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PMG Chapter 2232: Purple Soul Strength

PMG Chapter 2232: Purple Soul Strength

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Lin Feng walked into Long Night City towards the purple clouds. He seemed to be walking slowly, but actually he was extremely fast. Like the wheels of a carriage, the faster they moved, the slower they looked. Many people couldn’t even see him distinctly.

There were still many people outside of Jiu You’s Ministry. At that moment, there was a path opened above the black water. There were some people coming out of Jiu You’s Ministry!

After a short time, they stopped and looked at the crowd. “Today is Jiu You’s Ministry’s open house. All the people who have been chosen, come here.”

Many young people walked forwards and up to the nine gates. The young man who had attacked Lin Feng was with a woman and another man, he said, “We’re from the Sword Sect, here to visit Jiu You’s Ministry.”

“Yes, I recognize you. You don’t need a token,” said the strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry calmly. The three cultivators looked particularly proud. Not many people had such a privilege in Jiu You’s Ministry. Even those who had been selected had to have a token. Those three enjoyed a good reputation in Long Night City, especially since they were from the Sword Sect.

The other people were mostly young people from other sects and powerful groups in town. Every year, powerful groups chose disciples they sent to Jiu You’s Ministry to benefit from purple soul strength. The majority of those people were at the top of the Huang Qi layer. After all, the purpose of purple soul strength was to help them fuse their soul together with the earth and sky, and become great emperors!

Behind the crowd, a young man who had messy long hair and beard appeared. Many people looked at him because of that. He looked in the direction of Jiu You’s Ministry.

There wasn’t only purple soul strength there, there was also death strength. A river made of death energy was there. The death strength was quite pure. This group probably controlled death strength as well!

“Jiu You’s Ministry!” whispered Lin Feng. He continued walking forwards. He raised his head and gazed into the distance. The strong cultivator from Jiu You’s Ministry looked at Lin Feng and said, “Which group sent you, Your Excellency? And do you have your token?”

Lin Feng shook his head. He looked at a young man, the one who had attacked his soul.

The young man sensed that Lin Feng was looking at him, he had a familiar feeling. He was startled. “You’re the one who released that thread of soul strength?”

Lin Feng said nothing. The young man grunted icily and released his Sword intent, staring at Lin Feng, “You initially thought you could come here to sense purple soul strength with a thread of soul? How insolent!”

A strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng disappeared. The young man was shocked, and his face stiffened. His Sword intent was whistling and moving in every direction. However, someone drew closer and closer to him. He saw messy hair. A hand appeared and grew bigger and bigger…

“Piss off!” shouted the young man frantically. Sword lights emerged from his mouth and third eye, and shot towards Lin Feng. However, ice-cold lights emerged from Lin Feng’s hair-covered eyes, death strength smashed the sword lights and destroyed them. His hand crashed onto the young man’s neck.

The young man was dumbstruck. “Your Excellency, who are you? I’m from the Sword Sect! If you have anything to say, tell me!” said the young man. Breaking and snapping sounds arose as fingers closed. Lin Feng held him by the neck even tighter.

“When you destroyed my soul, you didn’t ask me who I was,” said Lin Feng icily.

“Be merciful!” said someone at that moment. It was a member of Jiu You’s Ministry. All the people who were sent to Jiu You’s Ministry had been carefully selected, and were outstanding. If they died there, how would Jiu You’s Ministry be able to justify themselves? At least, people had to give them face!

“It has nothing to do with Jiu You’s Ministry,” said Lin Feng.

“He’s from the Sword Clan. Your Excellency, even though you’re very strong, the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect will come and kill you painfully if you do anything to him,” said the strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry.

“Indeed, I’m from the Sword Sect, Yue Song; if you attack me, my teacher will kill you!” said the young man again.

Lin Feng turned his head sharply, death Qi emerging from his third eye and into the brain of the young man. The man’s face turned grey, and death Qi surrounded his body.

Lin Feng let go of him, and the body fell limply down. He had just killed that outstanding young man of the Sword Sect.

“Death Dao!” The strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry was staring at Lin Feng. He looked wild and unkempt, but he was also terrifyingly strong. He had probably been an emperor for a very long time and practiced Death Dao for dozens of years. That was the only explanation to the strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry.

“Your Excellency, you’re cruel, but your death strength is incredible!” said that person, staring at Lin Feng. He was astonished. Lin Feng was probably more than a hundred years old…

“You killed him…” The young man and the young woman who were with him were staring at Lin Feng. Their fellow disciple had just been killed, all because he had destroyed Lin Feng’s soul thread. He had been careless.

“He destroyed that guy’s soul thread a moment ago. He was very arrogant because he was a disciple of the Sword Sect, but this time he wasn’t lucky, he died for nothing. He should have been more discreet,” said someone.

“Yes, indeed. Why destroy someone’s soul thread when you don’t know them? It’s risky and disrespectful. He wasn’t strong enough, so he died, it’s absolutely normal. If he hadn’t provoked that guy, he wouldn’t have died,” agreed different people. The cultivation world was vast, but it was better to be discreet sometimes to avoid getting killed!

Lin Feng looked at the young man and the young woman with his pitch-black eyes. His eyes were filled with murder, so they didn’t say anything.

Then, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the member of Jiu You’s Ministry, “Can I go inside and sense the purple cloud?”

The strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry was surprised, and glanced at the corpse. Lin Feng hadn’t listened to him and had killed the Sword Sect’s disciple anyway, he wasn’t supposed to let him in.

However, Lin Feng’s death strength was incredible, and it looked similar to their own. He was interested and intrigued.

“Alright, you can come in,” said the great emperor calmly. The two Sword Sect’s disciples were astonished, and looked at him icily. They couldn’t wait to see the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect kill him.

“I’ll let you dispose of the body. The others, follow me.” said the strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry to the two Sword Sect disciples, as he entered Jiu You’s Ministry with everybody else.

Lin Feng followed. He wanted to sense the purple soul strength, would it help him fuse his soul together with the earth and sky? Would it help him break through to the Di Qi layer?

Jiu You’s Ministry’s people brought the crowd to a vast place with purple clouds everywhere. The purple soul strength rolled around them, and cultivators had an irresistible feeling. They couldn’t help but release their souls.

As expected, the purple soul strength attracts people’s souls. I wonder if anything will happen, thought Lin Feng. His soul rolled out like other people’s souls and moved into the purple clouds.

The purple clouds beat at the same pace as their hearts…

This is how it feels when your soul fuses together with the earth and sky? It allows you to fuse your soul together with the purple clouds, and then the purple clouds fuse with the earth and sky. Your soul indirectly fuses together with the earth and sky!, thought Lin Feng. His soul strength kept penetrating into the purple cloud strength.

It really felt as if his soul had fused together with the earth and sky. His soul felt much stronger that way. He could use soul strength and the strength of the earth and sky to carry out attacks this way. Lin Feng also noticed that his soul defense had increased a lot, so even if his soul was attacked, it was difficult to break it.

The most important thing was that cultivators needed to make their soul fuse together with the earth and sky if they wanted to understand the great and natural Dao of the earth and sky. It would became part of their strength.

“Everybody has three days to enjoy the purple soul strength. If you fight using soul strength, you’ll have to bear the responsibilities yourselves. Jiu You’s Ministry has nothing to do with duels. However, you can’t use physical attacks, only soul attacks,” said the Jiu You’s Ministry member.

The area was vast. Fighting using their souls was a normal thing to do. Besides, many people wanted to use more purple soul strength, so they were definitely going to compete for it. That way, they’d understand the relative principles better.

Lin Feng also did his best. He wanted to become a great emperor. He was ready to do his best and use his full strength.

However, he didn’t know that the Diviner was looking for his clone, to tell him what he had read in the folder!

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      Yeah it’s been dead frustrating how he’s constantly lagging behind everyone else and just wandering around aimlessly.

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