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PMG Chapter 2241: Killing

PMG Chapter 2241: Killing

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Jian Chen’s face stiffened in fury. He waved his hands and condensed an endless amount of Sword lights, which promptly shot towards the ancient cauldron.

Lin Feng was furious too. The souls in the deployment lights in the ancient cauldron were boiling angrily. The ancient cauldron was trembling and clanging wildly. The earth and sky were shaking all around him, as well. Even the people around were terrified as they felt the Death Qi surround them.

Jian Chen had the impression something was beating on his chest. He could hear a melody of death in his head and it made his thoughts tremble, while invisible and intangible death strength kept penetrating into his body. On top of that, Lin Feng also released millions of death stamps!

And in the cauldron, a whirlwind filled with death energies appeared…

Jian Chen was a Celestial Emperor, a very strong cultivator. He felt pressured, but he didn’t flinch. Sword intent started burning around him as he flashed forwards. Many gigantic swords shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was being chopped. Jian Chen wanted to attack his soul!

“We’ll see how long you can survive!” Lin Feng said coldly. His soul penetrated into the cauldron, he fused together with it, and then the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron started rotating. A terrifying windstorm filled with death strength appeared, hurtling with the cauldron towards Jian Chen. Jian Chen heard eighteen funeral bells clanging continuously, the soundwaves corroded his life and made his thoughts tremble.

How come Dao power can’t attack his soul?, wondered Jian Chen. He had the impression his soul was being drained out of his body. The death stamps were getting more and more dangerous. He had the feeling he could die anytime.

“Piss off!” shouted Jian Chen furiously, releasing three thousand gigantic swords which pierced through the atmosphere at the same time. Terrifying clanging sounds spread out.

The ancient cauldron turned into a beam of light, redirecting itself towards the great emperors who had come with him.

Dong! Another death peal rang out. A great emperor from the Sword Sect turned grey, then his soul left his body. He lost control, and the ancient cauldron absorbed the soul; his body turned grey, now only a corpse… and then the cauldron also absorbed the corpse! Horrible shrieks started spreading out continuously.

The cauldron was absorbing bodies and souls!

Lin Feng’s soul was in the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, the cauldron had become his body. He attacked another strong cultivator of the Sword Sect. That cultivator’s face stiffened as he retreated, but Lin Feng didn’t give him any chance to escape. The cauldron continued clanging. Death strength surrounded him. Lin Feng’s Death Dao was extremely effective in the cauldron. It was terrifying.

He’s reached the top of the last level in terms of Dao. He can kill people instantly with his Dao power, thought the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, watching all this. His heart was pounding. That young man’s strength was terrifying. Usually, to understand Dao like Lin Feng did, a cultivator had to have reached the Sheng Di Layer. On top of that, Lin Feng understood Dao power, and so even great emperors couldn’t do anything against him. Even if they used Great Imperial Weapons, they couldn’t do much against him. Lin Feng could crush their souls instantly.

Jian Chen looked at Lin Feng, his face frozen. It wasn’t about feeling humiliated anymore. The problem was that Lin Feng was slaughtering the great emperors of the Sword Sect! Even worse, Lin Feng was just an emperor, and he was a Celestial Emperor, but Lin Feng’s Dao power was better than his. Each time the ancient cauldron clanged, it corroded his life a little bit.

“Ah…!” Horrible screams rose continuously. Souls kept being absorbed by Lin Feng’s Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron and turned into the cauldron’s strength. When Lin Feng activated the soul deployment marks, the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron’s power was multiplied. Jian Chen condensed sword strength, but didn’t manage to break the cauldron. It was like a very high-level Great Imperial Weapon!

When the cauldron finished killing all the strong cultivators of Sword Sect, it zoomed towards Jian Chen. He couldn’t break the cauldron, he couldn’t do anything against it. He condensed more sword strength in the form of a whirlwind. His figure disappeared into all the energies. The death whirlwind also surrounded him.

Dazzling sword lights filled the air; Jian Chen had turned into a sword. He stabbed into the cauldron. Lin Feng promptly started crushing his physical body.

Lin Feng laughed on the inside. Jian Chen was courting death. A mysterious Qi filled the air and surrounded Lin Feng’s physical body, which disappeared. The cauldron trembled as a massive amount of explosive energy filled the air again. The strength smashed into the cauldron, which crashed down onto the waters of the lake.

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron shone brightly. Millions of death stamps emerged and attacked the terrifying sword, which turned black.

Many people were looking at the cauldron in the water, trying to see what was going on precisely. Miss Bai’s eyes were twinkling, and she jumped into the water.

Beneath the water, the ice palaces were getting crushed. The gigantic cauldron was rotating and crushing everything in its way.

Within the cauldron, the gigantic sword turned into millions of swords, and struck at the deployment marks inside. It wanted to break the cauldron. However, nobody knew who had made the cauldron, not even Lin Feng, but the deployment marks inside were terrifying. It was almost impossible to destroy them. No matter how many sword attacks Jian Chen used, he couldn’t break them, and on top of that the death stamps kept attacking him. He started to despair.

Jian Chen in sword form finally realized there was something wrong. He had thought he would be able to destroy Lin Feng’s soul inside here, but Lin Feng’s soul and the cauldron were one already. He couldn’t destroy the cauldron, so he couldn’t destroy Lin Feng’s soul, either!

Jian Chen couldn’t escape anymore. He had the impression he was in a deadly star-studded sky, a world made of death. The sword moved in all directions, but all Jian Chen could see was darkness and deployment marks. In other words, he couldn’t see any exit, he couldn’t even see Lin Feng’s physical body.

“Break!” shouted Jian Chen furiously, but it was useless. Death stamps continued attacking him his body. The soul strength contained in the cauldron was shining darkly and surrounded his soul, corroding it.

Lin Feng was annoyed because even with such attacks, it was extremely difficult to kill a Celestial Emperor. They belonged to different worlds in terms of strength. However, since he had come into the cauldron, Lin Feng couldn’t let him out, he had to take this chance to kill him. Lin Feng hoped he’d be able to fuse Jian Chen’s soul together with the cauldron, that way, he’d be able to use it as cauldron strength. The cauldron would be much more terrifying with a Celestial Emperor’s soul!

Millions of death stamps continued attacking the sword, whose Qi became weaker and weaker. Gradually, Jian Chen’s body slowly replaced the sword, but his body was growing transparent and distorted. Jian Chen, a Celestial Emperor and sword cultivator, was terrified. Was he going to be killed by a trivial and useless emperor?

No matter what, Lin Feng wanted to crush him, kill him, and use his soul to make the cauldron more powerful. He was a Celestial Emperor… so what?

Time passed slowly. Jian Chen was becoming weaker and weaker. When he saw the death stamps kept attacking him over and over again, he suddenly felt desperate, hopeless, and miserable. He sighed and said, “I never thought I’d get killed by a trivial emperor today.”

“If your soul stays in the cauldron, if you help me become strong in the future, maybe then, you won’t feel sad anymore,” said Lin Feng coldly, yet aggressively.

Jian Chen twitched, but actually nodded. He stopped resisting. The cauldron gradually modified his soul and assimilated it.

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