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PMG Chapter 2235: Chasing

PMG Chapter 2235: Chasing

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Lin Feng left. People watched him leave, still astonished, their hearts pounding.

What a strong emperor! One blink and he could kill people! He had even killed a great emperor! His fighting abilities were far better than his cultivation level.

The crowd was mainly astonished because Lin Feng had killed the great emperor so easily. He hadn’t used any trump card. He had almost killed him without really paying attention. In other words, before the battle even started, he already knew a great emperor couldn’t do much against him. Against emperors, a simple glance was enough to kill them!

“And I just said I hoped he’d become a great emperor. He’s just an emperor now, but he’s already terrifying!” whispered the young man of Jiu You’s Ministry, staring after Lin Feng’s figure.

“He’s probably a few hundred years old and he can’t level up. That’s why he’s good at fighting,” said Qing Er. She thought that Lin Feng was extremely old. In her eyes, that’s why Lin Feng was a strong fighter, but she didn’t think he was talented.

However, Lin Feng didn’t care about what those people thought. He was walking through Long Night City, feeling annoyed. Cultivation was so strange. In the past, he wasn’t very strong, but at least his cultivation was normal until he reached the top of the Zun Qi layer. Then, he was abandoned by the gods, and he couldn’t use the cosmic energies of the earth and sky.

Now, he was at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and he couldn’t break through to the Di Qi layer, how annoying! It was even worse than the previous time. This time, Lin Feng had the impression he was at a dead end…

At the same time, the Sword Sect learned that Lin Feng had killed a few of their disciples so they sent some people to chase Lin Feng.


In Fortune Shrine, the Diviner took Lin Feng to the archive room and said to his clone, “Lin Feng, there aren’t only archives from strong cultivators who were from the Fortune Shrine, there are also papers obtained from other strong cultivators. Have a look. However, you are different from other people, you are walking on your own path. You don’t practice the same kind of cultivation as normal people. So you can only use other people’s knowledge as a reference.”

“Yes, thank you very much, Teacher,” said Lin Feng nodded. He started checking the different books and folders. The Fortune Shrine had millions of priceless books. In the outside world, powerful groups would be ready to kill for such books. However, Lin Feng was a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine, so he could look as he wished.

Lin Feng’s clone went through many different books. They had been written by terrifyingly strong cultivators. All the cultivators who had written those books had different ways of practicing cultivation, each had their own ways.

Lin Feng had a particularly strong impression when he read some of them.

One of them had been written by a Sakyamuni. It said, In life, there are eight distresses: birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everybody has to go through those things in life. Everybody knows the mental and physical sufferings arising from the full-orbed activities of the skandhas. Even if cultivators are less prone to suffering, they also have to go through such things. They are part of life. And by practicing cultivation, a cultivator can reach enlightenment and attain Buddhahood.

The eight distresses in Buddhism. Nobody can avoid them, thought Lin Feng. Could anyone attain Buddhahood if they understood the eight distresses? Having to part with someone Lin Feng loved made him suffer. He wasn’t with Meng Qing, it made him extremely sad, and now he couldn’t break through to the Di Qi layer, what a nightmare!

Understanding the eight distresses was important, but could Lin Feng understand them? Could he accept and even embrace suffering to achieve Buddhahood? No. That wasn’t his path. He wasn’t a Buddhist. He had his own path!

Lin Feng continued reading. He found another interesting book. Some people did all they could to overcome all difficulties with an indomitable will, trying to become peerless sword cultivators, to become Buddhas, or to be respected by everyone in the world.

However, what if a cultivator made efforts his entire life and realized things were not as hoped? How would they feel?

In the book, there was the story of a determined monk, he wanted to become immortal and teach people his entire life. However, a great world war started and people fought everywhere in the world, plunging everyone into an abyss of misery. The monk became furious and started killing and caused rivers of blood to flow. He ended up in contradiction with his own self. In the end, he didn’t achieve Buddhahood. He became a demon.

In the book, someone had come to greet and learn from the Buddhist monk. In the end, after having gone through innumerable hardships and tribulations, he had managed to become a Buddha. He was exhausted, however. And even worse, after becoming a Buddha, he had realized that things were not as he had hoped. It was all a lie! He hadn’t learned from a Buddhist monk, but from a demon! Everything he had done was for the demon! After that, that cultivator had stopped believing in anything or anyone. He had decided to have it his own way, and became a terrifyingly strong murderer.

When Lin Feng read those books, he shivered. Those stories were about terrifyingly strong cultivators. He also had the impression that those people could be anyone. However, no matter whether they had become peerless Buddhist cultivators or peerless demon cultivators, in the end, those people had all had an incredible life. Their stories were astounding. To reach the top, it was necessary to go through a lot!…

Lin Feng’s clone didn’t stop. He continued reading books. Each time he finished a book, he understood something new.


Lin Feng’s real body was taking a walk in Long Night City. His Death intent had calmed down already. His hair was still covering his sharp and dazzling eyes. Because of the Death intent around him, nobody dared get too close.

In the distance, some people moved towards him. They were on gigantic swords, and energies were rolling around them. Lin Feng knew that people had been following him the whole time, but he had decided to ignore them.

He was in Purple Clouds, not in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If people wanted to kill him here, it wouldn’t be easy. Besides, he cared about nothing anymore. He was ready to fight with anyone!

Energies surged up, and finally some people on gigantic swords appeared in front of him. When the people in town saw that, they were astonished. “People from the Sword Sect! They’ve been chasing an emperor? So many strong sword cultivators, and they’re all great emperors! What a strong force! Why did they chase that emperor?”

“I don’t know. He must be important, otherwise, why would great emperors chase a mere emperor?” the crowd asked one another.

A strong cultivator of the Sword Sect shouted, “Your Excellency, stop!”

An endless amount of sharp sword strength droned angrily around them

“If you don’t want to die, piss off!” said Lin Feng icily. His voice carried death strength.

The sword cultivators of the Sword Sect retorted icily, “You killed people from the Sword Sect, and you think you’ll be able to leave Long Night City?”

The five great emperors moved towards Lin Feng at the same time, and released even more Sword intent.

Lin Feng released an endless amount of Death intent, his eyes growing colder and colder. He was ready to kill. Millions of death imprints filled the air and floated around him. His Death intent made the earth and sky tremble around him. People on the ground who weren’t far enough away had the impression they were going to die.

An empty space deployment spell appeared under Lin Feng’s feet and he disappeared, reappearing in front of a sword cultivator of the Sword cultivator.

“Great Dream of Life!” said Lin Feng. The sword cultivator started feeling drowsy. However, his formidable Sword intent kept him awake.

“Die!” Death intent descended from the sky and penetrated into his body. Lin Feng released cursing lights through his eyes. Death swords descended from the sky in all directions.

“Piss off!” shouted that cultivator furiously. Sword energies streaked across the sky. However, Lin Feng didn’t care. He raised his fist and condensed sword strength in it, destroying the Sword intent easily. Nothing could stop him.

The Death intent corroded his opponent’s life. The millions of death stamps hit him at the same time. He punched his opponent. The great emperor exploded loudly!

The other great emperors gathered around him. They wanted to kill him!

“This guy is very strong. We need assistance!” said one of them, taking out a jade talisman and informing other people. Lin Feng was much stronger than they had expected. He could easily kill sword great emperors!

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    Also the person he was reading about who was a Buddhist then became a Demon I bet is the guy LF freed like 1600 chapters ago.

    Been wondering when he’d show up again?

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