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PMG Chapter 2242: Bai Yu’s Thoughts

PMG Chapter 2242: Bai Yu’s Thoughts

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Many buildings in the water had been wrecked by the cauldron. When the cauldron finished modifying and assimilating Jian Chen’s soul, Lin Feng’s soul moved back into his own body, and he came out of the cauldron. His soul was shaking, he looked weak but his eyes were twinkling.

He examined at the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron’s strength again.

Since Lin Feng had obtained the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, he hadn’t used it a lot. He had experimented now and then. But the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron was a mysterious and priceless treasure. The cauldron’s soul was becoming more and more real each time it absorbed a soul, even if it wasn’t a very powerful one. Lin Feng hoped someday he’d be able to use the cauldron to fight against terrifying cultivators, so he wouldn’t need to bother Qin Shan each time he faced someone dangerous.

The godly medicine had helped Qin Shan a lot. He would be able to reclaim his power someday. Lin Feng also needed to find the Rebirth Scriptures for Qin Shan. That way, he might recover completely.

Lin Feng recalled the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, his eyes twinkling. He looked at the cauldron and thought, Now, you have a Celestial Emperor’s soul. When it’s completely refined and modified, you will become extremely strong. If a Celestial Emperor attacks me again, it won’t be easy for him to defeat me!

At that moment, some figures in white clothes landed in front of Lin Feng. The leader of the group was an incredibly beautiful woman in a white short dress… Bai Yu.

“Miss Bai, I’m sorry for having destroyed some of your buildings. That wasn’t my purpose at all, as you can imagine,” Lin Feng apologized to Bai Yu. After all, the lake was her residence. He really felt sorry.

“Surprisingly, with the strength of the Huang Qi layer, you killed a Celestial Emperor of the Sword Sect from Long Night City. You’re extremely strong!” Bai Yu replied calmly.

“I used a treasure, I’m not that strong. I feel ashamed,” replied Lin Feng briefly.

However, Bai Yu shook her head and said, “A Celestial Emperor could crush an ordinary emperor in the twinkling of an eye. They would just have to think about it. That strong cultivator from the Sword Sect chased you up to here, which means that you fought before, and you didn’t use your cauldron during that previous battle. Even without using your cauldron, you can also kill great emperors from the Sword Sect, and those people are also strong.”

“Well, yes, maybe,” Lin Feng agreed. He didn’t have much to say. “Miss Bai, you said you wanted someone to come with you to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory, may I come with you even though I am a human?” asked Lin Feng. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory seemed to be a legendary and mysterious place. Lin Feng wanted to see what kind of animal world it was.

“I did say I wanted someone to come with me. But I also said that I would let someone come with me if they could defeat me at the same cultivation level. Even though I’m sure you would be able to defeat me if you were a great emperor, now, you’re just an emperor. I won’t fight against you with the strength of the Huang Qi layer.”

“Maybe I can defeat you with the strength of the Huang Qi layer,” Lin Feng smiled.

Bai Yu smiled and said, “You can try.”

“That’s exactly what I want to do,” Lin Feng nodded. He released millions of death stamps, which floated around him. Death Qi invaded the lake and the air, turning the waters black. Everything rotted away within the death strength.

A pair of dazzling deployment wings appeared on Lin Feng’s back, and deployment lights intertwined. Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and shot towards Bai Yu.

Lin Feng landed in front of Bai Yu, raising his fist and punching out. Death stamps moved towards her. However, Bai Yu turned into shadows and evaded lightning-fast. She was quick too!

She reacts so fast!, thought Lin Feng, impressed. He didn’t stop moving, releasing overpowering death strength, which formed into a monster. Each time he attacked, it was like a death beast was attacking!

Suddenly, the water began to churn. A loud music spread in the air, soundwaves moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his fist and punched them, crushing everything in his way. His physical strength was incredible, but even so, some soundwaves flowed around and towards him. His soul was trembling. He had the impression it was going to explode.

That kind of attack was extremely dangerous. Soul attacks always were. Against a soul attack, physical strength was useless, and Bai Yu’s music attack was aimed at his soul. If Lin Feng had been an ordinary emperor, he wouldn’t withstood a single attack, his soul would have been destroyed instantly.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already used lots of soul strength, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Lin Feng punched out again, nine words appeared around him and fused together with the water. He roared furiously, his voice carrying cursing strength.

Bai Yu’s skull started trembling. She used soundwave attacks, so Lin Feng did the same. The water around them was boiling.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and teleported himself using empty space strength. Bai Yu continued playing the zither, the soundwaves shooting towards him. Lin Feng opened his mouth and released soundwave strength, too. Their soundwaves collided. The water around them started bursting.

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng released Sword intent, and more death strength through his eyes. It penetrated into Bai Yu’s eyes. Millions of threads of death stamps besieged her. Her life was slowly being corroded away by Lin Feng’s Dao strength.

Bai Yu’s eyes turned black with astonishment. How could a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer resist her? She was a great emperor! In terms of speed, soul strength, physical strength, cosmic energies, and Dao power, Lin Feng was as strong as her, if not stronger. His Dao strength was incredible!

“That’s enough!” shouted Bai Yu, just as Lin Feng was about to carry out another attack.

Lin Feng’s figure stopped. Bai Yu wasn’t far away from him. He said politely, “Miss Bai?”

“That’s enough. I’ll take you to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory,” she told him.

His eyes twinkled, he smiled and said, “Alright, thank you for your kindness!”

“Don’t thank me. I can’t go to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory alone, I’m not strong enough. I just hope I can use you and your strength. Besides, we’re only two people, that’s not enough. We need more people,” Bai Yu told him.

Lin Feng said, “The young men outside don’t seem to be weak.”

Bai Yu shook her head. “Still not enough. Among them, only one is fairly strong. You could easily kill the others. They just have a good reputation because they were born in powerful families. Actually, in the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities, some people can easily kill them.”

Lin Feng was surprised, as those great emperors were not weak.

“I see. So, why don’t you invite those strong people,” suggested Lin Feng. However, Bai Yu looked at him strangely. Lin Feng was surprised, and understood something. He smiled and conjectured, “You’re worried that you wouldn’t be able to control them because they could be stronger than you?”

Lin Feng had just fought against Bai Yu, but he guessed that she hadn’t used her full strength. She wanted to find someone who was strong, but she was also worried that the person would be too strong. She wanted to keep the situation under control. Lin Feng was strong, but Bai Yu thought that she could control him. She didn’t want to fight against people who were truly stronger than her. She wanted to fight people who were slightly weaker than her at most.

“Let’s go,” said Bai Yu, without replying to Lin Feng’s question. Lin Feng nodded.

When they came out of the water, the crowd noticed that the Celestial Emperor had disappeared. They frowned, especially the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights and the others. Where was Jian Chen? Had Lin Feng killed him?

“Miss Bai came out with him, does it mean she’s not mad that he destroyed some of her buildings?”, wondered many people outside. Nobody had dared go into the lake, those who had dared go inside in the past had been killed by Bai Yu!

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