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PMG Chapter 2234: Fierce Battle

PMG Chapter 2234: Fierce Battle

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“Join Jiu You’s Ministry? But what if he can’t break through to the Di Qi layer?” asked the other woman indifferently. She didn’t really agree.

“Even if he can’t break through to the Di Qi layer, it doesn’t matter, it can’t be harmful for Jiu You’s Ministry. If he manages to break through to the Di Qi layer, he’ll become terrifyingly strong!” the young man smiled. “Qing Er, we’ll need your help here.”

“Alright,” the girl nodded.

Lin Feng was still enjoying the purple soul strength. The purple soul strength was high up in the air and pulsing steadily. The purple soul strength turned into a dragon, then a sword, and then into many other things. It transformed constantly, able to transform into the ten thousand things of creation.

A figure appeared in the air; it looked like a death god and roared furiously. Millions of terrifying death spears appeared. The soul attack was terrifyingly powerful!

With my strength, I can easily borrow purple soul strength. Actually, in normal circumstances, I should also be able to make my soul fuse together with the earth and sky, but I can’t if I don’t use purple soul strength. I really don’t understand, Lin Feng sighed. He didn’t need to try anymore, because he knew that in normal conditions, he should have been able to do this a long time before.

But he was different from other people. Why?

He recalled his soul into his body and opened his eyes. He looked confused. No cultivation level? He couldn’t break through to the Di Qi layer? How could he continue practicing cultivation that way?

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the purple soul strength. Years had already passed. If he couldn’t break through to the Di Qi layer, how would he be able to go to the Snow Clan?

Xue Ao had a king-type body and was terrifyingly strong. In twenty years, he would become even scarier!

He couldn’t win against Xue Ao relying solely on physical strength. He needed to break through!

At that moment, Qing Er arrived next to Lin Feng and asked, “How did the purple soul strength feel?”

Lin Feng turned around and saw Qing Er. She was smiling widely, and looked quite charming. People usually found such women extremely beautiful.

However, Lin Feng was used to such women already. He had so many in life. He just said calmly, “I’m done already.”

He stood up and started walking away. The purple soul strength couldn’t help him break through to the Di Qi layer.

Qing Er’s beautiful eyes gleamed. She was talking to him and he didn’t react at all…

“Wait!” she shouted.

Lin Feng stopped, turned his head and asked, “What do you want?”

“There are many geniuses in Jiu You’s Ministry. If you were to join us, you’ll definitely break through to the Di Qi layer!” said Qing Er, smiling at him.

However, Lin Feng stopped looking at her and resumed walking forwards, saying, “Thank you for the offer,” as he continued walking away.

Qing Er’s smile stiffened, and she glared at Lin Feng’s back unhappily. “That guy is really rude, arrogant, and overbearing, but he’s only a tiny little emperor. He dares act so arrogantly in front of me!”

“Hehe, very arrogant indeed!” said the young man, smiling thinly while walking up to her. Nobody had thought he wouldn’t give face to Jiu You’s Ministry.

“You made me go and invite that moron. How mean.” said the woman unhappily. Lin Feng had humiliated her in front of so many people. For someone with such a high social status as hers, it wasn’t good.

“Forget it. That guy has killed someone from the Sword Sect. He refused our invitation, but when he goes out, he’ll be in trouble,” said that young man calmly. “We can go and watch.”

“Alright,” said Qing Er, nodding agreement. She followed after the young man.


Lin Feng sighed. He looked cold and detached, but confused too. When he arrived on the ancient road, some people there looked at him icily… the Sword Sect!

“Teacher, that guy killed our fellow disciple even though nobody offended him or said anything to him!” said those two disciples who had left earlier, pointing at Lin Feng. Their eyes were filled with murder.

Their teacher was wearing a clean white cloak and had a sword in his back. His Sword intent filled the air. He was staring at Lin Feng, Sword intent even emerging from his eyes.

Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black. ‘He had kill that guy even though nobody had said or done anything to him?’ That guy had destroyed his thread of soul strength… so they hadn’t said anything? Of course, Lin Feng ignored them and continued walking away.

However, the middle-aged man said to Lin Feng, “Stay here!”

Lin Feng ignored him and continued walking.

“I’m a great emperor, I don’t want to bully young people. Stop now. You have three tries!” said the middle-aged man calmly. He didn’t walk towards Lin Feng, but he sounded ice-cold, and sharp sword energies started gathering around him.

Finally, he started walking towards Lin Feng, and several ancient swords appeared in the air.

Lin Feng didn’t stop though. He continued walking away and completely ignored the man.

Behind him, Qing Er and the young man from Jiu You’s Ministry smiled icily. Lin Feng dared act that arrogant in front of a great emperor of the Sword Sect? The Sword Sect was a powerful group, and that teacher had a good reputation in the Sword Sect. He was a great emperor, and few people could compete with him in the Sword Sect. Lin Feng was going to die!

The two disciples looked at Lin Feng sinisterly, as if they were looking at a dead body.

Lin Feng was feeling sad because the Diviner had told him he wouldn’t be able to break through to the Di Qi layer. He felt desperate and hopeless. He just let the sword energies surround him and did nothing.

The Sword Sect’s teacher was astonished, and getting more and more furious. His sword energies kept getting more and more intense, humming as they gathered. Several sharp swords streaked across the sky and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng continued walking. Around him, Holy Spirits lights appeared and turned into Sword intent. His terrifying Sword intent also became more and more intense. At the same time, he also released a terrifying death strength.

“Sword cultivator. He’s a sword cultivator too!” remarked the crowd. Interesting! He dared confront a sword cultivator of the Di Qi layer. It didn’t seem like he wanted to escape…

However, at that moment, the crowd was astonished. A terrifyingly sharp sword attacked him, but didn’t pierce through. More holes appeared in his clothes, that was all.

“What a physical body…” Many people’s hearts were pounding. The two cultivators of Jiu You’s Ministry were astonished, too. That physical strength… he could resist such terrifying attacks. How was that possible?! It was a fact though, he had just done it!

The middle-aged man grunted coldly. Energies began to hum violently. Sword intent condensed and turned into a gigantic ancient sword. The earth and sky could fuse together with that world. It could attack both a cultivator’s body and soul!

Lin Feng didn’t move. Death Holy Spirits appeared and absorbed death strength. The atmosphere around them became dark. At the same time, a gigantic sword condensed and oppressed the atmosphere around it. The great emperor suddenly felt unsafe.

“Die!” shouted that person icily. His sword moved towards Lin Feng. It was like millions of swords were moving towards Lin Feng. At the same time, the death strength descended from the sky, the atmosphere around it distorted and explosive.

Lin Feng jumped and moved towards his opponent. He landed in front of him, raising his fist, which was filled with destructive death strength. The great emperor’s face stiffened. He shouted defiantly and released a sharp soul sword. However, Lin Feng’s fist reached him first, and there was a brutal explosion. Lin Feng’s opponent’s body and soul exploded instantly.

The crowd around was astonished. That guy had just killed a great emperor of the Sword Sect with one punch?

The two cultivators of Jiu You’s Ministry were astonished. How was that possible?

Lin Feng continued walking away. He looked furious.

The two Sword Sect’s disciples’ hearts were pounding. They wanted to leave. However, Lin Feng looked over at them icily, and their souls shook.

Lin Feng stamped their souls with death strength. Instantly, their faces turned grey and they collapsed.

One blink, and they had died.

Lin Feng still looked cold and detached. The atmosphere was grey around him, everything in his way seemed to die. People who offended him had to die!

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