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PMG Chapter 2246: Avenging Spirit

PMG Chapter 2246: Avenging Spirit

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Lin Feng and the others wouldn’t have been able to resist against thousands of beasts attacking them at the same time, but they were extremely fast, especially Qing Hai’s Roc. He was a Great Emperor and his speed was unparalleled. In the crowd, no attack reached him. Each time he flapped his wings, many birds fell from the sky.

Heze’s Mahoraga kept spitting out poison clouds around many imperial beasts, and each time his poison exploded, they rotted to death and fell from the sky.

The beasts roared furiously. Lin Feng’s death strength surged. Millions of threads of death stamps and deployment lights swept everything away. Beasts kept falling from the sky.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death strength; he looked at a beast, and that beast died instantly. One glance and he could kill imperial beasts. At the same time, he continued releasing death lights, no beast could stop him. The nine cultivators were a terrifying force. Very quickly, there were tens of thousands of corpses on the ground, forming small hills. Blood rivers quickly appeared around those mountains of corpses.

“We just entered and the first wave of beasts was so impressive, I wonder what awaits us,” mused Lin Feng and the others even though they had done pretty well already. They didn’t relax. On the contrary, they were even more vigilant. This was just the beginning. If the simple soldiers in these armies of beasts were already this terrifying, how strong would the leaders be?

“Bai Yu, before Great Emperor Bai died, he came here. However, do you think we can really succeed and get to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory?” the Dark Golden Pupiled King asked Bai Yu at that moment.

“Since we’re here, we’ll see,” replied Bai Yu indifferently. They continued moving forwards, following Bai Yu.


After a short time, they arrived in a foreboding place. There was nothing on the land at all. There were millions of dead strong cultivators on the ground, but there was no beast in sight. Sometimes, the group noticed fires, but otherwise, nothing. They could sense resentment and hatred.

“What the hell is this place? A ghost place?” asked Qing Yi, feeling cold and scared. He had the impression he was facing an army of ghosts. “Shouldn’t we make a detour?”

“You can take a detour by yourself,” replied Bai Yu, without even glancing at him. Qing Yi’s grimaced He had to control his fear and follow along. This place just seemed extremely dangerous…

They continued moving forwards. The resentment and hatred seemed to be intensifying as they moved forwards. They even saw some lights moving under their feet.

“What the Hells is going on!” said Heze’s Mahoraga, spitting out poison Qi. The white lights instantly disappeared.

“Maybe there are avenging spirits here. There could be a monumental number of them,” mused Dinuo carelessly. The others shivered. Avenging spirits…

“Ah…” Qing Yi shouted. White lights crawled up on his body, and he was covered by them.

“Piss off!” he shouted, releasing bestial Qi. An invisible and intangible light crawled up his body, a blade appeared, and strong wind started blowing. The white lights slowly disappeared. However, strange white lights appeared in Qing Yi’s eyes.

“Die!” shouted Qing Yi, closing his eyes. He seemed to be fighting inside of his head. After a short time, he reopened his eyes. He looked normal, save that his eyes still looked strange.

“Evil avenging spirits. They’re terrifying. They want to devour our minds. Be careful,” whispered Qing Yi. Everybody knew they had to be careful. They continued walking forwards. Each time they took a step, lights twinkled. As they moved forwards, the white lights grew faster and more intense. Lin Feng sensed that many invisible and intangible avenging spirits wanted to penetrate into his body and occupy his brain.

Lin Feng’s heart was suddenly filled with resentment and hatred, he wanted to kill. He was depressed, furious, and unhappy. The invisible and intangible strength was influencing him.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. His body turned grey. He released death stamps inside his own body. His Dao power destroyed the avenging spirits instantly. They could not resist his Dao power.

Lin Feng and the others gradually sped up. However, that place was vast and boundless.

Even if we kill all the avenging spirits, the resentment and hatred will still influence us, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, a terrifying white avenging spirit penetrated into his brain, and he immediately released his soul.

“Piss off!” Using his soul, Lin Feng bombarded the avenging spirit with death stamps. However, the avenging spirit just howled furiously. Surprisingly, it spat out an incredible amount of of resentment and hatred strength, which collided against his death strength. At the same time, the ghost released more resentment and hatred strength which drove into Lin Feng’s brain.

Lin Feng shivered. Death stamps surrounded the resentment and hatred strength and pierced through the avenging spirit’s invisible body. It wanted to destroy his soul. That ghost looked like a ghost king!

“Die!” Lin Feng released death Kalpa swords. Lin Feng’s soul had gone through a lot, and he had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. His jet-black death Kalpa swords were deadly. He slowly destroyed all the threads of resentment and hatred strength, and then they drove towards the avenging spirit.

The avenging spirit howled furiously. It wanted to escape, but Lin Feng didn’t let it flee. He released his godly awareness, and his sky palace, as well as terrifying demon Kalpa strength. They surrounded the ghost and instantly crushed it. The ghost exploded and turned into millions of lights. The threads of the ghost moved towards Lin Feng’s brain again, including the threads of resentment and hatred strength!

Lin Feng destroyed them again and took a deep breath. That avenging spirit was extremely strong…

Apart from Lin Feng, Bai Yu also got attacked by all sorts of avenging spirits. Even though they were now expecting it, it was getting more and more dangerous.

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others suddenly gazed into the distance and saw gigantic white avenging spirits. Their resentment and hatred energies condensed, their eyes were empty and emotionless, and they were staring at Lin Feng and the others.

The gigantic avenging spirits didn’t only have human shapes, some of them also had animal shapes. White lights twinkled in their eyes. They looked extremely dangerous.

“So many avenging spirits. Hundreds of them,” said Lin Feng, releasing Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. He had noticed that the avenging spirits didn’t like that kind of strength.

“They were like us at the beginning, I suppose. And then avenging spirits occupied their brains and they turned into ghosts. If they manage to occupy our brains, we’d also turn into ghosts,” said Bai Yu. Everyone’s faces stiffened, and they all released impressive energies solemnly.

“How exciting,” said the Dark Golden Pupiled King coolly. He turned into a vortex, a strong wind condensed and turned into a hurricane. He moved towards a gigantic avenging spirit in front of him and the avenging spirit instantly disappeared.

How strong, the Dark Golden Pupiled King is really gifted, that must be one of his innate powers!, thought Lin Feng. Talent was carved into Lin Feng’s genetic code, it was probably the same for the Dark Golden Pupiled King.

Dinuo also attacked, he waved his hands and swords filled the air. They turned into beam of lights, and he destroyed avenging spirits one after another. He looked extremely calm and serene throughout the process. However, his strength was explosive.

Qing Yi was looking at the five cultivators in front of him: Qing Hai’s Roc, Heze’s Mahoraga, the Dark Golden Pupiled King, Zixu’s Flood Dragon, Dinuo’s Sword, they were all terrifying. The difference between them and him was huge. An avenging spirit charged Qing Yi; even though he was also a great emperor, the five others could easily kill the avenging spirits, but he couldn’t!

But since they were nine people, they still managed to destroy all of the spirits and continue on. They killed hundreds and hundreds of avenging spirits, nothing could stop them. They drew closer and closer to the central area of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory.

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