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PMG Chapter 2249: Dreamlike Life

PMG Chapter 2249: Dreamlike Life

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Qing Hai’s Roc was stupefied and could only nod. “What about mother? Where is she?”

“She’s dead. She died in war,” said the officer calmly, like he was talking about something ordinary. Qing Hai’s Roc’s heart started pounding. Dead?

“Don’t think about it. She’s dead. No need to miss her. Work hard and become stronger. That way, you’ll become an officer like me. You’ll avenge your mother,” said the officer to Qing Hai’s Roc coldly.

“Who killed her?” asked Qing Hai’s Roc.

“I’ll tell you when the right time comes,” said officer firmly.

Qing Hai’s Roc asked, “I’m going to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ city, how is it there?”

“Since you came here, you’ll go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ city, obviously. I’ll take you there,” said the officer. He snapped open his gigantic wings. The crowd sensed a terrifying wind carrying them along.

After a short time, they arrived in front of a door.

“That’s a teleportation portal. It can take you to the gates of King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ city. There will be a few gates,” said the officer.

Lin Feng and the others nodded, and entered the door.


They appeared in another world, with seven doors before them.

“Seven doors. Bai Yu, was that why you wanted seven people to come?” asked Qing Yi to Bai Yu.

“I just knew that my father faced seven doors. I will investigate his death. Therefore, when we come out, we’ll share what we discover, alright?” Bai Yu asked Lin Feng and the others.

“We’ll talk about that when we come out,” said Heze’s Mahoraga. His eyes twinkled. His old friend had surpassed him a hundred and fifty years ago. He wanted to see what there was in King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ city. His figure flickered, and he entered a door.

“Let’s go in first,” said Qing Hai’s Roc. His figure flickered as well, choosing another door. The Dark Golden Pupiled King also chose another door.

There were seven doors, Bai Yu’s plan was one person one door. If an incident occurred, she would have gone in with her maid, but the nine of them were safe and sound, so they needed a solution.

Lin Feng walked over to one of the doors.

To his surprise, a vortex appeared and surrounded him.

“No…” Lin Feng stopped, his soul was being absorbed. His soul seemed to travel across space and time.

Lin Feng’s soul was outside his body. However, he realized that struggling was useless. He felt tiny and powerless.

“A celestial path… Continent of the Nine Clouds, you created a world, a king’s path…” said a voice in Lin Feng’s mind. He trembled as an old man appeared in front of him. He was wearing a king’s robe, and had the demeanor of a transcendent being. He looked extraordinary, like a peerless cultivator.

“Who are you?” shouted Lin Feng. However, his voice was barely audible.

Lin Feng continued trembling. He suddenly realized he was in a child’s body, and talking like a child. However, his soul was independent. He wasn’t one with the child’s body, he was just stuck in it. And just before, the child had spoken.

“Who are they? What’s wrong with King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ city?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on.

The man in front of him nodded and petted his head. He smiled and said, “Little Tian, you will go to the Continent of the Nine Clouds and become a king.”

“Those are your teacher’s teachings. Bear them in mind,” said a voice. The child smiled innocently. Then, he hugged the middle-aged man and taught the child about cultivation. Lin Feng had the impression he was personally on the scene.

Lin Feng had the impression time passed quickly. He was growing up. He traveled in the continent. He had furious battles. Little Tian killed millions of strong cultivators, and suddenly, he didn’t look like a child anymore, he looked like someone who had gone through lots of hardships in life.

“Pfew…” Little Tian walked into the distance. He practiced cultivation. He saw his teacher. He looked mature and cold. When he saw his teacher, he suddenly looked like a child again. His teacher loved him, and taught him all he could.

Time passed, Little Tian was growing older and older. Lin Feng didn’t know how many years had passed. He lost the notion of time. It looked fake and real at the same time. Was he Little Tian? He shared everything with him.

Today, Little Tian became a great emperor. However, he was crying in the middle of a crowd, holding a beautiful woman in his arms. He loved her, but he hadn’t managed to save her. He was crying blood. Finally, he put the woman at the top of a mountain and looked at the crowd savagely. He started killing them. A river of blood started flowing down the mountain.

From that moment, he started acting coldly, even in front of the most beautiful women in the world from the pain in his heart. However, no matter what, when he went back home, he was always happy, and warmth always filled his heart, like Lin Feng when he went back to Yangzhou City.

Little Tian grew up, becoming stronger and stronger. He faced many difficulties and had insane battles. Each time Lin Feng felt nervous, like he had lived Little Tian’s life in real time. But at the same time, he understood that to become a peerless cultivator, he had to go through such things, no matter whether someone was good or evil.

One day, Little Tian built his own world. Many people respected him. He already looked a bit old. His eyes were filled with stars of wisdom.

Another time, Little Tian finally got married. He hadn’t forgotten his first love, but he loved his new wife too. He had already become a Saint Emperor. He had a wife and descendants.

Time passed, and Little Tian had many grandchildren. He was old, and at the top of the Sheng Di Layer.

Finally, Little Tian did all he could to break through, and he did. He had his own world, and he created a terrifying spell.

On that day, he went back to his family.

“Teacher.” The middle-aged man looked old now. Little Tian was surprised, he was catching up with his teacher. His teacher was old now!

“Little Tian, you’re back,” said the old man sitting at the foot of a mountain. He was smiling. Little Tian walked up to him and knelt down. No matter how strong he was, he would always respect his teacher.

“I’m old now, I’m happy to see you’re so strong.”

Little Tian raised his head and smiled, “You will break through, teacher. I will do my best to help you.”

“Is that so? You will help your teacher?” said the old man, shaking his head.

“I will do my best!” said Little Tian. He was already a peerless cultivator, but in front of his teacher, he would always be a child.

“Alright, help me. I want to see what you’ve gone through these years!” said the old man, smiling in a gently.

“Alright,” Little Tian nodded. He closed his eyes.

His teacher put his hand on Little Tian’s head and said, “Open your mind and let me see.”

Little Tian nodded and let go. After a long, long time, Little Tian opened his eyes. He looked extremely sad, he had tears in his eyes. He never thought he would cry again after what had happened, but he was wrong.

“Teacher, why?” shouted Little Tian. It was the first time he shouted in front of his teacher. “I can give you anything, but why?”

He didn’t understand why he was suffering so much. His heart ached. He respected his teacher the most. When he was desperate, he thought of his teacher.

Lin Feng was crying too. He had experienced Little Tian’s life. His heart ached.

“Silly boy. For strength, you must forgive everything,” said the old man kindly. A terrifying strength surrounded Little Tian’s body, soul and memories.

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