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PMG Chapter 2239: Great Emperor Bai’s Daughter

PMG Chapter 2239: Great Emperor Bai’s Daughter

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Lin Feng’s hair was still messy, but he didn’t look as sad as before. He looked natural and at ease. He had read many books about people who had had great lives, and who had accomplished great things. They had studied a lot and had become terrifying cultivators. Even though Lin Feng had been through a lot in life, from the beginning, he had always succeeded. Everything had gone smoothly in his life except when he was at the top of the Zun Qi layer and hadn’t managed to break through to the Huang Qi layer. Even though back then he had seen that as a failure, later on, he had solved the problem and succeeded. Ever since then, his journey had been moving forward in a very positive direction.

Each time Lin Feng faced a difficulty, it was an opportunity for him to become even more determined.

Many beasts had gathered together in front of him. They were close to a mountain near a frozen lake. At the top of the mountain, there were a few extraordinary figures.

“Those people are descendants of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. They have the highest potential to join his territory,” a few beasts were talking. There were a few young people up in the air, all of them animals. Some of them were descendants of the Great Imperial City’s leader, the King of the Beasts. They were extraordinarily talented and strong.


In ice chambers beneath the lake…

There were other beautiful women wearing nice clothes. They were protectors, stronger than the younger ones.

“I came from so far away. Is that how you receive guests?” a young man asked calmly. His eyes looked sharp and dazzling, and his arms were crossed on his chest.

“We told you to piss off!” said the bunch of women impolitely.

“Hehe, you’re rude, arrogant and overbearing. You’re not like the former protectors!” said someone else icily. An ice-cold energy moved towards them.

“Insolent!” said a proud and sharp voice. A dazzling finger moved towards the young man who had just talked.

“Come here and we’ll see who’s arrogant!” said the young man aggressively. His voice was sharp and collided against the lake. Ice broke and shattered loudly, audible from far away.

At that moment, Lin Feng arrived and looked at the lake. He was surprised. Those young people looked extremely strong, they were all great emperors. Of course, it wasn’t easy to know exactly how old they were, but most people in that group were quite strong, and there were many battles taking place around.

That lake isn’t bad. It’s time for me to take a bath, thought Lin Feng. Since he felt more relaxed, he was also in the mood for a bath.

His figure flickered, some people turned around and looked after him in a strange way. They looked amused.

“What’s that guy doing?” they wondered. Lin Feng was now above the lake. Didn’t he know what that place was?

Lin Feng indeed didn’t know what that place was. The water was ice-cold though, and Lin Feng wanted to have a good bath. He needed to feel clean.

The group of women looked at Lin Feng and heard a splash as Lin Feng dove into the water. The women were astonished, their expressions suddenly changed. They all pulled long faces. However, other people looked extremely amused.

Someone dared dive into the water! Some people stood above the lake and remained vigilant, and didn’t dare go inside.

At that moment, Lin Feng was deep in the water and an ice-cold energy surrounded him. He gazed into the distance, and was startled to see chambers. In one of them, there was an incredibly beautiful woman in white clothes. She raised her head and looked back at Lin Feng icily.

There’s another world underwater. Are those the palaces of the beasts who live here?, Lin Feng suddenly understood. He had seen a few people around so he hadn’t thought too much, but now he understood.

Lin Feng moved towards the buildings and looked at the woman, asking, “Your Excellency, is that your chamber?”

The woman ignored Lin Feng, just staring at him icily. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to start freezing.

At the same time, an explosive voice spread through the air. The woman raised her head and froze the water of the lake. A white layer of ice appeared with a crackle. The ice kept cracking until it broke apart, and the voice disappeared too.

“Miss Bai, since you’re here, why not come and stay with us?” said someone at that moment. The woman’s body turned into an ice-cold beam of light and she rose up into the water.

When Lin Feng saw her leave, he shook his head and resumed his bath. He took out a sword and shaved with it. After a short time, he looked handsome and clean again. His eyes were black, his hair was soft and shiny. Lights surrounded him, and he changed clothes before heading back up to the surface.


Above the lake was Miss Bai and many other people. However, the atmosphere wasn’t peaceful.

At the same time, the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights and Qing Er arrived. When Qing Er saw Miss Bai, she looked hopeless. She felt ashamed of being inferior, both in terms of beauty and strength.

“Who’s that?” whispered Qing Er. Her fellow disciple was next to her and staring at the woman. His heart was pounding.

“Great Emperor Bai’s daughter!” answered the young man, after coming back to his senses. Qing Er frowned. Great Emperor Bai’s daughter, no wonder…

Back in the day, Great Emperor Bai was famous. Even the Great Imperial Beasts feared him. However, Great Emperor Bai focused on cultivation. In the end, he hadn’t managed to become a Saint. He had tried to become one, he had fallen, and left a daughter behind, Bai Yu. She was extremely strong.

However, after Great Emperor Bai’s death, many people had started provoking her because they wanted to get married to her. For that reason, there were always explosive battles around the lake. Then, Great Emperor Bai had returned and killed many strong cultivators, so people had stopped provoking her. Even though people knew that that Great Emperor Bai wasn’t the real Great Emperor Bai, they still feared him. Nobody knew what Great Emperor Bai had given to his daughter to protect her.

“Everybody, what do you want from me?” asked Great Emperor Bai’s daughter, glancing at the crowd icily. The temperature decreased all around when she said that.

“Miss Bai, before Great Emperor Bai’s death, he had been to the territory of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory, and then returned to become a Saint. He became a terrifyingly strong emperor. However, you must know what happened in the territory of the Ten Thousand Beasts?” a young man spoke up at that moment.

The crowd was startled. That guy knew? Many people thought that Great Emperor Bai had died because he had been to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory. It was also why many people kept provoking her.

“No comment.” said Bai Yu icily. “If you want to fight, come.”

She released a terrifying strength which filled the air. Her snowy-white dress fluttered in the wind. She was breathtakingly beautiful as energies filled the air all around her.

There was some loud splashing just at that moment. A figure in white clothes emerged from the water. Many people were surprised and looked at him. It was a young man, he looked handsome, and his eyes were dark and dazzling. He looked like a righter of wrongs. But he also looked calm and composed, as if all this had nothing to do with him.

“A man?” Many people were astonished. Apart from Great Emperor Bai, there was a man down below?

“Haha, I wouldn’t have thought you had a boyfriend already. No wonder you keep rejecting us!” said someone.

Bai Yu looked angry though and asked, “Who are you?”

Lin Feng looked at Bai Yu and answered calmly, “I just wanted to have a bath in the water. I didn’t know there was someone down there. I’m sorry, Miss.”

“You’re the lunatic who just came into the water?” Bai Yu’s eyes glittered with ice-cold lights. People around looked surprised. The insane man who had just gone into the water, that insane cultivator? He was surprisingly handsome!

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