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PMG Chapter 2237: Fighting Against a Celestial Emperor

PMG Chapter 2237: Fighting Against a Celestial Emperor

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In his spirit’s world, Lin Feng calmed down. “I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer because I am not ready. My understanding is deficient and my state of mind as well, I am too irritable and impatient. I’ll level up when it’s time.”

He calmed himself down.

To become a peerless Buddha and attain Buddhahood, a Buddha had to go through the eight distresses and understand reincarnation. They had to understand these things to become a Buddha. They had to understand Buddha strength and purify people. They had to teach other people, too. If a Buddha could become a peerless cultivator, Lin Feng could too, right?

His path was different. He had his own destiny!


In the Fortune Shrine, in the archive room, Lin Feng’s clone was holding a book. He put it down, took a deep breath, and said to the Diviner calmly, “Teacher, I know what to do.”

“Oh, that’s great!” replied the Diviner. When he saw that Lin Feng had calmed down, he smiled. “Your cultivation levels are different from other people. If you can’t break through to the Di Qi layer, maybe you’ll find another way.”

Lin Feng remained silent. He looked at the Diviner in a meaningful way, and nodded.


There were still many strong cultivators where Lin Feng was. They kept destroying everything around them, looking for Lin Feng.

The Celestial Emperor was there, proudly standing on Sword intent in the air. Lin Feng’s Qi had suddenly disappeared from this area. He was hiding his Qi, but no matter what, they were going to find him!

The Celestial Emperor suddenly gazed into the distance. A thread of Qi appeared and suddenly, sword lights emerged from his eyes. That person had reappeared!

“He was hiding really well!” The Sword Sect watched Lin Feng. This guy probably had a treasure which allowed him to hide, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to hide so well.

People moved, sword strength descended from the sky. It was terrifying.

“You’re the one who killed people of my Sect, the Sword Sect?” asked the Celestial Emperor coldly.

Lin Feng didn’t reply. He glanced around, counting many sword great emperors. He said calmly, “Your sword cultivators are too weak. The great emperors of your sect can’t compete with me. I’ll give you one opportunity now. You and me, we fight, one-on-one, what do you think?”

“How arrogant!” When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were astonished. He had challenged a Celestial Emperor! How humiliating, this outsider was just too arrogant!

The Celestial Emperor looked amused as he stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was arrogant. It was the first time that he had heard of an emperor challenging a Celestial Emperor.

He waved, and the great emperors around Lin Feng moved away and gave them space. The Celestial Emperor walked towards Lin Feng and said solemnly, “You killed five of my great emperors. I’ll kill you.”

Lin Feng released earth and demon cosmic energies. He wanted to see how strong a Celestial Emperor could be in a battle. That way, he would also be able to see how strong he could be with the strength of the Huang Qi layer. Would he ever be able to, as an emperor, kill Celestial Emperors easily, like he had killed great emperors?

This Celestial Emperor was extremely strong. If Lin Feng managed to resist him, it would mean that he was able to fight against Celestial Emperors in general. However, Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be careless, he had to focus on defense rather than offense.

Demon and earth cosmic energies were perfect for defense!

“Your cosmic energies are not bad, but do you think you can resist my attacks that way?” said the Celestial Emperor icily when he saw Lin Feng’s demon and earth cosmic energies fill the air.

“You, a Celestial Emperor, are fighting against me, an emperor, and you seem so proud,” said Lin Feng mockingly.

His opponent looked surprised, but then he smiled indifferently. “Indeed. As a Celestial Emperor, fighting against you, a tiny little emperor, is nothing glorious. However, I will kill you mercilessly. Are you ready?”

“Attack,” replied Lin Feng calmly.

The Celestial Emperor nodded. He released strength in waves and roared loudly. His energies turned into ancient swords. The Celestial Emperor remained motionless, as if the earth and sky were attacking, not him.

An incredible amount of strength turned into a deadly gigantic sword. Lin Feng felt oppressed and threatened. That gigantic sword was also oppressing his soul, not just his physical body!

Great Emperors’ souls have fused together with the earth and sky. He’s a Celestial Emperor, so his soul and the earth and sky are really in symbiosis. It’s like he isn’t the one who is oppressing me or my soul, it’s like it is the earth and sky. However, I know it’s his soul strength which has fused together with the earth and sky, thought Lin Feng.

The atmosphere around him turned into swords and moved towards him. Could Lin Feng block such an attack?

Lin Feng waved his hands and ancient words appeared around him, resonating at the same pace as the earth and sky. He released a terrifying Sword intent, but it was useless, his energies were destroyed by the gigantic sword.

“Die!” A massive amount of strength filled the air. Lin Feng raised his fist in an ancient punch. It contained an incredible amount strength. He attacked the gigantic sword continuously, but it continued moving forwards. Lin Feng’s sword Qi continued surging out from him.

How strong!, thought Lin Feng. He continued punching the gigantic sword and finally, the gigantic sword stopped three chi in front of him and broke. A strong wind pushed Lin Feng back, and made him step back three times.

He was staring at the Celestial Emperor. He sensed the Celestial Emperor’s strength and indeed, a great emperor couldn’t compete with a Celestial Emperor.

Besides, it was just the beginning, sword strength continued condensing in the air. Suddenly, there were many swords around, and all of them were dangerous.

“Kill!” shouted the Celestial Emperor icily. The gigantic swords descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s Qi rolled around him. It looked ancient and immortal. He used an ancient punch again, and millions of fists appeared in the air. Space was riddled with gaping wounds.

“Hmph!” the Celestial Emperor grunted coldly when he saw that Lin Feng could block his attacks. He was surprised. His hand streaked across the sky, sword trails appeared in the sky behind it. It looked like the edge of the horizon.

Lin Feng paid attention. His punches all disappeared. Lin Feng knew that if he used his physical strength to stop the attack, he was going to get critically injured.

Am I really unable to resist a Celestial Emperor?, he wondered. Actually, he could resist Celestial Emperors, but the Celestial Emperor he was facing was extremely strong. Ordinary Celestial Emperors couldn’t compete with him. There was a huge difference between ordinary Celestial Emperors and his opponent.

He condensed Holy Spirit swords and finally their energies collided. However, the Celestial Emperor continued releasing more sword attacks, which streaked across the sky. He could release sword attacks instantly!

At the Tian Di level of a Celestial Emperor, many powerful spells, skills, and techniques could be carried out by fusing the soul together with the earth and sky. Using the power of one’s godly awareness, one could carry out attacks in the twinkling of an eye.

Lin Feng’s cosmic energies turned into empty space cosmic energies which then turned into a curtain of light. The cosmic energies kept changing and allowed him to block some attacks.

Around the Celestial Emperor, the Sword Sect looked calm and serene. Nobody intended to attack, they were just watching the battle. They were convinced that Lin Feng was going to die any time now. He couldn’t escape, and he couldn’t defeat the Celestial Emperor.

The Celestial Emperor looked at Lin Feng mockingly. He disappeared from where he was and turned into a beam of light. He raised his hand, and sword lights pierced towards Lin Feng. His sword lights looked like a rainbow, and the sun shone upon his attack. It was an incredible thing to see.

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