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PMG Chapter 2238: Ten Thousand Beasts City

PMG Chapter 2238: Ten Thousand Beasts City

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Lin Feng was staring at the attack, and suddenly released even more empty space cosmic energies, dazzling golden lights intertwining. The distance between him and the attack seemed much bigger, as if he had appeared in another world.

Lin Feng used the Great Empty Space Technique which he had obtained from the Fortune Shrine. It was similar to the So Close Yet So Far technique. Of course, with empty space cosmic energies, it was much, much more powerful than the So Close Yet So Far technique. At a certain cultivation level, it was easy for enemies to break free from the So Close Yet So Far technique, which is why Lin Feng had stopped using it at some point.

However, the Great Empty Space Technique was from the Fortune Shrine, it was extremely efficient. Of course, against much stronger cultivators, Lin Feng couldn’t use it for an extended period of time.

An incredible amount of sword lights passed next to Lin Feng, but didn’t touch him. Many people frowned when they saw that. Even the Celestial Emperor was startled. That spell was powerful, if it had allowed him to dodge the attack.

However, he didn’t lose hope, and continued attacking. A gigantic hand hurtled towards Lin Feng. Sword strength appeared and turned into a cage, trying to imprison Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He couldn’t compete with a Celestial Emperor. However, he could try various attacks and see if they could pose a threat to one!

“Die!” Death Dao moved towards his opponent. Millions of death stamps emitted furious droning hums. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with Death intent. At the same time, nine explosive words floated around him, and an ancient Qi filled the air. A gigantic sharp sword moved towards his opponent as an evil shadow appeared.

“Hmph!” the Celestial Emperor grunted coldly. He was staring at Lin Feng aggressively. Lin Feng’s Dao power had really reached the last level, it seemed. His Death intent was powerful. It could even corrode some of his own life! His death stamps and his death swords were also scary attacks. No wonder he could kill ordinary great emperors easily. No emperor could compete with him!

“Shadow Sword!” said the Celestial Emperor icily. Many shadowy swords appeared around him.

Lin Feng pulled a long face. He couldn’t resist this attack!

“Go.” Lin Feng released as much death strength as he could, and then started running away. He understood that he could not defeat this Celestial Emperor.

However, when Lin Feng turned around, he also felt unsafe. His heart was pounding. Someone’s sword moved towards him.

His attacks have already started to regain a natural state. Our teacher’s brother is slowly becoming stronger and he’ll soon become a Holy Great Emperor!, thought a great emperor. He was amazed, his teacher’s brother was so impressive. However, the most fearsome part was that Lin Feng, a trivial emperor could hold on so long against him. Just a moment before, Lin Feng’s attack had even posed a threat to their teacher’s brother!

He was insane, and he had incredible fighting abilities!

Lin Feng broke a talisman and disappeared. Only whistling deployment lights remained behind him. He was gone from their field of vision.

“Empty space deployment talisman!” The sect members were astonished. That was a teleportation empty space deployment talisman! They couldn’t see where he had gone. A sword light streaked across the sky; it was initially supposed to attack Lin Feng, but instead it just pierced through nothing.

But the Celestial Emperor didn’t stop. He continued chasing after Lin Feng. He was a Celestial Emperor, he had to kill Lin Feng now, or he would lose face in the Sword Sect.

Lin Feng moved quickly, breaking several deployment talismans and teleporting himself continuously. He soon disappeared from the Celestial Emperor’s field of vision.

Behind the Celestial Emperor was a group of great emperors, who continued following him. Behind them, another group of strong cultivators appeared: the strong cultivators from Jiu You’s Ministry. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights was with a group of strong cultivators, and they quickly caught up with those from the Sword Sect. However, when they saw that Lin Feng had disappeared, they were stupefied.

They continued chasing him until they arrived at the foot of a castle with some strange pillars and stones. There were all sorts of shapes: birds, lions… They all looked lifelike. A terrifying bestial Qi emerged from the castle.

“Great Imperial City.” When the Celestial Emperor of the Sword Sect arrived in front of that castle, he stopped chasing Lin Feng. He knew what this place was. They were in the middle of the animal forest, and there were eight Great Imperial Cities here. Human beings rarely dared go here, including people from Jiu You’s Ministry. They didn’t want to offend the animal cities.

After a short time, the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights and the others also arrived and stopped. They looked at the city, then at the Sword Sect’s Celestial Emperor and asked, “Jian Chen, are you scared of going in to chase him?”

Jian Chen was the Sword Sect’s Celestial Emperor. He hesitated despite himself. There were many cities in that forest, and in many of them, human beings and beasts lived together, but animals ruled over them. However, in the eight Great Imperial Cities, human beings were usually in danger. If they died in there, there wasn’t anyone able to do anything about it, so the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect didn’t dare go inside.

These cities were mysterious. According to legends, there was a peerless cultivator here: The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

Of course, it was only a legend. Few people knew whether the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts really existed or not. But many people thought that if people said that, it had to be true, especially since Jiu You’s Ministry let them live there. If there hadn’t been such a terrifying cultivator, they would not have let them live so close to Long Night City.

Jiu You’s Ministry were the rulers in Long Night City. Everybody knew that Jiu You’s Ministry had never fought against this mysterious influential group which was situated in the neighborhood, even though they had lived next to one another for thousands and thousands of years.

Of course, maybe the cultivators fought sometimes, but nobody knew about it. Everything was kept secret.

“Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, are you interested in that cultivator? Why did you chase him up to here as well?” Jian Chen asked the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights impolitely. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights wasn’t very friendly.

“Let’s go,” said the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights calmly, and then took his group of people into the animal city. Jian Chen was startled, his Sword intent started emitting furious whistling sounds. The Sword Sect followed, too. However, they had wasted time, and finding Lin Feng wouldn’t be easy.


Actually, Jian Chen had overestimated himself once again. Lin Feng hadn’t tried to escape that much, he hadn’t changed his face or Qi either. He was walking through the animal city slowly. He realized that this animal city was different from other animal realms he had been in before. The bestial Qi here was even thicker. It surrounded the whole city. It was like a sealed animal world. The vault of Heaven was made of bestial Qi here too, it was impossible to break it.

Lin Feng was right, the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities were situated in eight different positions, but they were surrounded by the same thing. There was only one entrance and Lin Feng had gone in from there. Actually, the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities had another name, when considered as an aggregate of cities. They were called Ten Thousand Beasts City!

“Animals are obstinate and unruly. There’s a fierce competition between them.” Lin Feng glanced around; the buildings were wrecked, not maintained at all. There were holes everywhere in them. Animals liked having their own territories and expanding. Some beasts around him were walking in their human shapes, some others were in their animal forms, and some of them were even gigantic.

At that moment, Lin Feng stopped worrying about not being able to break through to the Di Qi layer. He tried to cheer himself up. He wanted to understand the world properly. Even though he had his own world, he wanted to understand the outside world. Besides, if he wanted to make his own world perfect, he needed to understand the outside world first.

If twenty years weren’t enough, then it would take thirty, or forty, it didn’t matter! Of course, that was the worst case…

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