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PMG Chapter 2233: Forbidden Body – No Cultivation Level

PMG Chapter 2233: Forbidden Body – No Cultivation Level

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In the Fortune Shrine…

Lin Feng had left two clones in the Fortune Shrine. They fused together and he sat down cross-legged in the starlit sky to cultivate.

The Diviner slowly walked towards him without saying anything. However, Lin Feng’s clone opened his eyes and looked at the Diviner. “Teacher!” he greeted the other.

The Diviner looked at Lin Feng, trying to calm down. His heart was still pounding. He said to Lin Feng, “I found the folder. I may have some not so good news.”

“Tell me, Teacher,” replied Lin Feng. Even if he needed years to break through to the Di Qi layer, it didn’t matter, as long as he could someday.

“In the folder, there was only one sentence. Get ready,” the Diviner said to him.

“Alright…,” Lin Feng nodded.

The Diviner looked at him and took a deep breath. He said slowly, “Forbidden People have no cultivation level, they can’t break through to the Di Qi layer.”

Lin Feng was astonished, his heart pounding violently. He pulled a long face. “Forbidden People have no cultivation level, they can’t break through to the Di Qi layer.” Would he truly never be able to break through to the Di Qi layer?!

“Teacher, you said that back then, a great war broke out because of a Forbidden Person, which means that the cultivator was terrifyingly strong. What is that supposed to mean? That extremely strong cultivator couldn’t break through to the Di Qi layer?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. Why was a person who had a forbidden body not able to break through to the Di Qi layer? How would he ever be able to kill strong great emperors, or even Holy Great Emperors as an emperor?

And then Saints?

“I don’t know either. Life must be difficult as a Forbidden Person. Maybe you can try and find the answer in your spirit’s world? Nobody knows about the former Forbidden Person. However, he was definitely a terrifying fighter. Rest assured, I don’t think anyone or anything can stop you.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Even though the Diviner was trying to cheer him up, Lin Feng had the impression his world was collapsing around him. What pressure! What would he do if he wasn’t able to break through to the Di Qi layer? What about his agreement with the Snow Clan? What about the Moon Palace? He wouldn’t be able to sort out all those things!

“Lin Feng, come with me to the library. I’ll show you some spells. Maybe you’ll find something suitable for you,” the Diviner said to him. Lin Feng nodded. The Fortune Shrine had existed for so many years, they probably had terrifying scriptures. He might learn some interesting things.

The Diviner turned around and sighed. He hadn’t told Lin Feng the full sentence. He had only told him half of it. But he wanted Lin Feng to understand things by himself!


What happened there influenced Lin Feng’s real body. At that moment, he raised his head and looked at the purple clouds. He looked confused. He said, “I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer, I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer… so how will I practice cultivation?”

Many people looked at Lin Feng. What was going on? Why was he saying that? They thought, How old is he? He’s so strong, his Dao power is incredible, his comprehension abilities are great. Even if he needs a few years, he should be able to break through to the Di Qi layer? What’s wrong with him?

Someone grunted icily. His soul strength turned into a gigantic dragon which absorbed the purple soul strength. Many people’s souls were also colliding. However, each time someone moved back. Some people even got injured and recalled their soul strength, after which they sat down cross-legged and closed their eyes to recover.

“Some people are extremely strong, their soul strength is astonishing.” People weren’t surprised to see that. Each time people came, they fought over the purple soul strength, it was normal. Three people’s soul strength kept roaring out and absorbing terrifying amounts of purple soul strength. Many people didn’t want to take risks, so they stayed away.

Lin Feng’s soul was a demon shadow. It was slowly becoming bigger. However, at that moment, a terrifying dragon moved towards him and demanded icily, “Piss off!”

The dragon opened his mouth, he wanting to absorb Lin Feng’s soul as well as the purple soul strength!

Lin Feng looked at him coldly. His soul turned into a gigantic death demon, he stood up and looked at the enemy with his pitch-black eyes. He looked like an inky black and purple demon giant. A terrifying strength surged towards the man

The dragon roared out, now surrounded by death Qi.

I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer, I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer…? Even if I have to defeat the gods, I will become a peerless cultivator someday!, thought Lin Feng. He was unhappy. Back then, he had done the same thing, finding his own solution to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

“Die!” shouted the man furiously. The dragon struggled to break free, but his opponent’s soul looked desperate. He was going to die!

“Spare my life!” shouted the cultivator frantically. He was desperate, and had lost all his arrogance. But a terrifying strength was converging towards his soul from every direction. The soul dragon turned into death Qi and disappeared.

He wasn’t able to recall his soul into his body. If he managed to do that, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to finish him so easily. But he had dared act that arrogantly, as people didn’t normally dare fight against such people’s souls.

His soul disappeared, his body turned grey, now a corpse. The crowd knew who he was, a genius from the Luan Clan. He had been killed that way, what a pity, especially since he had been selected to participate!

Lin Feng didn’t know what the others were thinking. His soul roared out, and everybody moved back. Death Dao filled the air, and he occupied a majority of the purple cloud territory.

“Your Excellency, leave some space. Or do you intend to absorb all the purple soul strength alone?” asked someone icily.

An endless number of death spears appeared and moved towards the speaker’s soul. His face turned deathly pale when he sensed the terrifying death strength.

Lin Feng grunted icily. The death strength contained a Nihility Sword!

A horrible shriek rose up. That person’s soul was injured, but he managed to recall it into his body. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng’s soul with murder in his eyes.

Lin Feng ignored him, and continued invading the area. Everybody moved away from him. Very quickly, he was almost the only one to benefit from the purple clouds. People opened their eyes one after another and stared at him icily.

“That guy is going too far. He’s the only one benefitting from the purple strength!”

“Insolent bastard! Unpardonable!” swore someone icily. Nobody wanted to let Lin Feng benefit from the purple strength alone, but they couldn’t attack using their real bodies. They could only use soul strength!

The nine people hadn’t thought someone would be so aggressive and would use all the purple strength for their own benefit.

Lin Feng enjoyed it all. People had been forced to recall their strength into their bodies, but what could they do against him?

Those people had come thinking it would be an incredible opportunity, but found they were facing such a terrifying cultivator.

In the end, the purple strength kept rising to the skies. Lin Feng controlled the purple strength using his soul. It wasn’t difficult at all. His soul and the purple strength had easily fused together and after that, it wasn’t difficult at all to make that fusion of soul strength fuse together with the earth and sky. On top of that, he could easily make the whole strength do anything he wanted.

This is how it feels when your soul has fused together with the earth and sky… It’s a necessary step to become a great emperor, thought Lin Feng making his soul strength rise high up in the air. The purple soul strength could easily fuse together with the earth and sky, so it gave Lin Feng a good opportunity to experience what it felt like.

Everybody was looking at him icily, with murder in their eyes.


Back in the Ministry, two young people went out and bowed before the strong cultivator of Jiu You’s Ministry. Their social statuses were extraordinary.

“That guy is so filthy!” frowned a young woman.

“But he’s also extremely strong!” replied one of the nine strong cultivators.

“He’s really strong, indeed. His soul must be terrifyingly strong,” agreed the woman. She looked at the sky and said, “He hasn’t broken through to the Di Qi layer, and that isn’t normal. He should join us.”

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