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PMG Chapter 2243: Name List

PMG Chapter 2243: Name List

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Bai Yu slowly rose up into the air and landed on the top of a mountain. She glanced around and said slowly, “I have made a decision. Apart from me, I will choose six other people to bring to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory.”

When Bai Yu said that, the young people frowned. One of them smiled and said, “So you mean you will let us come with you?”

Bai Yu slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng, saying, “He is one of them. Regarding the five others, I have already made up my mind. If you think you can defeat them, then you can come with me.”

The crowd all looked at Lin Feng coldly. An emperor had been chosen by Bai Yu? Bai Yu was famous in the Great Imperial City, she couldn’t do things carelessly and surprisingly, she had chosen Lin Feng. It meant that she acknowledged his strength, that she had fought against him.

But those young people were famous in the eight Great Imperial Cities. They couldn’t accept the fact that Lin Feng might be stronger than them, even if he had killed a Celestial Emperor and so many great emperors, especially since he had used a Great Imperial Weapon!

“Who are the five others?” asked someone, without attacking Lin Feng immediately.

“Qing Hai’s Roc,” Bai Yu answered indifferently. The crowd was astonished, their faces stiffened. Qing Hai’s Roc? Bai Yu had chosen him?! They couldn’t compete with him, mainly because of his speed. He just had to flap his wings twice or thrice and he could outdistance them extremely quickly without them having the chance to catch up ever.

“Who else?”

“Heze’s Mahoraga,” continued Bai Yu. The young men’s faces stiffened even more.

One of them said, “Miss Bai, you can’t choose such monstrous people, or it won’t be beneficial for you.”

The others just took a deep breath when they heard Bai Yu. Heze’s Mahoraga was a terrifying cultivator, a monster. His poison could kill Celestial Emperors. And he was at the very top of the Di Qi layer. Heze’s Mahoraga was also very old, according to legends at least. Nobody dared get close to him because of his poison. They hadn’t though Miss Bai would choose such people.

“Three more people!” said another young man to Bai Yu. He was going crazy with thwarted ambition.

“Dark Golden Pupiled King, Zixu’s Flood Dragon, Dinuo’s Sword,” Bai Yu finished calmly.

Everybody around her, humans and beasts alike, was astonished. The people Bai Yu had chosen despised the young people who had come here. Those who had come were already considered geniuses in the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities. However, facing the people Bai Yu had mentioned, they felt tiny and weak.

Qing Hai’s Roc, Heze’s Mahoraga, the Dark Golden Pupiled King, Zixu’s Flood Dragon, Dinuo’s Sword; those five people were very strong, people didn’t even dare mention their names. Qing Hai’s Roc was the descendant of a terrifying blue-green bird and a great emperor. His speed and attacks were terrifying.

Heze’s Mahoraga had killed a terrifying Celestial Emperor in the past with his poison. People were really scared of him.

Few people dared offend either of them. Thankfully, they rarely showed up those days because they were trying to break through.

The Dark Golden Pupiled King was a descendent of a roc and a dark-pupiled king. He was extremely talented, with the qualities of both beasts. He was sly, brutal, and terrifying.

Zixu’s Flood Dragon was a terrifying flood dragon. According to legends, when he was young, he had stolen the blood of the Purple-Emptiness Dragon King, which had which had granted him a terrifying strength. He had real dragon blood. Nobody dared fight against using purely physical attacks. In terms of defense, nobody could compete with him at the same cultivation level.

Dinuo’s Sword was the most ordinary of all those people… but he wasn’t ordinary. Nobody knew what he was, he was a beast but he studied the sword with humans. He had studied swords for a thousand years. People said that his swordsmanship had reached the peak of perfection. He had killed a flood dragon of the same cultivation level. After that, he had become famous in the animal world.

Miss Bai was Great Emperor Bai’s descendant, and even though she was famous, she couldn’t compete with those people. She had invited those five people and it was dangerous for her, any one of those five people could crush her if they wanted to.

Because of those five names, the young people who had come, felt powerless.

When Lin Feng saw those people’s reactions, he understood how terrifying those named were.

The five people Bai Yu had invited could easily kill these young people. They were all at the top of the Di Qi layer, and could easily kill ordinary great emperors. It was thus obvious that Miss Bai wasn’t a simple cultivator, otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared invite them.

“Miss Bai, I would feel ashamed of being inferior in front of such people. It’s just that this guy is a human and he only has the strength of the Huang Qi layer. Why would he go with you?” asked someone at that moment.

It was a young man in cyan clothes named Qing Yi. As Bai Yu had said, if one of those young people was stronger than the others, it was him. He had the body of a blue-green bird, and was from the same sect as Qing Hai’s Roc. However, he was much weaker, and would never be able to catch up with him. Despite that, he actually was really strong.

“If you don’t agree, you can fight against him. If you defeat him, you can replace him,” said Bai Yu carelessly.

Qing Yi was surprised. From the tone of her voice, Qing Yi had the impression she didn’t believe he could defeat Lin Feng. He was a genius and he was a Great Imperial Beast, while Lin Feng was merely an emperor. Qing Yi couldn’t imagine that, with only the strength of the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng could defeat him!

“Of course, I don’t think you need to fight, because apart from me and the six other people, I also need two substitutes because anything could happen in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory. Therefore, I hope we can be nine people. Qing Yi, you’re also on my name list,” Bai Yu continued calmly. However, Qing Yi didn’t feel happy at all, as being a substitute was nothing glorious. Besides, how could he accept having a lower position than a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer?

However, Qing Yi accepted coldly. “I see, then. I feel honored.”

Bai Yu knew he wasn’t happy, considering his tone of speech. But she didn’t care and said, “Since you agree, let’s get ready to go.”

“Go where?” asked Qing Yi.

“Go and see those five people!” replied Bai Yu.

“Miss Bai, do you know where they are?” asked Qing Yi. He was surprised. Even if Qing Hai’s Roc and Qing Yi were from the same sect, he didn’t know where Qing Hai’s Roc was. The other four were also enigmatic. How could they find those people easily?

“Naturally,” replied Bai Yu. She sounded convinced.

“Miss Bai, isn’t there one last spot?” asked the other young people. They didn’t feel happy. They had come to Bai Yu, and they wanted to give her some presents. Now they had arrived and she didn’t care about them. Those people were all geniuses, but Bai Yu kind of despised them.

“Yes, my maid,” said Bai Yu indifferently.

Those people were dumbfounded. No spot for them!

“We’ll see if relying on your sense of judgement was a good idea, Miss Bai,” said one of them, staring at Lin Feng coldly. He was furious. He released explosive bestial Qi, which surrounded Lin Feng. His hands turned pitch-black and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored the strength which was coming towards him, flashing forward as death stamps attacked the young man.

“Piss off!” shouted the young man angrily. His oppressive strength surrounded Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng resisted using his physical strength, he moved lightning-fast and raised his fist. Death Dao and death stamps pounded at him.

“You really want to die!” shouted that young man furiously. He punched out and his energies turned into a cage. He wanted to prevent Lin Feng from moving away. The atmosphere around them turned into a dark world.

Sword energies appeared, mighty punches collided loudly. The pitch-black hand exploded. Lin Feng shouted, and lightning swords appeared, holes appeared in the sky around them. A terrifying Death Holy Spirit smashed into his opponent and corroded his life, turning his face grey. He shouted furiously as his body turned into a black ox king.

The atmosphere became oppressive around him, but Lin Feng landed in front of him. He raised his fist and punched the ox violently. Blood splashed everywhere, astonishing everyone.

“How brutal and explosive. He’s scary!” whispered the crowd. That human’s strength was more explosive than a beasts!

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