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PMG Chapter 2236: Suddenly

PMG Chapter 2236: Suddenly

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Sword lights split the sky. The other four sword great emperors attacked at the same time.

Lin Feng flashed away. The atmosphere around him warped as he reappeared in the distance. Sword lights appeared behind him and struck him, but nothing happened. The sword lights couldn’t pierce through his defense!

A strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng released an incredible amount of wind cosmic energies and moved faster than they could see.

The four great emperors had all used their jade talismans to call for assistance from the Sword Sect. After seeing how fast and strong Lin Feng was, they didn’t feel confident anymore. They had to join hands, that was certain. Just one against Lin Feng, he could kill them all! But because they were several people and together, Lin Feng thankfully couldn’t kill all of them at once…

“How fast!” The great emperors of the Sword Sect chased after Lin Feng, but they realized he was faster than they were. Besides, the fastest ones didn’t dare go out in front alone. They had to stay together!

Death intent kept emerging from Lin Feng’s eyes. Millions of death stamps floated around him. He looked like a death god. Holy Spirit lights condensed around him and turned into a gigantic black death sword. The atmosphere became oppressive.

Suddenly, Lin Feng turned around and flashed back towards them. He raised his hand, his gigantic death sword dominating the earth and sky. Two great emperors were stunned, the death strength bore down on them. They had the impression they were going to suffocate.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The millions of death stamps descended from the sky towards those two great emperors.

“Be careful!” shouted the other two frantically. However, it was too late. The death stamps bombarded the two men, and they exploded.

The two other great emperors were stunned. Lin Feng was stronger than them in all aspects. As expected, no ordinary great emperor could compete with him!

Blood splashed everywhere. The two other great emperors’ faces paled. They couldn’t defeat Lin Feng. He could defeat them in one strike!

When Lin Feng appeared in front of them, they felt chilled to the bone. Death Qi surrounded them. Lin Feng was staring at them with his terrifying ice-cold eyes.

Lin Feng released more death stamps in waves. The stamps moved towards one of them. His face turned deathly pale and his whole body stiffened. He knew that he couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng.

He suddenly jumped backwards, but he also looked at Lin Feng’s eyes. Death Dao intent descended from the sky and crushed him. He immediately died!

“Piss off!” shouted the other sword cultivator desperately. He released as much sword strength as he could. Golden lights crossed over into the space and sliced through the air. The great emperor’s sword strength was terrifying.

However, he was facing Lin Feng. During the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng could have already destroyed ordinary great emperors easily. A few years had passed since then. Even though he hadn’t leveled up, his Death Dao had already almost reached perfection. With his physical and soul strengths, he was even more terrifying. His eyes had also become even scarier. Now, he could easily destroy great emperors unless they were geniuses.

Of course, Lin Feng felt pressured when he faced Celestial Emperors, their cultivation was much more stable, especially in terms of soul strength and spells. Right at that moment, a Celestial Emperor had appeared in the distance, and Lin Feng sensed his terrifying energies.

After killing the two sword cultivators, Lin Feng turned around without hesitation and fled using short-distance teleportation deployment spells.

The people found the scene strange. A Celestial Emperor from the Sword Sect was chasing an emperor? Strong cultivators from the Sword Sect were arriving from every direction, their swords humming furiously.

Some people stood proudly in the sky. Amongst them, there were two people: Qing Er and the young man from Ji You Ministry. In front of them was a terrifying cultivator. Even though he didn’t release any kind of strength, the aura around him was oppressive.

“That’s the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, a Celestial Emperor. He’s soon going to become a Holy Great Emperor. Ordinary Celestial Emperors can’t compete with him.”

“According to legends, his Death Dao has reached the last level already, and will soon be at the top of the last level. He can instantly kill countless people with the power of his mind. Surprisingly, he’s here! I wonder whether it has something to do with that emperor?” gossiped the crowd on the ground.

The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights glanced at the corpses on the ground calmly, but on the inside, he was surprised. He said indifferently, “That cultivator’s Death Dao is terrifying. He’s only a emperor, but he can kill great emperors this easily. He’s a terrifying genius!”

“But he’s very old, and still an emperor. He’s probably been an emperor for hundreds of years!” said Qing Er.

“An emperor is an emperor. No matter how long he’s been an emperor, his understanding of cultivation is incredible, especially his understanding of Dao. Many people fail to understand Dao properly. Look at other emperors at the top of the Huang Qi layer, how is their understanding of Dao power usually?” replied the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights calmly. Qing Er remained silent.


Outside of Long Night City, Lin Feng had reentered the gloomy forest. He released a special Qi around him, the Qi of his spirit’s world. In his spirit’s world, his soul could fuse together with the earth and sky easily.

My soul can’t fuse together with the earth and sky in the outside world, but it can in my spirit’s world. However, I want to do things properly and become a real great emperor!, thought Lin Feng. He forgot that a bunch of terrifying cultivators were chasing him.

Suddenly, he jumped onto a mountain and stopped breathing. It was like he had disappeared suddenly.

After a short time, the strong sword cultivators arrived and inspected the area, but found nothing at all. His Qi had simply disappeared from there.

The strong cultivators were stunned They glanced around and started destroying some mountains nearby. However, they couldn’t see Lin Feng!

After that, more and more strong cultivators arrived, but they didn’t find Lin Feng either!

“He ran away?” the cultivators were shocked. So many strong cultivators and still he had escaped?

However, had Lin Feng really escaped? He didn’t want to escape, he wanted to break through to the Di Qi layer!

In his spirit’s world, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. He released his soul, it could easily fuse together with the earth and sky here. In his spirit’s world, if such a concept existed, he would have become a great emperor. However, such a thing didn’t exist in his spirit’s world. Lin Feng didn’t feel any different.

“I made this world. There are cosmic energies. In the past, I could use the cosmic energies of the outside world, and I could use the cosmic energies here, too. And now I can make my soul fuse together with the earth and sky of my spirit’s world easily, but I can’t become a great emperor.”

Lin Feng raised his head and sighed, “In this world, there are no emotions or feelings like in the real world. It’s not complete. This world improves as I level up, as I become stronger, as I progress in my studies of cultivation.”

“Maybe someday, this world will be complete when I reached the maximum level on the path of cultivation, just like the man who achieved Buddhahood, and in the end turned into a demon. When conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved!

“Maybe someday, my soul will be this world! Maybe then, in the twinkling of an eye with the power of my mind, I’ll be able to change everything in this world.”

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as if he had suddenly understood something!!!

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