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PMG Chapter 2251: Another Life

PMG Chapter 2251: Another Life

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Lin Feng’s soul went back into his body. However, at that moment, it felt like everything had changed in his life. He had experienced someone else’s life, but it had felt so real, enough that he had the impression he had really lived that life.

He couldn’t forget those memories.

Won’t Little Tian’s life influence my own life?, thought Lin Feng. If he perceived that life as something that helped him improve on the path of cultivation, then it was good. But if he perceived it as his own, then it could be problematic. He wouldn’t be Lin Feng then, he’d be a mixture of Lin Feng and Little Tian. But it had been, and still seemed, so real. When his soul was in Little Tian’s body, he felt like he really was Little Tian.

However, Lin Feng didn’t think about that too much. A terrifying absorbing strength surrounded his body again. His soul was taken away once again. He left his body. Lin Feng understood that the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was making him experience another life.

Lin Feng took a deep breath mentally. He hadn’t even had time to assimilate one life, and he was already going to experience another one! Wouldn’t Lin Feng forget who he was if he continued? Because he really had the impression that that life was his own…


“Snowflakes float around, a sword twinkles in the sunlight,” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng was standing in a snowy field in another body. He was performing a sword dance. Each time he used his sword, snowflakes floated around. The sun was shining, the snow kept glittering.

It was a sword cultivator, he looked clean. He was a sword cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, and already controlled several sorts of abstruse energies.

“Fellow disciple!” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng saw a beautiful woman, as white as snow, clean and beautiful. The young man smiled broadly when he saw her, as if his heart had melted.

“Fellow disciple! Get ready!” A dazzling sword moved towards the young man. He smiled and raised his sword. The two cultivators exchanged views on cultivation, both performing a sword dance. It was a beautiful scene.

After that, they got tired and snuggled in the snow. The beautiful woman put her head on the young man’s shoulder and smiled. “Fellow disciple, our older fellow disciple is extremely talented, he wants to ask our teacher for a marriage alliance.”

The young man’s face stiffened and turned pale. Finally, it was happening…

“Can’t you ask our teacher for a few more years, to wait for me?” The young man knew he was weaker than his older fellow disciple, but he was determined to become stronger for his female fellow disciple.

“How many years?”

“I will surpass our older fellow disciple within five years.” said the young man. He looked determined.

The young woman smiled, kissed him on the forehead, and said while leaving. “Leave the mountain, I will definitely wait for you for five years.”

The young man scratched his head and smiled, he looked determined as he replied, “Definitely!”

Then, he stood up, carrying his sword on his back, and went down the mountain.

After that, the young man traveled for five years. He went to forbidden areas; he traveled the world; he looked for extremely powerful spells, skills, and techniques. He forgot about everything. He exchanged views on cultivation with many sword cultivators, he created his own sword attacks. Within five years, he killed many people. Finally, he went back to the snowy mountain. He had succeeded, and become much stronger. He was already a low-level emperor.

When he saw his female fellow disciple, he was so happy. They slept together but then the young man became extremely sad. He realized it wasn’t her first time. But because he loved her, he decided not to mention it. However, on the second day, when he woke up, she had already disappeared. She had just left a letter written in her own blood. “Fellow disciple, I’m so sorry… our older fellow disciple, he… raped me. I lost my honor. I don’t deserve you… Don’t look for me. Someday, when you become the king of the snowy mountain, get rid of that vermin. I will come and see you.”

Lin Feng felt despondent. He was that young man. He felt like that young man. He shouted furiously. Sword intent filled the air and made the small room explode. He felt guilty, he had to avenge her.

On that day, he went to see his older fellow disciple and fought against him. He hated him. His older fellow disciple hated him too, though, because they loved the same woman.

Both sides suffered losses. Their teacher defended his older fellow disciple, however. He cut one of his arms and said. “Insolent bastard, useless disciple, piss off! Never come back to the snowy mountain!”

The teacher was furious, and the young man was crushed. He didn’t know whether their teacher had contributed to this tragedy or not. He kept thinking about what his female fellow disciple had said; he was desperate, hopeless, and crushed. Once again, he went down the mountain.

Everything in life – love, intimacy, hatred, all those things – required energy. All those things also made people stronger. Lin Feng was like that, and that young man was like that, too. Everybody had sad stories to tell in life. The young man went down the mountain and traveled the world. He nearly died several times. He met many people. Many things happened.

However, he remained cold. His heart was frozen. One letter written with blood had had such consequences.

People who managed to reach the top all had heartbreaking stories to tell. The young man nearly died a few times, but each time he was lucky, he always managed to survive. Strong cultivators all had a common point, they were determined!

The young man was extremely determined. He broke through to the Di Qi layer, and became a great emperor. He went back to the snowy mountain. However, he didn’t see his enemies, or the woman he loved. He asked about them everywhere. In the end, he learned that she had gotten married to a descendant of the Yong City’s leader, and that she was considered the most beautiful woman of the city.

In Yong City, a gigantic city, he saw his female junior fellow disciple, she was heartbroken. She told him she had almost died once. Because her husband had begged unceasingly, she had accepted becoming his wife.

However, she still loved him. She had had the best moments of her life with him. She remembered when they used to exchange views on cultivation, she remembered their romance. But in the end, she left.

The young man was furious, and determined to wipe out Yong City, regardless of the price. He slowly became demonic and dedicated his whole life to sword cultivation. He sacrificed everything he had to become a stronger sword cultivator. He killed millions of people. He didn’t know what love was anymore.

Time passed, many strong cultivators rose, many also fell. The young man went back to Yong City. He had changed already, he wasn’t like in the past. He started killing millions of people in Yong City. On that day, he saw his elder fellow disciple, who had become a terrifying cultivator. Their eyes met with hatred.

Apart from them, there were also some other terrifying cultivators: their female junior fellow disciple’s husband, the current leader of Yong City, and an evil cultivator. They didn’t say anything, they just had a monstrous battle. Rivers of blood flowed in Yong City. Mountains of corpses were piled high.

Finally, the young man won. He killed everyone.

“Fellow disciple!” His female junior fellow disciple had become a symbol of peerless grace and elegance. She looked at him, feeling sad, but she also had affection for him.

The young man looked calm and serene. He looked at her, not saying anything. Suddenly, a sword shot towards her and pierced through her chest. Her face turned deathly pale, she looked crushed, sad, and hopeless. She asked, “Why?”

The young man gazed into the distance. Everything was destroyed around them. He looked apathetic about it all.

“You were too strong,” said the young man flatly. He already had white hair on his temples. He looked emotionless.

“You shouldn’t be that strong. And our older fellow disciple, I understood him. He looked me in the eyes, his eyes were filled with hatred. And our teacher, he hurt me back in the days, he was furious, I knew why,” said the young man calmly.

The woman smiled and said, “So you knew… so why did you kill our older fellow disciple?”

“I don’t care. I dedicated half of my life to you. However, in the end, I realized it was useless to keep thinking about it because I had forgotten about it long ago,” the young man said indifferently.

Sword energies filled the air and cut apart everything. He didn’t spend too much time explaining. Why would he? All those things were not important anymore…


Everything vanished, Lin Feng and the young man appeared in another world, Lin Feng’s soul came out of that body. The young man looked at Lin Feng and asked, “What did you think about that life?”

Lin Feng remained silent for a long time. It was another life, he had experienced it very clearly. What a mysterious life, but again, it was the life of a strong cultivator.

“I’m curious, how was your first life?” Lin Feng asked indifferently.

The other smiled. His first life?

“My first life was the most splendid and glorious one. However, it was also the most humiliating one!” he replied, a cold rictus on the corner of his lips. That smile meant “I now despise the whole world”.

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