaking through to the Di Qi layer, thought Lin Feng. He remembered what the Diviner had told him.

“The gods have abandoned me. Maybe that is the reason why I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer right now?” mused Lin Feng. However, at that moment, his eyes were dazzling. He saw some strength in the distance which attracted his soul.

“What is that place?” he asked himself. He had unceasingly tried to fuse his soul together with the earth and sky, he had been looking for opportunities, but in vain. It was just like back then, when he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer. Maybe the earth and sky were rejecting him, once again?

Lin Feng arrived in front of a gigantic stone and jumped atop it. He sat down cross-legged and soul strength filled the air, and rolling far into the distance.

Lin Feng’s soul strength was extremely powerful now. He could leave his corporeal body whenever he wished. Of course, it allowed him to see far away, but it was also dangerous. If he encountered someone evil, that person could attack his soul. After having broken through to the Di Qi layer, when a cultivator’s soul had fused together with the earth and sky, it was much easier and more appropriate to leave one’s body. These days, Lin Feng only released a few threads of soul strength to inspect his surroundings.

Lin Feng’s soul strength moved like the wind through the depths of Long Night City. Everything his soul saw appeared in his field of vision. It was an ancient city, with imposing and magnificent buildings that contained an incredible Qi. The buildings there almost all looked like castles, and the people were strong. Emperors could be seen everywhere; there were also many great emperors, and the city almost seemed boundless.

His soul floated for a long time. Lin Feng was amazed, what kind of place was this? His soul was being attracted by something, was there a treasure here?

Lin Feng was curious, so his soul continued floating around in the city. Finally, quite far away from his real body, he saw a castle with purple Qi floating around it like a purple cloud. However, in front of that fortress were many dark buildings that looked like gates, death water flowing atop them. They all contained a terrifying strength, and surrounded the whole fortress.

That energy looked like the energy he had seen in the King of Hell’s Palace.

What is that place?, thought Lin Feng. It had attracted his soul strength. The purple Qi was attracting his soul. It was a mysterious feeling.

The purple Qi was thick and powerful. It was probably the territory of a powerful group. Many cultivators had gathered there. They seemed like they were there to sense the purple Qi.

Some people were standing outside a fortress. There was a young man in the crowd.

“Someone came here with their soul, what a prodigy!” said someone next to him.

“Impressive. In the whole city, only people from Jiu You’s Ministry have a purple soul Qi, which then turns into the purple soul celestial walls which can envelop Long Night City. Maybe that person is attracted by purple soul Qi?” said the young man, smiling coldly.

“So what? Even if that’s the case, many people are insatiably greedy. It’s still difficult to get close to Jiu You’s Ministry. Back then, Brother Ye Ying left Jiu You’s Ministry and participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He finished in the top twenty, he’s extremely strong,” a beautiful woman wearing white clothes said coldly. However, when she heard Ye Ying’s name, her beautiful eyes twinkled.

“How strong do you think the owner of that soul strength is?”

“It’s just a thread of soul, I don’t think he’s a great emperor. He’s crazy arrogant to get that close to Jiu You’s Ministry.” said the young man icily, clenching his fists. He spat out some Sword intent, which shot into the distance.

Lin Feng sensed the sword energy, his soul flickered and dodged. He wanted to get close to see what was going on there, but surprisingly someone attacked him!

His soul turned into a figure and looked at the young man on the ground. However, the young man frowned and waved his hand. He wanted to block Lin Feng’s soul and moved quickly.

Lin Feng’s soul was getting ready to leave, but sword strength closed on his soul from all directions. It quickly destroyed his soul thread.

“Idiot,” said the young man. He grunted icily, and his sword energy disappeared.

On a boulder outside Long Night City, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, which glittered with ice-cold lights. He released a terrifying Death intent.

A great distance away, the one who had just attacked his soul sensed the Death intent and shivered. How strong!

“In Long Night City, there are purple clouds, and in some areas, there’s death water. What is it?” asked Lin Feng to those people icily. They were all startled, and felt a great pressure. Their questioner’s consciousness could kill them!

As expected, it wasn’t wise to judge a book by its cover. He looked wild and scary.

“One of the groups of Long Night City, Jiu You’s Ministry!” replied that person.

“What are the purple clouds?” asked Lin Feng.

“Purple Soul Qi. Jiu You’s Ministry gathers the purple soul Qi of the earth and sky in the center of Long Night City. That way, people’s souls can fuse together with the earth and sky more easily, and become great emperors!”

“How incredible.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. No wonder there were so many people there.

“Purple soul Qi allows people to understand the earth and sky better. It helps their soul fuse together with the earth and sky more easily. Purple soul Qi is mysterious,” said that person again. Lin Feng nodded. Then, he stood up and gazed off into the distance.


In the Fortune Shrine, in a Star Palace…

Some starlight twinkled down. There were many stars and pagoda lights. Many people looked busy there, consulting jade talismans, folders, and other things.

“Have you found it?” asked the Diviner of someone who was busy.

“No. Years have passed, and we have too many folders. The folders are not sorted at all, it’s so messy. We need to sort them and get rid of the useless folders. I still have hope that we can find that folder, though!” replied the person.

The Diviner nodded and sighed. So many years had passed. Chu Chun Qiu was under pressure. The top ten cultivators were progressing really fast. They had all broken through to the Di Qi layer, except Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was already as strong as a great emperor, but why he hadn’t broken through to the Di Qi layer was a mystery. The only explanation was that he was a Forbidden Person! Even the leader of the Shrine was unable to explain why such a thing was happening to Lin Feng. There was probably no other person like him in the world. To understand that matter, it was necessary to do some research and check ancient folders.

The Forbidden Person understood Forbidden People better than the other Shrines, though. But still, only legends remained about such people. The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds knew about Forbidden People better than ordinary people. In the world, many people had heard that expression, but they didn’t know what it meant.

“Have you started looking into the folders which were in the trash bin?”

“Yes, half a year ago,” that person confirmed. The Fortune Shrine had existed for a very long time, they had as many folders as the stars.

At that moment, someone rushed in. The Diviner turned around and asked, “Old buddy, why such a rush?”

He was a very core member of the Fortune Shrine!

“I found it.” said the old man shaking his hands. He gave a shiny item to the Diviner. The Diviner was astonished, and quickly put his godly awareness inside. There was only one sentence.

The Diviner started breathing faster. He clenched his fists, and the folder instantly disappeared. His heart was pounding, his eyes were twinkling like bright stars.

No wonder!

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